"Surviving The Day After" With Steve Anderson

Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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"Surviving The Day After" With Steve Anderson


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Feb 20, 2018

Toys R Us  is facing collapse, they have a huge tax bill to pay and there are 3200 jobs on the line. Deutsche Bank is laying off 500 people right after bonuses. The central bankers are getting very worried and they are trying to make the case that cryptocurrency will not be able to handle the next financial crisis. Are the central bankers foreshadowing the next crisis, are they preparing to push the crisis forward to make sure the crypto market is not used as the next currency of the people. The Mueller’s indictments are part of a bigger show, this will not lead to anything. The indictment indicates that this occurred while Obama was President. Ukrainians are marching and asking Poreshenko to resign. The Kurdish people have invited the Syrian forces into this area. This is the push that was planned from the beginning, this is how they are going to get the deep state out of Syria. Russia repeats, they want the US out of Syria, Syria repeats the US must leave.  The high school event has more and more anomalies, students are reporting drills, men in black masks,tactical vests. Now they want to demolish the school.

Feb 19, 2018

The retail apocalypse picks up speed as 200 Winn-Dixie stores are shutting down. There is a crisis headed our way, many people are paying over 30% to rent which leaves no disposable income left. Trump’s tax plan is allowing corporations to use the money to purchase stock buy backs. This is to keep the market up so the transition can be completed. There is a storm headed our way, be prepared. McMaster says that the indictment show that Russian meddled in the election. CIA admits that the US meddled in other countries elections but this was for democracy. Hilary Clinton spent 53 times more money to manipulate the 2016 elections compared to the alleged indictment suggests. Soros wants to completely control social media, he says people cannot think on their own and if people read something they might do the wrong thing. USS Ross enters the Black Sea. The deep state is pushing their agenda saying Turkey is using chemical weapons. McMasters says we all the proof we need that Syria is using chemical weapons. The secret service changed security prior to the event in the high school. Q is now warning that something might happen in the UK, Q says there is a lot of chatter across the airwaves.

Feb 18, 2018

Surviving The Day After - Continue surviving after the shooting 2-17-2018


Feb 17, 2018

Global trade wars have begun. Tariffs are being considered, Trump will make the decision by April 11. The last time the American public was so confident the stock market crashed. This is when the central bankers make their move, when everyone feels good and the illusion takes hold they bring the whole thing down. China is ready and prepared to go live with their petro yuan futures. This is to challenge the petro dollar. Is this the end of the petro dollar, yes but it has nothing to do with the petro yuan. Be prepared the central bankers are getting ready to bring down the economy. Special counsel Mueller pushes forward 13 indictments against the Russians, the only problems it is one big nothing burger. Judicial Watch founder says that Obama had the dossier, why wasn’t he questioned. The US confirms that there will be no attack on NK. Russia is now in control of Syria’s oil production. The Kurds are allowing the Syrian army in the Afrin area which will be a problem for the deep state. This was the plan from the beginning. The push is on to distract, to push gun control and make sure everyone is looking at the new while the push all the fake news in front of the public. This event will not be enough to distract, the indictments against Russians will not be enough because there is nothing there. Get ready for event number 2.

Feb 16, 2018

The Canadian housing crisis is imploding, sales have dropped on existing homes. Inflation is starting to pick up, once inflation gets going the central bank will not be able to control it.  The central banks are beginning to move into the blockchain arena, they are now working with Saudi Arabia to establish ripple as their cryptocurrency. Control is the game, control the currency at any cost as the system comes down. Tillerson denies the US gave weapons to the Kurds.The Taliban and the US are now willing to speak to each other about peace.  Russia says the entire story about Russian soldiers is completely fictitious. The Parkland shooting is a distraction, there are many anomalies that do not make sense. The are now reports of a second shooter, the search engines have the stories being reported 2 days before the shooting occurred. There was a shooter drill happening the same day of the shooting.

Feb 16, 2018

Surviving the Day After - Valentines Day Massacre of 2018

Feb 15, 2018

JcPenny cutting 670 jobs, closing distribution center. Retail sales implode as data is being revised. Mortgage rates increase which pushes many individuals out of the housing market, mortgage applications decline. Whistleblower reports that the VIX might be manipulated. More states decide to pass laws allowing people to use cryptocurrencies. Russia says they are now ready to disconnect from the SWIFT system. Schiff says that there are problems with his memo and that he might not want it released.Macron walks back on his red line statement.  The story that the US killed many Russian soldiers or paid mercenaries is turning out to be completely fabricated. Syrian army finds warehouse of weapons made in Israel. Russia will help Syria rebuild its infrastructure and its oil production. Is the deep state pushing a distraction tactic, we two different events, a truck tries to break into the NSA and is shot at, we also see a shooting at a high school in Florida.

