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Jan 8, 2018

The central banks and banks are threaten by the cryptocurrency market, they are in the process of controlling the creation of currency. China is now pushing their RMB for cross boarder use. There is a new report that will be released and a special counsel might be created to go after those involved in the uranium one deal, fusion gps, Clinton foundation etc. A new video surfaced showing a US jet and a Russian jet very close together. Trump says he will speak to North Korea. Libya is inviting Russia in to help with peace negotiations. Iran says those involved with the riots are arrested and the protests are finished. Free Syrian Army spokesman are in Washington to speak to officials, the question is which officials. There is a new report that says the Cabal is getting ready to recognize the Kurdish territory in Syria without the permission of Syria. The CDC is pushing the idea that the US will be attacked by a nuclear weapon.

Jan 6, 2018

The job numbers are in and they are not good, jobs are down, remember these are the manipulated numbers. Retail the big loser this time around, not surprising because retailers have been closing stores. The labor participation rate is now down to 62.7%.Credit Suisse is reporting more retail stores closing down this year. Venezuela is now forced to using gold for medical supplies. The DOJ and congress are looking into the Russian collusion probe, the FBI investigation coverup, Clinton email server and the Comey memo problem. Will this year be the year of justice. A Judge has ordered Fusion GPS to hand over its financial records. The talks between North Korea and South Korea are happening on Jan 9 and the US is not invited. Russia says this would be a great time for the US to join the peace talks. Iranians stage protests against those who are rioting. The agenda to have regime change in Iran is backfiring and losing momentum, this is why Nikki Haley wants the UN to take action quickly before its all over.

Jan 5, 2018

Macy’s and other retailers are beginning to make announcements about store closures. Thousands of people will lose their jobs. The auto manufactures have been hit hard, sales are down in 2017. Brick and mortar has now hit the movie theater industry. The economic deterioration is spreading. China pushes forward with the petro-yuan to challenge the petro-dollar. The DOJ is looking into the Clinton email case, the investigation is about to begin. Comey’s memos that was passed to the NYT might have been classified.  The US says their will not be a drill during the olympics in South Korea. NK and SK will be talking to each other. The cabal’s push to have regime change in Iran seems to be failing and the protests seem to be ending. The border between Iraq and Iran has been reopened. Now the cabal is desperate they have no choice either they create the event of events for go down with the ship.

Jan 4, 2018

The retail crisis continues, it seems we are seeing a repeat of last year, Macy’s is now closing 30 more stores after this holiday season, more stores on the way. Rents seem to be plunging in those cities where the real estate was artificially pumped up. The central bank is trapped, they cannot recover and economy that is completely fake. The entire system is ripping itself apart and the economy is about to come down. More information is exposed which shows the FBI was hiding evidence of Clinton’s email server. There was a fire at Clinton’s residents house. Macron is now putting into place laws to censor certain pieces of news. North Korea calls South Korea on the hotline. US pushes to stop funding the Palestinians. Trump tweets support for the Iranian people. The entire protest is falling apart it is not growing in size it is actually shrinking. The cabal didn’t understand how the Iranians were going to react and they miscalculated. This will push the cabal into pushing the next event.

Jan 3, 2018

Since the great recession the economy has been pumped with stimulus, manipulated government stats and propaganda from the Fed. The peoples economy is struggling,retail is a disaster and the other stats were manipulated to convince the public that the economy was doing well. The central banks are now making their move to control the crypto market. They are now pushing their own coin and will try to charge. Classified information has been found on Wieners laptop. South Korea proposes talks with NK. The cabal, neocons and other factions are in the process of pushing their agenda to take back control. The intelligent community most likely planted agents within Iran to push regime change. The talk surrounding the uprising has two much support for the protestors compared to other events that were truly grassroots associated. Business has begun to return to Syria. The cabal is going all out now, they will make the world as chaotic as possible to push their agenda.

Jan 2, 2018

Global equity markets are about to do something that has never been seen before. They have been rising for 13 consecutive months. The fUS has never let an audit of the gold reserves, one theory is that the gold is not there and another is that the gold is so low quality they don’t want anyone to inspect it. The BRICS are now completing the transition process, once everything is in place parts of the financial system will start to move towards the east. Obama tries to convince the public not to listen to social media. South Korea captures the Chinese vessel that was smuggling oil to NK. Russia & Turkey sign S400 deal. The first event has been initiated, we have seen this before. The cabal places groups of people in different cities and pushes protests which they hope will create larger protests. We are now seeing this in Iran. The last country on the list to have regime change was Iran, they are now pushing for this. The cabal has been spotted air lifting their paid mercenary army (IS) out of Syria. The cabal is now pushing to take back control and start an event around the world.

