"Surviving The Day After"

Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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"Surviving The Day After"


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May 10, 2017

Home Capital Group is becoming desperate they are now selling million of mortgages.  Half of Canadians do not have $200 for an emergency. Gallup economic confidence declines, more and more people believe the economy is getting worse. Wholesales sales growth declines and lumber implodes. Atlanta Fed is now down to 3.6% from 4.2%. Fed reports a drop in credit card spending and consumer spending in general. We are now back to the period right before 2008 crash. JP Morgan is telling smaller banks to consolidate deposits before the economy comes down. Kushner stepped in and stopped Trump from doing away with NAFTA. Trump is now thinking about the Paris Climate Agreement. Yates and Clapper reported no proof at all during the hearing, the bigger question is who did the unmasking and leaked the information. US says they watched Russia hack during the French elections. Marine Le Pen claims the elections were fixed. US prepares troops outside of Venezuela to participate in a drill with other South American countries. The Arab nations will not suspend Syria’s membership in the Arab League. An anonymous sources says the US can fly where it wants in Syria. Another anonymous source says that Trump approved arms for the Kurds. These anonymous sources need to reveal themselves if they want to be believed.

May 10, 2017

Home Capital Bank is trouble and bank runs are accelerating. Commercial loan delinquencies are rising again. The student loan system is not working, there has been a hold on those who defaulted and these individuals are receiving interest and penalties while an investigation is underway. Bernanke is making a case of why tax cuts are not good at this time, he says the economy is doing well and there is not need. Fed Marsh is worried that the last time the Fed was in agreement the entire system crashed. The Fed is now pushing to create a narrative that the economy is fine while in the background they are prepping the crash. Aetna CEO says that Obamacare is failing. Yates testifies in front of congress and nothing has been accomplished. Macron wins election which means nothing will change in France and the system will collapse with the EU in charge. The situation in Venezuela is getting worse so Marco Rubio is submitting a bill to have regime change.  South Korean election are coming up on May 9th, and those who want a conflict with NK do not want the front winner to win.  Saudi Arabia threatens to attack Iran, and Iran threatens to retaliate. Haftar in Libya is getting rid of the terrorist groups. The Syrian de-escalation zones are working and violence has decreased. Eager Lion drills begin in Jordan

May 7, 2017

The retail problem is not going away, more stores are closing and sales are dropping. Online sales are only 8% of retail sales. San Fran fed says the economy is at full employment and there is not reason that the Fed cannot raise rates in June. The central bank has used trillions to prop up the stock market and it is not enough, the central banks are out of tools and the they know it, this is why they are ready to bring down the economy. Obamacare continues to spiral out of control, meanwhile the Republicans try to push their health care bill forward. Second Trump nominee decides to back out.FBI covers for Loretta Lynch who protected Clinton from an investigation. Exit polls are showing the Macron is in the lead. IS attacks a base in Mosul filled with US advisers. Residents of Syria like the de-escalation zones but realize the terrorist will not abide by them. US and Russia ready to resume flight coordination in Syria. Film crews are now filming in Syria, and local residents are reporting it is a mock chemical attack.

May 6, 2017

Home Capital used up 1 billion of its 2 billion life line. Within a week the other billion will be gone. Manipulated unemployment numbers show the unemployment rate at 4.4% Auto and student loans hit an all time high of 2.6 trillion dollars. The NY fed and the Atlanta fed released their GDP estimates and they are completely opposite of reality. Italian banks are completely dependent on the ECB. China’s credit is breaking down and this will most likely start the downfall of the economy. The Fed confirms that they push the stimulus to the extreme when the economic crisis begins. Senate says they will create their own health care bill. The new health care bill is not a benefit to the people. Comey is going after Wikileaks, saying they don’t have 1st Amendment rights. Wikileaks releases Archimedes. Leaker of Macron docs shows he does have an offshore account. ISIS plan to wreak havoc on France during the elections.  Libya has a secret US base in the country. Syria is setting up a de-escalation zone and US planes and coalition planes will not be able to operate. Assad says the deep state is planning a major push into Syria from Jordan.

May 6, 2017

Jobless claims crash to multi year lows, and if we look back in time every time jobless claims fall like this we entered a recession. Apple says manufacturing is coming back to the US, but its not what you think. Core factory order tumble and industrial production collapses. Kyle Bass warns that we are in big trouble, the system is going to crash, China is crashing now and it’s only a matter of time before the entire system rolls over and collapses. Obamacare is collapsing at the same time Trump passed his health care via the House. Trumps pick for Army Secretary is pro-gun and says Americans should have the same weapons as the military.Obama back Macron in the French elections. The corporate media continually reports that NK will strike at any moment. China on the other hand says they want a good relationship with NK. Paul Craig Roberts reports that the deep state wants NK to place missile systems that will point at China and NK. Russia pushes De-Escalation zones to separate the terrorists with the moderate rebels. By setting up these zones and controlling them Russia and Syria will block off the US paid mercenaries, this is being done to end the war.