Feb 15, 2018

Barnes & Noble is going to cut staff after a terrible holiday season. Household debt is rising very quickly and surpasses the debt level in 2008, meanwhile the savings rate dips to it lowest level. Coats says the debt is unsustainable and the corporate media pushes the propaganda to set everything up for the take down of the US economy which will bring the global economy. DHS just proved that the corporate media lied to us about Russian hacking. Grassley says that Susan Rice wrote a very strange email to herself. Pentagon sending troops near China, this is a normal rotation, but the corporate media is making it seem like we are preparing for war. The CIA intelligence agency used a paid mercenary army to attack and they claim it was a Russian force that died in the attack. This was a setup, the US and Russia have open channels 24/7 so they know where each force is. This was pushed to provoke a war. Russia is reporting that the paid mercenaries are preparing a chemical attack, they spotted containers of chlorine. Coats is out there pushing the idea that North Korea, Russia might be preparing to cyber attack the US.

Feb 15, 2018

The Brexit has reached a point of no return and the negotiations might run up to the deadline. Amazon decides to layoff employees in the Seattle corporate office. Trump unveils his infrastructure plan, this is to prepare the US for the transition, spend the fiat currency before it is worth nothing.JP Morgan creates a bitcoin bible, and explains that the cryptocurrency is here to stay but most likely will not turn into anything or take over as the currency. The IMF says expect the blockchain to be heavy regulated by governments. The NY Fed economists say that bitcoin will never take over as the currency because it is backed by nothing, isn’t the dollar backed by nothing? Obama official says he passed info to Steele. The Russian plane that crashed was most likely not an accident, there were people on the plane who were going to testify against the Clinton’s. Trump says he is ready and willing to speak to Kim Jong Un and there will be no per-conditions. Congress is looking to place sanctions on Turkey, Turkey says that they do not have a problem shutting down incirlik airbase. The push in Syria is on, the US is not in the game, but the coalition forces, the deep state are pushing their agenda.

Feb 12, 2018

The infrastructure is now moving towards the blockchain, the system is being prepared to moved onto the new system and it is slowly being built. BoA critical stress detector is now blinking we are headed for something very scary. Other indicators are reporting that the economy is breaking down rapidly. The CIA is now implicated in paying for the dossier. Trump sends the memo back that Schiff and others created because they purposely placed confidential information in the memo. Russia moves ahead with the peace plan in Afghanistan which leaves the deep state in trouble in another country.North Korea leader invites South Korea leader to visit. Manpads were delivered to the Kurds to fight the IS, but the IS does not have planes. The push is on to start a war, Israel bombs Syria and Syria shoots down an Israeli plane. The push is on by the deep state to bring the world to war.

Feb 11, 2018

Surviving the Day After - 02-10-2018 Tired of the Bull going around

Feb 10, 2018

The central banks are now making there move against the crypto currencies, they know they can’t control it so they are demonizing it.The economy continues to deteriorate, and the market it fluctuating up and down. The two factions are fighting it out via the market. Financial pundits are saying that we are headed to a complete collapse of the system. The deep state has been duped, the plan set forth between China and Russia is working, this was the double freeze plan. North Korea stopped testing and the US stopping have drills. The French see no evidence that Syria used chemical weapons, the deep state is still pushing their agenda. The attack on the coalition forces was completely fabricated, the deep state used this plan back in 2016 when they attacked the Syrian Army, they are now using the same tactic but the story is falling apart very quickly. There is a high probability that the deep state might try something during the Olympics.

Feb 9, 2018

The velocity of money is hit the bottom, the inflation indicators are off the charts. The stock market has declined by another 1000 points, the stock market wars are in full swing. The battle wages on, the system is on the brink of disaster, the central banks want to bring it down, the transition is not complete, this is why they need to bring it down now. More and more evidence is being produced that implicates the Clinton’s, Obama and many others. We are now seeing the deep state strike back to create distractions in the US and around the world. The deep state will not push another false flag. We are now at the point where the system could come down if the deep state wins the battle, if the deep state loses the transition can be completed and we will have a soft landing. Either way be prepared.

