"Surviving The Day After"

Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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"Surviving The Day After"


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Jul 20, 2017

IMF reports that the current problems with Greece are not going away the debt is not sustainable. Harley Davidson is spiraling out of control, sales are crashing. IBM uses accounting trickery to make the company look like it is doing better than it really is. Many companies are now using this account trick to fudge the numbers. Housing starts, permits rebound, which means most of these starts and permits will be revised as people cancel the homes. Russia is pushing the for a digital economy including block-chain technology. The economy is rapidly breaking apart and we are now seeing signs of how bad it really is. Rand Paul says the republican party is pushing towards repealing Obamacare. The government officials do not write the bills the big club writes them and they are passed to their salesman, congressman to sell them to the public. The Russian translator worked for FBI Director Mueller. Trump admin says Iran complies with nuclear deal but imposes more sanctions. US ready to impose sanctions on Venezuela. Pentagon angry with Turkey because Turkey exposed all the US bases in Syria, which were illegally built without the permission of the Syrian government. Trump just stopped the funding of the moderate rebels, the secret CIA funding has been cutoff.