May 6, 2017

Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy, the restructuring is larger than Detroit. EU blackmails any country that wants to leave the EU, now they want 100 billion euros. ADP employment declines. US auto sales decline as there are more delinquencies among the American people. The debt debacle is not even being talked about. Insiders are selling stocks at a record pace, do they know something we don’t. The Fed explains why the economy is still doing well, the recent numbers are just transitional, the push for the collapse is on and most likely they will raise rates in June. Republicans trying to push their form of healthcare, which will not benefit the people. The hearing with Comey is another dog and pony show. The French election is coming up and the central bankers are making the push to put Macron in office. EU wants countries to get rid their check points. US fires a missile to send a message to NK. Army General says the US is ready to go into NK. The Syrian rebels back out of the peace talks. Trump does something that has not been done before, he is sending a rep to the Syrian peace talks. Putin discusses Syria and NK with Trump and says the situation in NK needs to be calmed down. Deep state might pushing for another chemical incident in Syria.

May 3, 2017

The collapse of Home Capital Bank could be spreading to other lenders. Greece reaches debt deal but they need to give up more and the country will sell of more of the country. The auto loan subprime bubble will mimic the subprime real estate bubble. JP Morgan is selling stocks because it sees signs the economy is collapsing. Trump preparing to replace the banking regulator. Trump says maybe we should shutdown the government in Sept. Is he telegraphing the date the economy will start to come down. Kuschner did not disclose he has ties to Soros and Goldman Sachs. Trump says Bannon is still with him. Senate could not get traction with Russian sanctions so they are moving to Iranian sanctions. Maduro hands out hire wages and homes to stop the protests. US flies B1 bombers over NK. China halts the implementation of the THAAD missile system. Kim Jong Un says he will fight against the NWO with Putin. Russia is reinforcing the borders with Syria and Turkey. Turkey and Syria are building a wall on the border. Putin and Trump speak and talk about safe zones, calming the situation down. Trump says he will draw a red line with NK or Syria. Warning across Europe about upcoming terrorist attack.


May 1, 2017

The Canadian mortgage lender is losing depositors and it is getting worse. Toronto housing bubble is getting ready to pop. India will not be accepting debit or credit cards they will be using mobile app to pay for goods. American debt slaves are in trouble once again. The Fed indicator is pointing to a collapse of the system as the Fed makes their move to raise interest rates and bring down the economy. Trump makes a statement that the banks should be broken apart, pushing the agenda to take down the central bank. Republicans make another attempt to push health care. Obamacare is dying, the strategy continually push garbage and it rejected and let Obamacare die. NSA has not stopped spying on Americans. Pentagon is mulling sending more troops to Afghanistan. North Korea pledges to sink a sub. Trump says he would meet with Kim Jong Un. Trump wants to meet with  Duterte to discuss the situation in NK. Syrian opposition agree to attend the peace talks. Russia wants to set up zones to protect the people.

May 1, 2017

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

Apr 29, 2017

South Korea goes cashless, they are getting rid of coins. Consumer confidence steady despite all the bad news. US spending way down, this makes up 70% of the economy, but American’s are buying RV’s. GDP collapses to .7%, this is the manipulated number, the real GDP is in the negative range. Government shutdown looms, and congress decided to vote for a stop gap which will allow the government to continue to operate for 1 more week. The Fed signals that the economy is still strong and will continue with rate increases because they believe it will bounce back in the 2nd quarter. Republicans push their healthcare one more time. Trump wants a review of federal overreach into education. Trump is now putting a leash on Nikki Haley all comments will need to go through the state department.. Hillary email scandal is now submitted to the DOJ. WikiLeaks reveals a program called Scribble. NSA stops spying on email, major mop up operation underway. Troop deployment will now be transparent compared to Obama’s policies. Assad points out that Trump is part of the deep state. Trump confusion continues how will this end.

Apr 28, 2017

The Canadian housing market is popping their is already a bailout to save a mortgage company. Initial jobless claims inch up. Consumers are tapped out, credit defaults on the rise. Pending home sales decline and they have been flat-line for years. Durable goods decline. GDP is estimate has now dropped to .2%, this is terrible. Trump flips on NAFTA, he is now going to negotiate it first, if it does not work then he will make the move to remove it. Trump says the Government my shutdown. The Government has shutdown in the past and the people didn’t even notice. Bernanke says not to worry. Everyone should be worried now.  Duterte is now getting rid if the Rothschild banking system. Trump trying another round of health care. Ivanka talks about refugees coming into America. US drops in press freedom. North Korea allegedly puts out another propaganda film, starting to look a lot like the IS videos. Putin says we need to calm the situation down. Trumps meeting with Senators ends up to be a discussion of peace, not war.  US fires a flare at an Iranian patrol boat. Turkey sells weapons to the IS.

