"Surviving The Day After"

Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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"Surviving The Day After"


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Jul 19, 2017

Home builders pushing the excuse agenda of why the housing market is not doing well. Chinese and foreign investment has been drying up, it is now taking its toll on the real estate market. Import and Export prices have dropped. Goldman Sach’s and other institutions are looking at the block-chain technology, some are getting patents so they are ready. They know the transition is on its way and all these institutions are preparing for it. The repeal of Obamacare failed, it was being replaced with the same insurance, let it fail and then people will see the true nature of what this insurance ponzi scheme has created. New study and it shows America pays the most of insurance and it is dead last in providing health care to its people. Susan Rice and the creator of the dossier have backed out of testifying in front of congress. Legislation has been passed to go after human trafficking. US admits that NK does not have the capability to hit the US. Turkey close to signing deal with Russia for the S-400 missile system. Lebanon military preparing to take control of the border with Syria. The Pentagon releases new report, it concludes that the US empire is collapsing.

Jul 17, 2017

Canadian existing home sales crash in June. Sear Canada pays out huge bonuses while laying off workers. Millennials are leaving Illinois in droves. Auto defaults soar and so do delinquencies. Companies complain they can’t find qualify employees but wages continue to drop. NY Fed Manufacturing tumbles.  Banks are pulling the plug, credit is shifting and loans origination’s are stalling. Trump cuts the White House budget and the central bankers are getting very worried about what Trump is doing in regards to the banking sector. Clinton’s ally Paul Begala wants Trump to bomb Russia for 2016 election meddling. The interpreter in the Trump Jr. meeting was linked to the Hillary Clinton and her state department. CNN faked news with the Russian hacking of Qatar, actually the Washington Post is now reporting it was UAE.South Korea and North Korea might work together militarily. Finland is preparing for war with Russia. Russia moving troops into Southern Syria, Israel says it will not go along with the ceasefire in Syria. Turkey is preparing to attack the Kurds. Putin is using Turkey to keep the deep state from establishing a Kurd state.


Jul 17, 2017

Many of the EU countries are at the point where more and more people are falling into poverty. The stats don’t add up, unemployment decreases and retail sales decreases and the restaurant industry declines rapidly. Visa is offering restaurants $500,000 not accept cash. Illinois pension system was created by manipulating the numbers. Ron Paul says when the central banks make the statement that everything is Ok, this is when the economy collapses. Rand Paul is introducing a pro-gun amendment to health care to counter Obamacare.  Using the same logic as the corporate media certain individuals need to be investigated. Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech in Russia. Another person ended up dead who was looking into the Clinton foundation. New de-classified report shows billions were spent on weapons for Iraq and Syria and they were delivered to al-Qaeda, Wikileaks reports that emails show Clinton was supplying weapons to ISIS and al-Qaeda. China is prepared and ready to make a deal with Syria to run the Silk Road through Syria

Jul 14, 2017

UMich consumer confidence declines to the lowest since before the election, hope vanishes. Chain restaurants a traffic and revenue decline, this is a disaster.Auto loan origination decline to the lowest since the financial crisis. Core retail sales implode as the industry continually crashes. Industrial production slows. JP Morgan leaves an important slide out of their earnings conference which shows credit cards charge offs are on the rise. New paper reveals the plan of the bankers to remove cash from the system. Jeff Session makes huge arrest in the health industry. The corporate media is continually pushing their agenda, the more they push the worse it is for them. Loretta Lynch was spying on meeting with Trump Jr. Trump’s new FBI director was asked if he would investigate Hillary Clinton, he said yes. Russia says time is running out they are ready to remove spies from their country. Trump admin in negotiations to hand back the compound to Russia. North Korea warns the US and UN about sanctions. Indonesia renames the South China Sea. Turkey will not allow German law makers on their base. The coalition reports that terrorists are not entering Syria or Iraq, they have been cutoff. Time is ticking down, the take down is about to begin, all the pieces are in place.

