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Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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Nov 16, 2017

Sweden’s housing bubble is starting to burst, bubbles around the world are starting to pop. Real hourly wages have declined. Retail sales growth slows, these governmental numbers are estimates they are not the retail numbers from the retailers. Core CPI rises, inflation is on its way. The global financial system is imploding, we are seeing this in all different countries where the bubbles are starting to pop.  5 Democrats submitted article of impeachment for Trump. Russia creates bill to designate foreign news media outlets as foreign agents. Venezuela signs a 3.2 billion restructuring deal with Russia. Did the CIA and MI6 push a coup in Zimbabwe. EU signs deals to combine their armed forces. The house voted today and found that US role in Yemen is considered illegal. US running out of excuses to stay in Syria. US issues warning that NK is pushing a new cyber tool call hidden cobra.

Nov 15, 2017

UBS came out with their latest report, and it states the wealthy got substantially wealthier after 2008 when the FED started the stimulus. The FED issued a warning, the subprime group is at risk as the debt level hits highs we have only seen prior to 2008. the yield curve is flattening, this is what happened during the 2008 crisis. The system is breaking down one sector at a time and all these sectors will bring down the rest of the economy. AG Session says he might start an investigation into the Uranium one deal that the Clinton’s were involved in. Russia will write of 30 billion worth of debt for Venezuela. Looks like something is about to happen in Zimbabwe. Russia and Syria are now asking the US and the coalition forces to leave Syria. Syria reports that the US and the coalition is their illegal because they do not have the permission of the Syrian government. The US is now making up excuses of why they need to stay. Time is ticking down, the cabal is trapped.

Nov 14, 2017

Corporations are now reporting that they have a revenue and a pension problem and they might need to be bailed out. Legislation will be submitted to congress to bailout private pension systems. The bailouts are needed because the pension plans are underfunded and when the system implodes the people will not be getting their retirement check. The central banks finally hit its target inflation rate. Now currency is flowing out to the people which means inflation is about to hit.  The Clinton Foundation is not receiving funds from donors like they use to be, the donors are scaling back. Al Franken wants the government to control what can be put on social media because the companies cannot handle it. Spain warns Russia is cyber attacking and spreading disinformation to push the independence movement. Three aircraft carriers are off the coast of NK having drills with South Korea. The US could be brought up on war crimes in Yemen. Propaganda is being pushed to show that the US, Russia and Syria came to agreement to keep Iran out of Syria, Syria is a sovereign country and they can have who ever they want in their country. First it was power grid drill, now its a biological drill, what’s next the event.

Nov 13, 2017

A new record was set, there are now 95,385,000 people not in the labor force. Many Americans have looked for jobs but there are no jobs out there.Retail and those companies that make products for retailers are feeling the declining economy. Russia ramps up gold purchases in preparation for a failing global economy. Barcelona protests continue, 750,000 take to the streets for independence. Macron wants to re-work the Iran P5+1 deal. Arab League meets and prepares for battle, the cabal is pushing for the event of all events. Trump wants to work with Putin, North Korea and China. The Syrian war is coming to an end, the US and Russia come to agreement along with Jordan. The cabal will continue to push their agenda and try to get their event started.

Nov 11, 2017

Venezuela officially declared default, no we will have to wait to see what happens next. UK retail is imploding, inflation is spiking and people are being laid off, it is a disaster. 38,000 gold contracts were dumped on the precious metals market. Consumer confidence index unexpectedly declined.  Banks are now tightening subprime loans which means this is going to be a disaster for the auto industry. The cabal is still trying to keep the TPP afloat with 11 countries agreeing to terms. Are the rich and the elite panicking because they are hiding money hiring guards. Podesta groups CEO has resigned, not a good sign. US imposes sanctions on 10 individuals in Venezuela. Duterte meets Putin thanks him for helping with the IS in his country. White House denies reports that they are providing Ukraine with weapons. Deep state was trying to make sure that Putin and Trump did not meet, but they met despite the pressure not to meet. The Cabal is setting the stage for push war with Iran, this will most likely not happen. Tillerson speaks out and tries to calm down the Iran war propaganda. US and Russia trying to make a deal in Syria.  The Cabal is pushing every agenda, time is running out.

Nov 10, 2017

Venezuela is on the verge of a major default.  Precious metals were slammed down today. The rich are finding it hard to sell their assets and are taking reduced amounts to unload them.  The Fed owns more US Treasuries than China. French central bank chief wants the Eurozone to come up with a plan for a major economic crisis. Inflation is headed our way, there are two types of inflation, one the Fed talks about and the other people experience in real life. Democratic lawyer wants the national anthem to be banned at all sporting events because of its racist lyrics.  Judicial watch says there were 1 million illegals who voted in the Presidential election. Saudi Arabia is telling all citizens living in Lebanon to get out, Kuwait is doing the same. The IS is now being transported to Libya. Syria has just liberated the last town occupied by the IS. The CIA was able to impersonate Kaspersky to make it look like they were attacking. Wisconsin is holding a power grid drill, the US has been preparing for a power grid failure, the main event is close at hand.