Apr 27, 2017

Canada housing regulators are now warning of a housing bubble. The US is seeing the echo housing bubble of 2008. The central bankers need more debt pushed out, so those student’s with student loans will now be able to purchase homes by changing the rules. Trump is getting ready to sign an EO to cancel NAFTA. Bubble Alert, we have now passed the bubble of 2007 and are now headed to the 1999 bubble. Congress will pass a week extension to discuss the budget. Rand Paul says to drain the swamp the money must be taken away. The only way to do this is to crash the system and to remove the central bank. Judge blocks Trump’s sanctuary order. Trump is going to review national monuments set up by Obama, Clinton and Bush. Afghan troops sweep the mountains where the MOAB was dropped. Former Obama official says the climate data was manipulated. THAAD missile system being moved into South Korea. US launches missile to provoke NK. Libyan UN backed government is begging for help. US says they killed more IS fighters than existed. Trump says he doesn’t care if Assad stays or goes, let the people to decide. Trump makes joke about firing Nikki Haley.

Apr 26, 2017

Consumer confidence stumbles and stock market soars. J Crew letting 150 employees go. Housing prices surge in the 20 bubble cities and new home sales surge according to the government. Trump pushing for a corporate tax like Obama. Trump budget for the wall won’t be a problem with the debt ceiling because he will wait until later  this year to discuss. Trump is borrowing and creating more bubbles, using the central bankers trick to bring down the market. Flynn allegedly took money from Russia for a speech and never reported it. Sessions says if we go after wikileaks we should also go after the corporate media that deals in leaks. WSJ is now saying the Russia is cyber attacking the French elections and targeting Macron. Maduro says the US intelligence agencies have now given the green light for regime change. North Korea propaganda continues, Trump calls meeting with congress. China shows off its newest aircraft carrier. The deep state readies to separate Syria into two. Huge drill happening in DC which coincides with the drill in NY and NJ. Radioactive material goes missing in Mexico. This is the second time this happened within a year or so

Apr 25, 2017

IMF says Greece needs to sacrifice more. After 50 weeks Caterpillar finally has one week that hit 1% sales and its because of China. The economy is declining rapidly and it will accelerate as we move along into this year. Banks in Spain are insolvent and Deutsche Bank says it was fun while it lasted but the economic election surge is over. The economy is at a point where the hard data is showing we are already in a recession and headed for a horrific collapse.  Trump warns that Obamacare is dying on its own. The FBI used the dossier to get a FISA warrant even though they knew is was a complete fake. Sessions is going after Wikileaks and Trump agrees with the plan. Le Pen and Macron will have a runoff on May 7. Mattis visits Afghanistan at the same time there is an explosion at a US base. Trump to hold top briefing after US citizen is allegedly detained by NK.  Two Japanese destroyers head to Korea with the USS Carl Vinson.  Mattis wants more troops in Yemen. Saudi Arabia will not head up the UN for women’s rights. Putin says he now has proof that the US used a false flag in Syria. The US says they will just sanction Syria instead of a probe into the Syrian chemical attack. Trump is using a secretive plan to trap the deep state or the deep state has him and we all need to be ready for anything.

Apr 23, 2017

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

Apr 22, 2017

UK retail falls at the fastest rate.  40% of Spanish children live in poverty. Existing home sales surge in the bubble cities where hedge funds, speculation and foreign investors are purchasing. Fed Fischer says rate hikes are on track, the economy is fine. Billionaires are now terrified that the market is going to crash this summer. The economy is being brought down by the Fed and by Trump, it all depends who is going to be blamed. House Intel committee is continuing the investigation into Trump.  YouTube is now helping teenagers distinguish between real news and fake news, right! US is preparing to arrest Julian Assange, the deep state does not want him out their anymore. Paris terrorist attack was used to get the elections cancelled. Trump sees LePen winning. North Korea shows video of missile hitting San Fran. Trump says Chinese working with NK to solve the issue and its almost complete. South Korea and Russia prepare for NK aggression. Mattis pushes chemical weapon propaganda that Syria still has them. Israel bombs Syria, fires missiles. David Steele says that all terrorist acts are false flags created by the deep state. Gotham shield schedule for April 24-26, this is a nuke simulation, be ready for a false flag.