Jul 14, 2017

Credit card companies begin to make offers to retailers to stop accepting cash and only use debit or credit. CBO says that Trump will not be able to balance the budget because the debt is unsustainable. 40% of the Fed’s balance sheet is interest for foreign banks. We have reached the 1999 stock market bubble, this is not going to end well. Bank of America is reporting that within 3-4 months the entire economy will begin to break apart. The IMF is reporting that Canada might be in trouble after raising interest rates, the housing market might start to implode.  The health bill that is being pushed is the same as Obamacare, they are trying to convince the public that it is different. The walls are closing in around the elite, the case against Trump Jr has now turned and the focus is on Obama, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Comey and many others. China is building a base in Djibouti which will expand the belt and road initiative. Ukraine is ripe for another coup. The US says it liberated Mosul, but it was really the Iraqi’s, the US (deep state) created this problem and just sat and watched the IS take over Iraq. Trump is working on another ceasefire with Russia. Marcron and Trump announced the mission is not to remove Assad. The coalition is not making lists of the IS paid mercenaries, the lists are also being compiled of those who were involved in this agenda.

Jul 13, 2017

Mortgage applications plunge and so do refi apps, as interest rates rise it pushes more and more individuals out the housing market. More and more of the older generation needs to work because they do not have enough to survive on. Seattle raised the minimum wage and it back fired now they want to raise taxes on the wealthy. Canada begins to raise rates. Investors are dumping emerging market debt at a record pace. Yellen says that there might not be a need to raise rates, the take down is complete, there is no need to raise rates at this time. Rand Paul says the Senate bill looks exactly like Obamacare. The Russian collusion push against Donald Trump Jr. has taken a turn, the lawyer involved has connection to the DNC, to Comey and to Obama. This entire story looks like a setup. US makes deal with Romania to sell the Patriot Missile system. The deep state now has troops in Raqqa. The deep state has setup bases all through out Syria to break it off. Plan B is in motion.

Jul 12, 2017

Wholesale sales tumble for the 3rd straight month in a row while inventories are building up. We have never seen QE until 2008 and we do not know what an unwind will look like or the discontinuation of QE, which could lead to a disaster. Rising interest rates will make the debt completely unsustainable. The central bankers knew the fiat system would only last a certain period of time, they have been planning this from the beginning just like they planned to come off the gold standard in 1971. Their main objective is to keep control of the system once the reset occurs. The deep state is going all out trying to find some way of keeping control and removing Trump. The problem is that everything they are trying is not working and their time is almost up. Donald Trump Jr. release emails to show transparency and to show he did nothing wrong. John McCain is being questioned about the dossier that he passed along. South Korea intelligence agency admits that the missile was not a ballistic missile that NK launched. Trump sets the stage to cooperate with Russia and China on the silk road. Two paid mercenaries were arrested in Syria. Sarin has gone missing at one of the bases in the US.

Jul 11, 2017

Another retailers declares bankruptcy, the trend continues as more and more retailers are ready to go bankrupt. During the holiday brick and mortar stores saw a dramatic drop in traffic. Factors order decline. Illinois Senate overrides the Governor and raises taxes.  Corporate tax revenues are flashing a huge warning sign, this predictor is very accurate and is used to predict recessions, looks like the next one is right around the corner. Many individuals are worried because once a government official or a Fed head tells you everything is going to be ok, it normally turns out the other way around. People around the country are now making fun of CNN and are creating memes. Kathy Griffin was questioned for over an hour by the secret service. Austria brings armored vehicles to the border to stop an influx of refugees. US and South Korea hold drills after NK fires a missile. Trump calls an emergency UN Security Council meeting. Nikki Haley says the US will use force if it needs to. China and Russia are now taking control of the situation, they have created and plan to deal with NK, this does not sit well with the deep state, they want war. The Syrian forces are moving into central Syria and eradicating the IS. China and Russia want an impartial investigation into the chemical weapons attack. Russia is getting ready to release the terminator in Syria.

Jul 10, 2017

Canadian housing is now in the perfect storm trajectory, all the indicators are lining up for the entire system to come crashing down. The global economy is imploding, there are several signs showing that the system will break down and there is nothing that can stop it at this point. The next economic crisis is not going to go well for the everyday worker, we never recovered from the last recession so this time around there will be less jobs than before. Trump and Putin just did the impossible, they met it went well and they broadcasted a message to the globalists, this is the end. Trump and Putin established a ceasefire in Syria and talked about working together on strong cyber security to stop election hacking. Mosul in Iraq is liberated and the IS is now on the run. Tillerson is getting ready to broker a meeting with the Gulf Nations and Qatar. The Syrian ceasefire is now in effect, but we must remember the last ceasefire the deep state attacked the Syrian troops with drones. Many more deep state and neocon individuals need to be removed from government, the UN Ambassador Nikki Haley needs to be replaced.

Jul 10, 2017

Reviewing the weeks activity and the things that can keep us at the Eve of Destruction.