Nov 9, 2017

Housing bubble 1.0 was created by the FED which ended in a disaster. Housing bubble 2.0 has been created by the FED and its in the exact same cities. This is going to end in a disaster when the entire system comes down. Lenders are having a tough time making loans, profits are down and financial institutions are in trouble. China wants India to join the OBOR system for trade. The CBO has reported by removing the tax penalty the government would save millions, the people would then be able to breath a sigh of relief. The entire Russian collusion is back-flashing on the cabal, layer by layer the cabal is being exposed to the world. A new survey was conducted and 82% of the people says its tough to ban hate speech. The EU joins the US in pushing sanctions on Venezuela. Ukraine cancels arms agreement with Russia. The UN warns of chlorine gas leaks that could injure thousands in Ukraine. Russia is boosting trade with Japan. The UN chemical weapons report is out and it doesn’t hold water, Russia is ripping it apart. The US is warning children not to look at the school websites because they were hacked by the IS.

Nov 8, 2017

Job openings are at an all time high while hiring hits a 6 month low.  Retail store closing are continuing and people are losing jobs. The yield curve is continually collapsing and this has happened before as we entered a recession. Student credit card debt, auto loan debt has skyrocketed. The people of the US are in so much debt that when this collapse hits, its going to be a disaster.De-Dollarization is accelerating, Russia makes deal with Iran to use the petro-ruble for oil trade. Obamacare is dead, more insurers back out. CNN pushing fake news while Trump is Japan. Trump does a 180 and asks NK to make a deal. It looks like the peace talks are going to work, unless the cabal does something to change this. Saudi takes control of news media, closes 1200 bank accounts. Israel along with other countries begin a massive drill. US and Russia and other nations are communicating in Syria. Assad says war will not be over after the IS is defeated, they will then after the SDF. The police did not stop the shooter in Texas, armed civilians did.

Nov 7, 2017

Malls are prices decline as retail implodes on itself. Banks hold loans on these malls so when the system implodes everything will go down at once. Banks have used tricky methods to go around regulations but they are still at risk when the system falls apart. The FED is falling apart and those in power are resigning and removing themselves from the system before the entire economic system collapses. Twitter revised its TOS  and is no longer open to the truth. McCain gets caught up in the Uranium 1 deal, he knew about it. Trump wants to know why Japan just doesn’t shoot down the NK missiles. Saudi removes those who are not with the new regime, it looks like Saudi Arabia, Israel and other are pushing Iran now, there could be an event on the horizon. Pentagon says they would need to send in ground troops to get rid of NK nukes. Saudi shutting down all ports in Yemen, trying to squeeze the people. Another attempt to push for gun control in Texas, this has nothing to do with weapons this has to do with the person mental state.

Nov 6, 2017

Malls are deteriorating at an accelerated pace. More and more space is becoming available as people find it more difficult to save and spend under this fake economy. US Gross National Debt spikes by 640 billion dollars in 8 weeks. Combined wealthiest billionaires fortunes top 6 trillion dollars. More Americans are denouncing their citizenship because of taxes.  New FOIA docs show that the FBI was investigation the Uranium 1 deal. McCain’s assistant continues to side step the subpoena to testify about the dossier. Trump lands in Japan and begins talks about NK. The cabal might try an event while Trump is in Asia. Unnamed US Official is meeting with Syrian officials in Damascus something that has not happened since 2011, is change in the wind?  The fake war on terror has cost the American public 250 million dollars a day.

Nov 4, 2017

Venezuela might be on a verge of a default, we will see what happens when they try to restructure the debt.  Employment numbers were revised and the employment rate dropped to 4.1. Waiters and waitresses were the big gains after falling off a cliff last month, makes you wonder. Retailers cut 8 thousand right before the holiday season. US mortgage activity plummets. The Swiss National Bank buys billions worth of stocks. CNN fakes the news once again by using a split screen. US launches strike against the IS in Somalia. Iraqi troops take control of their borders, the IS are doomed. The Syrian armed forces liberate Deir-Ezor and we are weeks away before the paid mercenaries are eradicated from the country. The cabal are now covering their tracks and using distractions, they have released Bin-Laden documents trying to convince the world that Iran created and worked with al-Qaeda.