Dec 30, 2017

The central bankers are now pushing their agenda, pump cryptocurrency up, make everyone feel good, then introduce their crypto and then begin the demonetization process of telling you how bad it is. This is part of their strategy to pivot everyone to what they are creating. The BRICS are going to introduce their own crypto system that will bypass the dollar, this is most likely in line with the central banks plan. Obamacare enrollments are way down and as premiums continue to rise more people will drop out of it. The entire Mueller investigation is a hoax, they are not investigating collusion they are going after white collar crimes by sifting through the financial records. Israel might be bracing for something big as Netanyahu is investigated. Lavrov says war with with NK not needed, peace and negotiations are needed. Russia pushes their agenda by asking the US to leave

Dec 28, 2017

Consumer confidence declines while the spread between current future expectations is the widest in history. MasterCard reported that the retail season is off to a great start and it beat all records. But looking at the data it barely is above 2016 and if you go back in time it is well below the previous years. People using debt is not a good indicator on how the retail industry is really doing. Most of the products will be returned and the debt for most retailers is coming due in 2018.The Government report shows the market is overvalued. The central banks begin to position themselves to transition the world into their cryptocoin. Trump’s latest executive order is a blue print to drain the swamp. The US decided to supply Ukraine with weapons, the question is why and what is the strategy.US says China is smuggling oil to NK. Syria will be getting MIG29 and Russia is planning to setup bases. Libya is planning to hold elections.  The US al-tanf base is now completely surrounded by the Syrian Army. The US coalition forces agree to go through the Syrian government before bombing. It is almost over for the cabal, the time is running out, will they pull the trigger for the next event.

Dec 27, 2017

2017 has been a horrible year for retailers many have gone bankrupt and many have closed thousands of stores. This holiday season most likely will not be any better and we will probably see more store closures. Housing prices have reached a point where they are now out of the reach of the everyday person, classic sign of a bubble. The Fed knows that they have created bubbles and this is why they are raising rates.Saxo bank says the petro-yuan will overtake the petro dollar. The new National Security Strategy lays out the plan for a the transition and spells out that China will be the next superpower and the reserve currency. Trump issued a new executive order which targets the cabal and initiates the nuclear option to drain the swamp. Nikki Haley got punked by two Russians. South Korea says that in 2018 they will work with North Korea on peace. North Korea asks the US to prove they are behind the Wannacryp malware. Countries and now the Pope are pushing for a 2 state option in the middle east. US admits troops are in Yemen and they have been for a while now. The moderate rebels will not attend the peace talks.

Dec 27, 2017

The Survival Nation - Day after Christmas -- sales and the news


Dec 25, 2017

The economy is breaking down quickly, the yield curve is flattening and there are signs everywhere that a recession is approaching or we have been in a recession since 2016 which the corporate media or Fed will not acknowledge until we are in a recession. Wife of Fusion GPS admits her husband created the document. Ukraine loses gas dispute to Russia. The corporate media is reporting that the Trump administration will supply lethal weapons to Ukraine under Obama’s Ukrainian Freedom Act. The push is coming form the neocon camp. North Korea will not give up their nuclear program no matter how many sanctions are placed on them. The cabal and neocons with the help of the corporate media are pushing war, and will now go all out to do so.

Dec 23, 2017

The Survival Nation - Getting Ready and Being Prepared 12-23-17

Dec 23, 2017

Bitcoin tumbles today and then recovers, the central banks use this method to make people believe that it still ok to get into the crypto market, Goldman Sachs is now setting up a crypto desk. Canada’s housing is completely out the reach of normal everyday people. Consumer confidence is declining at the same time savings are declining and credit spending is up. Subway is closing hundreds of stores. While wages are declining, savings are declining and credit card usage is up are we suppose to believe people are buying homes. Sanctions are now in place of NK. SK says they would like to have peace talks with NK without preconditions. Saudi Arabia bombs the food storage areas in Yemen. Australia is now leaving Iraq and Syria. The Syrian Government is now asking the US to leave Syria. The Cabal is trapped, how will this turn out the clock is ticking down.

Dec 22, 2017

The corporate media is reporting that the public is spending like they never spent before this holiday season. One thing they left out is that everyone is turning to debt to pay for this holiday season. BoA is now reporting that 11 of 19 indicators are showing that we are headed into a recession. Everything is in play now and the system is coming down while the central bankers prepare to transition the system. The truth continues to come out but the public is being shielded from it by the corporate media. As more info comes out the public will come aware of what really happened. NK says they are not responsible for the wannacry malware. The corporate media is now playing it up that the WH approved lethal weapons for Ukraine. The UN objects to the US recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The US will has stopped supporting the moderate rebels and has started to shutdown training centers and bases. The cabal is now desperate, they are trapped and will use everything they have to start the next event.

Dec 21, 2017

IMF now lowers the growth for the UK, as the BREXIT approaches the central bankers are trying to show the world they are needed or else. Existing homes sales, pending sales and new home all of a sudden surge as mortgage apps decline and inventory plummets.The stock market is shrinking even though the market continually moves up. The central banks are now pushing their agenda to create a cryptocurrency of their own and force everyone into it. Ajit Pai was censored by YouTube while talking about repealing Net Neutrality. Twitter and other Social Media sites say they cannot guarantee freedom of speech which means they have lost control over censoring everyone. The cabal pushing more sanctions on NK. The war with with Iran is being pushed, but the Nikki Haley argument does not pass the smell test.  The cabal pushes their agenda, they are responsible for Wannacry, they are developing biological weapons and now they are planning to put Anthrax on top of a missile.