Jul 8, 2017

Silver flash crash, was it a glitch or was this manipulation gone crazy. June employment number are in and once again they are manipulated to make everyone believe the economy is doing well. Jobs added came from government, food and retail, so jobs added were part-time. Business and consumer are declaring bankruptcies has the economy breaks down.  Junk bonds are signalling the end of a credit cycle. BofA is now predicting using their models that the market is going to crash this fall. The investigation that Mueller is heading up is a joke, the DNC will not let anyone look at their servers. No one from the FBI, DHS or police have looked at the server except one company Crowd Strike. Trump and Putin met and spoke with each other for two hours or so. Philippine authorities said they found the person that was funding the IS. Japan and the US have drills to prepare for a conflict with NK. Trump asks neighboring countries to help with NK, translation, Russia, China put your plan into action. Russia & Syria want the US to inspect the airbase for chemical weapons, the US does not want to do this. Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey and the US strike a ceasefire deal in Syria. U.S. House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to de-authorize the AUMF, If congress passed this amendment the deep state will be cut off in the middle east.

Jul 6, 2017

Another retailers declares bankruptcy, the trend continues as more and more retailers are ready to go bankrupt. During the holiday brick and mortar stores saw a dramatic drop in traffic. Factors order decline. Illinois Senate overrides the Governor and raises taxes.  Corporate tax revenues are flashing a huge warning sign, this predictor is very accurate and is used to predict recessions, looks like the next one is right around the corner. Many individuals are worried because once a government official or a Fed head tells you everything is going to be ok, it normally turns out the other way around. People around the country are now making fun of CNN and are creating memes. Kathy Griffin was questioned for over an hour by the secret service. Austria brings armored vehicles to the border to stop an influx of refugees. US and South Korea hold drills after NK fires a missile. Trump calls an emergency UN Security Council meeting. Nikki Haley says the US will use force if it needs to. China and Russia are now taking control of the situation, they have created and plan to deal with NK, this does not sit well with the deep state, they want war. The Syrian forces are moving into central Syria and eradicating the IS. China and Russia want an impartial investigation into the chemical weapons attack. Russia is getting ready to release the terminator in Syria.

Jul 5, 2017

We are now seeing the same game played in other parts of the world, to keep the economy operational the bankers are pushing debt to the max. UK home prices are getting ready to drop dramatically, the world’s real estate is in a bubble. Citi says their surprise index is reporting trouble ahead, BofA says the bull market is over. We are headed towards a turning point and when the economy crashes it is going to be difficult for many.  North Korea fired another missile but this time they are saying it is different this time. Trump wants China and other nations to open a dialogue with North Korea to diffuse the situation.  The corporate media is pushing the idea that the US needs to attack, but NK is testing a missile they did not attack anyone. Now we are starting to see the big picture of why NK is so important to the deep state. The chemical weapons show continues with another fake report and a fake attack in Damascus.

Jul 4, 2017

GM reports that car sales have plummeted and the auto industry has stuffed the dealer lots like we haven’t seen since the last crisis. Construction spending has imploded, the housing market it turning and turning quickly. The corporate media is pushing fake news about almost anything, two reports show manufacturing is up and another shows it is down. Illinois looks like they are getting ready to pass a tax hike, which will destroy the state. Rhode Island is reporting around 150,000 voters were fake voters, but they are making up excuses trying to explain where these voters came from. Merkel just caved to the Trump, she is now cutting the climate change funding. The 2nd Amendment is coming the Czech Republic. Duerte agenda to seek closer relations with China has paid off. Trump call China and Japan to come up with a strategy to work with North Korea. Trump prepares to talk to Putin and Germany warns of a cyber attack during the G20 meeting. Qatar has another 48 hours to meet the demands of the gulf nations. Assad will appear on their countries currency. Planes from the US flew into Syria to transport IS out of Raqqa.Tillerson says Russia will decide Assad’s fate, the US is there to get rid of the IS.

Jul 3, 2017

Things  you need to do if we get with and Emp either by Nuclear or by Solar Blast

Jul 3, 2017

Retail is set to lose billions if food stamps are cut. Retail is now dependent on government food stamp money. The economic system is breaking down and each state is now feeling the effects. Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, NJ and many other states are started to feel the economic collapse. With the states failing we are now on the precipices of a failing pension system, this failing pension system will hit hard as the economic system fails. GDP estimates are now converging with each other. The corporate media is now pushing the idea that the next recession will be caused by climate change. Democrats are now pushing a bill that will impeach Trump. The task force which is looking into voter fraud is proceeding forward but 29 states will not cooperate with the government. Trump and Moon Jae In met at the White House and they will proceed with a new plan with NK.  Duterte has virtually wiped out the IS from his country. The IS has been spotted on the belt and road system, the deep state pushing the agenda of disrupting this new economic system. Qatar has one day before the deadline is up and they refuse to meet any of the demands of the gulf nations. The OPCW put out a report which is based in fiction, the investigators never visited the site, never did an investigation, the entire report is fake.