Nov 3, 2017

The US Government and Fed stats make no sense, a closer look shows how the information has been manipulated. US manufacturing productivity declines. There is a new world order that is emerging and it will transform the world and the US might be left out in the cold. The way of life for many people is about to change and many will have a hard problem dealing with it. Obamacare enrollments are here again and the entire system might be on the verge of collapsing. It has been revealed that Clinton’s lawyer paid over 1 million dollars for the dossier. Donna Brazile tells all on how Clinton took charge of the DNC even before she was nominated. Spain orders the President of Catalonia arrested. South Korea says the North is preparing another missile launch. NK and the US are having talks behind the scenes. Russia has said that in 8 weeks the IS will be removed from Syria, everything is about to change. Kaspersky detects a virus that manipulates the public address and sends cryptos some place else.

Nov 2, 2017

It has begun, after the real estate disaster in 2008 people needed to rent and rent skyrocketed. Now we see the opposite it happening, rents are starting to plummet because the demand is gone. The FED came out with their meeting minutes and they will not change anything. Trump want to repeal the tax mandate on Obamacare, this would be a smart move, it would put money back into the pockets of the people. The central banks are backed into a corner, they know if they try to do anything the economy will implode and they will be blamed for it, so better to keep it going as long as possible. The push is on to impeach Trump. The UK says it has finished its investigation and there is no sign that Russia tried to interfere with elections. North Korean defector says talks are what are needed not force. South Korea does not want nuclear weapons. Iraqi forces take control of the Syrian border. Tillerson says that if Iraq tells us to leave we will not. Another event in NY.

Nov 1, 2017

The EU financial system is on its last leg. The vast money printing and low interest rates, the European economy is dead. Consumers confidence has hit a high point not seen since the market crashed during the dot com bubble. Under Armor collapses as revenue declines.  The tax reform is going to help corporation when the collapse hits, this will boost the companies up so they do not go belly up, this will not help people. China’s bond yield curve has inverted, this is a sign that the system is about to break down. The IMF released a report that the economy is collapsing and they want the media to push this warning out to the public. The cabal has indicted Manafort and the charges have nothing to do with Russian collusion. This is going to backfire on the cabal because all roads will lead to Obama, Clinton and the corrupt Cabal non elected government officials. Russia is pointing out that there is a money trail in Ukraine, following it to see where it leads. The Catalonia’s President says he will agree to snap elections. Russia has begun construction of two Iranian nuclear power plants. NK says that he had nothing to do with the ransom ware that spread around the globe.

Oct 28, 2017

Venezuela might default within 48 hours. UK retail sales plummet as inflation rises. There is a new auto loan program that was created, subprime for refugees. Something strange is happening in San Francisco corporations are buying office space but they are not filling them with employees.  Pending homes sales decline as the housing market implodes on itself. Renters are missing rent payments, the situation is getting worse. The ECB just bailed out banks again, they decided not split them up. Clapper says who cares who paid for the Trump Dossier. The FEC is looking into election misconduct during the Trump and Clinton election. DOJ clears FBI informant to testify about the Uranium 1 deal. Tillerson scraps the sanction department. Catalonia votes for independence. NATO keeps silent about unmarked helicopters flying in and supporting the terrorist organizations. Snowden reveals documents that the US knew about Saudi Arabia planning an attack on Damascus. The FBI is having a drill at an amusement park, is the setup for the next event.

Oct 26, 2017

Home ownership has declined in Canada and in many parts of the world. Someone purchased a huge amount gold future contracts which pushed the gold price up. The economy will be coming down city by city, we are already seeing this in San Francisco and in many other cities. There is nothing the central banks can do at this point the interest rates are already very low and the people just don’t have the funds to keep up with rising home prices. The dominoes are falling and the cabal is in trouble. The Trump dossier is now linked to the Clinton’s and this is not a good sign. The people of Catalonia are reporting that they are now pushing for independence despite Spain saying no. The UN backed government in Libya is in trouble and might be pushed out of the country. The Iraqi forces are pushing a offensive to remove the IS. The cabal is finished by they still might try an event.

Oct 25, 2017

Caterpillar some how was able to turn the entire company around. UBS slams fake data saying the survey data is fake we need to look at the hard data. The FANG stocks have fallen for 5 days in a row. Economist Kotlikoff says the economy is in worse shape than Russia and China. The accounting methods used create the illusion that the economy is doing well but in reality the economy is collapsing. The House Judiciary is going to open an investigation into Comey and the Uranium 1 deal. The Fusion GPS owners will not reveal their clients or the financial information because it will expose who actually hired them. Catalonia is preparing for a civil war. The cabal uses the propaganda that NK is developing biological weapons. Leaked report shows that NATO cannot defend against Russia. Iraqi’s say the US is the invading force not Iran. Iran responds and says the battle with IS is almost over and the US will need to leave Iraq and Syria. Russia is getting hit with a cyber attack which is hitting their news agencies.

Oct 25, 2017

Scams and how they are growing and will happen more for alert

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