Feb 8, 2018

Debt has hit an all time high, credit card, auto and student debt, savings has hit an all time low and we are starting to see an acceleration in delinquencies.  The student loan debt defaults are rising and more and more students cannot pay back their loans. Congress just approved more spending and tax cuts, this mix is not going to end well. The market is fluctuating and the real agenda is starting to take shape. The bill to audit the Fed has been re-introduced and this time it might get pushed through. The FISA memo is now leading to other investigation and more facts are being pushed out. We are watching the entire scandal unfold right in front of our eyes. Adam Schiff was pranked by the Russia comedians. Lavrov reports that the entire world is about to change.

Feb 7, 2018

The central banks of central banks has announced that it is time to take control of the crypto market. The central bankers are now worrying about cryptocurrencies taking over as a currency. Job opening decline and the indicator is showing us that we are headed to a collapse in the system. Wages are not growing they are actually declining. S&P warns if the stimulus is removed it will be catastrophic. Corporate media pushing panic, market crash, this was a warning, the market was brought down on purpose to send a message to show they can control if the economy stays up or shuts-down. The House Intelligence Committee is moving in to phase II of the investigation, gathering more evidence going after Clinton, the FBI and the DOJ. Carter Page might have been working for the FBI as an informant during another investigation and when it came to Trump they turned the tables on him to get the FISA warrant. Steele goes dark, he did show up to his court appearance. North Korea is being blamed the Japanese crypto heist. This is more propaganda to demonize NK, all info is being pushed by South Korean intelligence. China says they are not building up troops on the border with North Korea.

Feb 6, 2018

The economic system is breaking down, retail, gdp, housing and now the stock market. The market has dropped a considerable amount and it has wiped away all of the 2018 gains. Is this a distraction, is this the economic crash, watch gold. The government is slated to borrow another trillion dollars to keep the entire system running, this borrowing and the amount of debt we are in is completely unsustainable. The corporate media is pushing the idea that Nunes doesn’t know what he is talking about because he didn’t read the memo, the fact is he sent Trey Gowdey to read the memo. Steele wrote the memo based on Clinton’s information. Schiff threatens the US with another false flag. North Korea and South Korea are meeting before the Olympics. The cabal (deep state) pushes the propaganda about North Korea and where they go their nuclear technology. US is removing the troops from Iraq and re-positioning some of them in Afghanistan to go after the IS. The cabal knows there will be more information coming out into the open, investigations have been opened against the FBI, DOJ and special counsel has been hired to investigate.

Feb 6, 2018

Surviving the Day After - 02-05-2018

Feb 5, 2018

 The market plunged by 600 points, the wealthy lost approximately 68.5 billion, this is a drop in the bucket, when the market drops losses will be 100 times greater. Even if you are not in the market it will have an effect on everyone.  Is this plunge in the market an indicator that this is a start of the economic crisis. The situation looks very similar to 2008. The memo was released and the propaganda is being pushed to show its a conspiracy, that Trump is trying to cover up the Russian collusion, this is all a distraction. Trump speaks to Moon Jae in prior to the winter Olympics. Henry Kissinger says that a strike on NK is very high. This is part of the cabal’s (deep state) plan to make everyone believe that war is coming. The rebels in Syria shot down a Russian plane, the man-pad was supplied to the Kurd’s and then transferred to the paid mercenaries, This was a message to Russia that their planes can be shot down and its part of the agenda to push a war


Feb 4, 2018

Umich tumbles to the lowest since the election. Jobs come in strong but there is a catch, wages are reported up but they are really down and the job calculation gives the illusion jobs are being added to retail. Harley Davidson is laying off 800 employees. The UK might see another company go down the drain it is very similar and it is ready to implode. The central banker are pushing their agenda to control the economic system and try to push people away from the crypto market, the first attempt is to ban credit cards from purchasing crypto currencies. The FISA memo was released the corporate media is using propaganda to say its nothing, but the memo shows the dossier was used as the basis for the warrants to spy on Trump, if the dossier is fake then the warrants are null and void and the Mueller investigation goes down the drain. Judicial Watch reports that the Obama administration was pushing their own dossier on Trump. The 2018 Olympics are coming up and the US and South Korea are not having drills but NK reports that there are a lot of ships around the Korean peninsula. The US is not in talks with Turkey about Manbij and Mattis reports that there is no evidence that Assad is creating or using Sarin gas. The corporate media is still pushing the same propaganda. Since the system is breaking down, the memo was released will the deep state activate their sleeper cells for the next event. They know more information is headed their way so most likely we should expect a false flag.