Dec 20, 2017

12/20/2017 Tax Day and Getting ready for St. Nick

Dec 19, 2017

Retail meltdown hits women hard. Many jobs have been lost in retail and women are taking the hit. Home builders are very positive about home building meanwhile people cannot afford the homes. Inflation is coming and you can see the signs because they are all around us. Rates are rising and this will be a disaster when the reach a certain point. Ireland is pushing an agenda to stop fake news by implementing a fine for those who spread fake news. Venezuela is licensing their gas fields to a Russian firm. Russia says that the US should live up to it part of the deal and remove the nukes in Europe. US vetoes the UN resolution to stop Jerusalem from becoming the capital of Israel. Palestine will now go to the UN to face-off against the recognition of Jerusalem. Russia ready to become mediator for peace in the middle east. The cabal caught training the IS.

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Dec 18, 2017

Japan is now allowing their population to use cryptocurrency as payment. Bank of Canada worried about the economy, all private western central bank countries are using the same strategy to manipulate the economy, this will not end well. A professor has found the missing 21 trillion dollars, will not elaborate where the funds had gone. Climate change has been removed as a national security threat. Net neutrality has been rolled back and now companies like Google are no longer receiving subsidies. US, Russia and China are getting ready for talks with NK. Nikki Haley’s presentation about Iran has failed, no one is buying it. Iran joins the EAEU, game over for the cabal. General Haftar says the UN fake government time has expired. The cabal and the corporate media is now being exposed in front of the world.

Dec 17, 2017

There Are Cracks In The Global Economy & It Will Only End One Way:Claudio Grass


Published on Dec 16, 2017

Today's Guest: Claudio Grass

Sound Money

Dec 16, 2017

The world’s second largest clothing retailer bites the dusts, the clothing retailer crashes most in 16 years, sales are way down. Industrial production misses expectations. JP Morgan says that everyone is all in, this is the perfect setup to bring the economy down. Yellen sets it all up, Trump’s tax plan might damage the economy. Gregory Mannarino is sending up a red alert, massive bond buying this won’t end well. More evidence comes out that the investigation into Hillary’s email was manipulated. Women who are accusing Trump of sexual assault might have received payment to make certain accusations. Government event coming soon that might rock America, many in government might be brought up on sexual harassment charges.  US special envoy to NK agrees with Tillerson, its time to talk to NK. Trump speaks to Putin to work with the US with NK. Pence makes a trip to Egypt to smooth things over. Iran rejects US accusation of supplying weapons to Yemen. New report show US was supplying weapons to the IS. Back in 2015 the corporate media reported this as a conspiracy theory.

Dec 15, 2017

Canada home values decline as household debt binge hits a new high, doesn’t look good.Initial jobless claims drop to there lowest level. US retail sales surge, the government just forgot to mention something very important.The service industry declines. Janet Yellen believes the market is not overvalued and she sees no warning signs. China has just completed its 4th dry run of the petro yuan. FCC votes to repeal net neutrality. Nikki Haley uses fake evidence to convince the world that Iran is behind the problem in Yemen. Syria reopens border with Lebanon.US and Russian jets have a close incident which the media is spinning to make it seem like Russia was the cause. Funding for the Syrian opposition has come to and end. Slowly but surely the support for all these groups in Syria is coming to an end. The cabal is ready and prepared to push their agenda, get ready for extreme chaos.

Dec 14, 2017

The wage growth that everyone was talking about does not exist, wages are declining. UBS shows how the GDP calculations are a complete joke and they are completely made up to fit the agenda of the government and the central bank. The Fed raises interest rates and puts everything in motion. The Fed is preparing to bring down the economy, it has begun. The new gun bill was not what everyone thinks, there was was something added that will allow many people to be put on the NICS database.The BREXIT might not happen, parliament wants to vote to see they should move forward. Russian delegation has arrived in NK to talk about peace. NK responds to Tillerson, they don’t war and they would like to talk. US congress takes no action on Iran, no new sanctions. The OIC recognizes East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. The cabal might be planning to cyber attack OPEC if the middle eastern countries move to the Petro Yuan. More propaganda emerges that the cabal is planning an event.

Dec 13, 2017

The SEC is suddenly very interested and worried about the crypto market. The bubbles are not going away, the bubbles have been blown up and they are larger than ever, first we had the dot-com, then the housing bubble and now the central bank bubble, it all ends the same way. We are now seeing the first sign that inflation is coming back to the US, this will accelerate and the central bank will try to control it but will not be able to. The US Treasury are using fake manipulated numbers to make its case that the US is now on the right track. The middle east is now making its move to move away from everything that has to do with the US. The truth about Fusion GPS, the Uranium deal who was involved how the FISA order was handled is all coming out and the investigations have begun. This will spread into many other aspects and many will end up going to trial. US is ready to meet with NK with no preconditions. Syrian army makes huge advance in the Golan Heights. The Trump administration says the Assad will now be the leader until 2021, this is a huge change from Assad must go. The corporate media is trying to use the latest propaganda into making the world believe that NK is looking to get biological weapons.

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