Jul 2, 2017

Getting prepared - what do you need and how can you ready

Jun 30, 2017

UMich consumer sentiment is in decline as more and more people do not see the economy improving. Illinois, Connecticut and 14 other states are all facing the same problem, not enough funds and big bills, this will not end well. The EU banking system is worse than we originally thought and what the EU wants us to believe. According the BIS Trump’s tariff system will bring down the economy, the corporate media is now playing this up. Everything that is being done is in preparation for the great reset we are going to experience, manufacturing needs to be brought back, these agreements need to be removed and trade must be re-established with countries. Obamacare is almost dead, Trump says to repeal now. House is going to hold back the sanction bill. Immigration laws were passed, one being Kate’s law. Project Veritas continues with its investigation into CNN exposing fake news. Susan Rice is prepared to testify and Eric Holder tweets something out which is really strange, looks like the hammer is about to fall and he is warning people.  Russia suspends payment to the EU. Trump will meet with Putin, Lavrov says this will allow Russia and the US to repair relations. Qatar is moving away from the dollar and moving inline with China and Russian currencies.

Jun 29, 2017

Moody’s warns that the private label credit cards are going to be in trouble as more and more retail stores close. Q1 GDP was revised to an incredible 1.4.  What made GDP surge, the spending on recreational vehicles. Banks begin to buy back there own stocks, this is not going to help the economy. The Treasury will run out of money by mid-October. Fed Ballard says the Fed has lost control of the market. Traders are worried about what Yellen says. The central banks are working with each to crash the system. CNN tries to push their agenda on immigration but gets shot down by Homan. Paris is building a wall around the Eiffel tower. Duerte told his soldiers to take back the country by using every and all means.  ISIS revenue down, land is shrinking to nothing, the IS is basically eradicated. US retreats from Al-Tanf and now is in the middle of nowhere. Putin says the foreign agents are trying to have regime change in his country. Trump is going to meet with Putin and it seems there might be some type of event to stop this from happening. Indicators are pointing to something happening starting Friday and running through next week.

Jun 29, 2017

Retailers are now starting to fight among each other as the retail industry breaks down. The Fed just made it harder for students going to college, the rates are going up. Pending home sales decline as mortgage application decline even further. Trump is now cutting the budget and putting a hiring freeze in government. The Fed just confirmed that there is a major disaster coming, Yellen has stated that the banks are strong and we will most likely not see a financial crisis in our lifetime. Obamacare lost another co-op. Project Veritas releases part 2 and Van Jones says the Russian thing is a nothing burger. The corporate media is trying to cover for Obama saying that his Russian intel came from different countries. The firm that created the Trump dossier does not want to hand information over to the Senate panel. The individual that was throwing grenades out of a helicopter in Venezuela is an actor. Kiev says it is willing to work on the Minsk agreement. Former South Korea Park was planning a regime change in NK. Now NK has an assassination order out on her. The new malware that has global might be a cover-up for something larger. The entire Syrian chemical attack announcement is part of distraction and it used to stop the deep state from moving there agenda forward. The USS George W Bush aircraft carrier has left the area.

Jun 29, 2017

The conference board and the gallup polls show that the consumer believes that economy is getting worse and not improving. Case-Shiller reports that the increase of housing prices has slowed. Fannie Mae reports that mortgage apps are declining, the banks confirm this. The central banks have been purchasing tech stock to keep the market up, now it seems they are in trouble and if they go down the entire market crashes. IMF revised the US growth outlook, there review shows that Trumps policies will not happen and the economy now declining and will not improve. Project Veritas reports that CNN made up the entire Russian collusion story for ratings. CNN retracts other fake stories and fires others. China and other countries are listed for human trafficking. Russia says placing sanctions on North Korea will not help the situation. Trump says the Senate’s Russian sanction bill goes against the constitution. The elite are now pushing their agenda. An anonymous source from the White House told the corporate media that Syria is getting ready to launch another chemical attack. The White House says that Assad will be punished if this is done. The summer months are normally the time the elite push their agenda’s, especially during the month of August.