Feb 4, 2018

Brick and mortar continues to meltdown, more bankruptcies and more store closures.US manufacturing drops and productivity along with it. India is banning all forms of cryptocurrencies and Venezuela is moving towards a petros cryptocurrency to bypass the dollar. The system is breaking apart countries do not want to be on the dollar system. The FISA memo is getting ready to be released, the cabal (deep state) is using pushing as much propaganda as possible to counter the release. Mueller postponed Flynn’s hearing because of the memo. There are about 7000 IS soldiers in Afghanistan. Ukraine fires off their first cruise missile. There were two truck in involved in the train accident. Antifa says they are preparing an event during the super bowl. Q, Nation alert the cabal (deep state) is preparing to use a false flag to shift the narrative, there are sleeper cells standing by to push this agenda.

Feb 1, 2018

South Korea has made it clear that it won’t ban cryptocurrencies, everyone must give their real name and purchase it in the banks.  German retail declines. Pending home declines along with existing and new home sales. The national debt is out of control and it’s going to get worse. China’s belt and road has 70 countries on board now. They central banks are foreshadowing a market correction. McCabe sat on Weiner’s case. FBI is fighting back saying the memo is not accurate, the corporate media (cabal) will not give the memo much airtime. The cabal is pushing the propaganda with a second dossier. North Korea and South Korea meet before the Olympics. Video was release showing the Russian jet flying close to the US spy plane, a complete setup to demonize Russia. Lavrov announces that Syria will proceed with a new constitution. Damascus airport comes under fire at the same time the peace keepers return from Sochi. Turkey’s invasion into Syria allowed the Syrian Army to take control of idlib. An Amtrak train that was carrying Republicans ran into a dump truck. The cabal just sent a message.

Feb 1, 2018

The housing market has hit the top, the everyday American has been pushed out of the housing market. Rates are rising very quickly and this will push many individuals out of the housing market, which will not end well. Facebook is now banning cryptocurrency. The central banks around the world are demonizing cryptocurrencies and at the same time making a move to control them. The US dollar is in free fall and Mnuchin is backtracking on his statement. At this point it doesn’t matter because he just nudged it enough to get the ball rolling. The corporate media is also nudging the economy stating the fed will need accelerate the raising of interest rates. The cabal (deep state) is in trouble, McCabe was pushed out of the FBI, the FISA memo is sitting on the President’s desk ready to be released. Wikileaks reveals according to The Swiss Propaganda Research the corporate media is run by the Council of Foreign Relations. No new sanctions will be placed on Russia. The cabal pushing the idea NK is close to having a ballistic missile that could reach the US. DHS is reporting that IS is ready to use chemical weapons in the US.

Feb 1, 2018

Toys R Us won’t release its holiday sales data. US savings has hit a crisis low. 6 traders were just arrested for gold manipulation. NAFTA  talks are breaking down, most likely NAFTA will be cancelled. The bond market has hit the trigger point which will start to bring down the equity market according to those on Wall Street. The bankers are preparing to shutdown the system and bring down the economy.We are seeing the first signs of the the housing bubble starting to burst in Canada, prices are falling quickly. House Committee expected to vote on #releasethememo and Trump in going to approve it. The cabal (deep state) is scrambling and pushing out as much propaganda as possible. McCabe stepped down from the FBI, some are saying he was forced out, its all coming down and there is no place to hide. Bio-metric ids were put into the Securing America’s Future Act of 2018 which requires all American’s to have their bio-metrics put into a database. North Korea allegedly says they are cancelling with South Korea because of news agencies negative view. Russia intercepts spy plane in the black sea. CIA designates the PKK as a terrorist group while supporting them. CNN and other corporate media outlets say we are not leaving Manbij in Syria, most likely this will happen within a couple of weeks. The cabal (deep state) is trying everything to distract and Q warns that if it doesn’t work they will resort to an event from hell.

Feb 1, 2018

We are now seeing indicators all over the place that shows the economy is falling apart rapidly, used car trade-ins are underwater. Illinois pension problems just got worse, and the pension system will implode with one little hiccup in the system. Russia pushes for a digital currency and that is the cryptorubble, controlled by the government and it will be taxed. The US might be following the strategy of Russia, get rid of the Rothschild banking system, since Russia took control of the banking system their economy is booming. “LaVoy” Finicum’s widow is not suing the FBI and Oregon police for killing her husband during the Bundy Ranch setup.The police have opened an investigation of the couple that was found hanging in their home, private investigators showed that there were multiple people involved in murder. Iraq will be involved in the Syrian peace talks. The US coalition bombs Iraq troops after the arrested an ISIS leader. The US now reports they will not support Kurds and will not supply weapons. Many of the weapons used by ISIS comes from the coalition forces. The Air-force is going to blackout the GPS signal in the western part of the US, is this in preparation for something bigger.

Feb 1, 2018

STDA - The Survival Nation - State of the Union -1-31-2018

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