Jun 27, 2017

Because of austerity Greece is feeling the pain of a garbage problem, the workers have gone on strike and want the government to give them full employment, meanwhile the garbage is piling up. Out of nowhere around 4am thousands of contracts were dumped to bring the gold and silver price down. The automobile perfect storm is on the horizon. Durable goods has imploded on itself. The BIS is warning that we will be entering a recession soon and they are prepared to shift the blame. Chicago’s Fed economic indicator has imploded pointing to a major disaster. The supreme court has ruled that parts of the travel ban can be implemented. The supreme court is upset with California for violating the 2nd Amendment. General Dunford arrives in Afghanistan to asses the situation, Mattis is suppose to arrive in Ukraine but the Pentagon is very quite about this. Qatar is moving closer to Iran and Russia. The plan by Pilgrims is to push Qatar away from the deep state, get rid of the terrorist and have Russia protect Qatar. If Qatar moves closer to Iran and Russia the pipeline can not be built through Syria. Al-Qaeda defects to Al-Sham as Israel attacks Syria. The corporate media (deep state) are reporting on how the middle east is a mess, they are reporting this because their plans are not panning out and they are backed into a corner.

Jun 25, 2017

Corporations are now looking at block-chain technology. Visa, Microsoft and many others are turning towards the crypto world while the corporate media and the banking community will begin to tell you how bad the block-chain is. The BIS is warning that a recession is headed our way, the corporate media is already putting out more articles of a recession. Goldman, Citi and BofA are now blaming the Fed for the past recessions. A Hedge fund manager has predicted a date of the collapse of the economy, now you know we are getting close. CNN puts out fake news then deletes it because they had nothing backing the story. Nicaragua, Cuba and other nations are backing Venezuela. Iraq troops free more civilians in Mosul. US is now being blamed for torturing civilians in Yemen. Qatar sends a message and moves closer to Russia.  US deep state is now in the process of breaking Syria apart, the Russian’s realize this is the plan. The Pentagon says it would work with Assad and Iran to fight terrorism in Syria. The deep state has one more trick up their sleeve, the big event. There are reports that Obama had cyber bombs inserted into Russian infrastructure.

Jun 23, 2017

McDonald’s and other food service businesses will be replacing workers with automated food ATM’s. New homes sales magically rebounded, but when you go deep into the numbers you can see that this is more fake news. Fed finishes stress tests on banks and they all passed according to the Fed, the biggest worry is all this credit card debt, if the system crashes the banks might be in trouble. Fed Bullard says that the Fed should hold off and wait for Trump’s policies before raising interest rates again. The Fed is pulling the plug on the markets, the great unwind is about to begin, the manipulation will now be greater than ever before as liquidity is pulled out of the market. Rand Paul says the new Senate health care bill is a bail-out for the insurance companies and that it doesn’t repeal anything it adds to Obamacare.Trump bluffed Comey into making him nervous enough that he need to tell somewhat of the truth and say Trump wasn’t being investigated and there was no obstruction of justice. Senate Judiciary starts investigating Clinton email scandal.Trump says Mueller might be problem. North Korea blames Obama for Otto Warmbier’s death.  South Korea says it does not need permission to talk to NK. Russia and Turkey start the Turkish pipeline. The Syrian Army is headed for Dier-Ezzor. The deep state is running out of time, each passing day they grow weaker, the end is approaching.g.

Jun 23, 2017

Sears Canada decided to announce that it will be declaring bankruptcy, approximately 3000 people will lose their jobs. Warren Buffett steps in and purchases Home Capital Group, big surprise since they were on the verge of collapsing. Junk bonds are signalling the great debt binge is now coming to an end. The Fed announced that will start to unwind its balance sheet, why now? The obvious reason is that the bubbles are at the top, its time to unload and prepare for the next economic crisis. The Senate releases their new health bill. Rand Paul says it still does not benefit the people, this is another rewrite of the original bill. Trump says he never made tapes of his conversation with Comey. Judicial watch president says that the President can just order the documents from the Obama library. Government officials want to carry weapons because they are important people. The US is now a second tier country. Pentagon wasted 93 million on camouflage uniforms in Afghanistan. Macron says it is time to fight terrorism with Russia, big words when France is still working with the US. By this one little action government officials have shown their true agenda, a bill was introduced where the US would not be allowed to fund terrorists, no one supported it.

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