Apr 21, 2017

Venezuela seizes general motors plant and it has now halted production. Gold is slammed down for a 3rd day in a row, but gold is holding its own. Continuous jobless claims manipulated and are at it’s lowest point since 2000 when the economy when into a recession. Subway closes stores. Philly Fed hard data declines. Trump wants the Fed to print currency. Trump wants the dollar weaker, if the dollar weakens gold and silver are going to surge. The economy is being setup to collapse. Trump trying to push the repeal of Obamacare.  We are coming up to the shutdown of the government.FBI admits that Wikileak did not get their information from Russia, it was from a contractor. Propaganda alert, Trump might flip flop on the Paris climate deal and the TTIP. Dems and deep state introduce bill to get rid of the President. Chicago Tribune says it is getting hit with the Facebook fake news algorithm. US sniffer plane flying over North Korea. Many of the ships that were dealing with Fukushima are radio active one might be used as a false flag. US deep state wants the opium fields in North Korea, this is the main reason for the push to get control of the country. Deep state wants to divide Libya. Deep state pushing to scare Americans by telling them that the boogie man is coming to get them.

Apr 20, 2017

Gold has been slammed down again, but gold moved up and is continually resisting. Harvard study show an increase of minimum wages causes a 4-10% chance of restaurants closing.  IBM tumbles as earnings collapse. Used car prices are plunging as leases are coming due, this is not going to go well for the auto manufacturers.Mortgage rates fall a little which did not help applications. Mnuchin covers for Trump about the dollar, Trump is setting him up. Larry Fink warns of dark signs ahead. The economy is being brought down, everything is in place. Maduro is ready to sell all the gold for dollars. Trump asks the people to call their congressman to repeal Obamacare. The FBI used the fake dossier to get a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page. Corporate media making a big deal that F22 fighters intercepted a Russian bomber that was following international law. Pentagon Fed the corporate media fake news about the air craft carriers and the corporate media found out, this is why they are trying to make sense of all this. USS satellite shows a volleyball game being played at the nuclear site where the test is going to be held.Trump is ok with the Iran deal, Iran sanctions will be removed. Corporate media and the deep state using the same tactics to get us into a conflict just like Iraq and Libya.


Apr 19, 2017

Gold was slammed down today, the deep state/central bank is trying to keep everyone away from precious metals. The corporate media has now admitted that there is a problem and that people are losing their job, the corporate media is now broadcasting the collapse of the economy. Restaurant traffic is down. 250% increase in the S&P and pensions have not changed since 2008. Housing starts drop, the real estate market is in trouble. Industrial production is still in decline and is flashing a recession. Is the Fed paying the banks not to lend, on the surface it seems that way. Gallup reports that Trump supporters don’t feel like he is keeping his promises. White House is considering dumping the petition section on the White House site. Trump is cracking down on H1-B Visas. A major offensive might be planned in May in Ukraine. Corporate media using propaganda to get the war started. Aircraft carriers not steaming towards NK. Trump administration says no red line for NK. Mattis ready to talk to Russia about Yemen and Syria, this is a change of plans. DHS head says the terror alert is worse than 911.

Apr 18, 2017

London housing market is imploding and this is starting to happen in many other countries. Boeing will be laying off hundreds. Homebuilder confidence dips in April, the housing market is imploding. Empire Fed declines as the real hard data shows what’s really happening with the economy. Trump is playing with the Fed and just turned the tables on the Fed to show that they are the ones bringing down the economy. Be prepared the push is on to bring the economy down, the fight is who will be blamed. India’s ATM machines are running out of cash.  Immigration is down 70% according to DHS, and this is without a wall. The deep state and the corporate media continually push propaganda to get something started with North Korea. The US is moving more ships into the area of NK. The deep state is using this issue with NK and it’s not about nuclear weapons, its about opium trade. The deep state is pushing their agenda and if they do not get want they want they are prepared to us a cyber attack on the US and make it look like a NK was responsible. Be prepared for a collapsing economy and a shutdown of the power grid.

Apr 15, 2017

Retail sales decline for the second straight month in a row. Foot traffic and restaurant sales decline which show people are cutting back and is an indicator that the economy is breaking down. GDP is now estimated at .5% and this is the manipulated number. The real GDP number is in the negative range. The good guys along with Trump are preparing the US for the collapse of the system and the end of the Fed.  The deep state is pushing their agenda. All the noise coming from the corporate is the push to get people into going along with the deep states plan. Be prepared for some type of an event. Trump and the good guys are draining the swamp, getting the corporate media on his side to hatch their plan. Take a step back and look for the messages.

Apr 15, 2017

Umich confidence rebounds. Those who are making more than 100K a year are worried about defaulting on loans. US homeowner cannot afford a 4% mortgage and the Fed is continually raising rates, this will become a disaster. The Fed is communicating a disaster and is showing how they are going to collapse the economy. Turkey is going to confiscate the people gold using this covert act to make the people think its good for them. .The economies around the world is collapsing and the Fed is pushing the collapse hard and it might begin later this year. Judge Napolitano who was suspended from Fox News has been vindicated, new reports show that GCHQ was spying on Trump and handing off the information to Obama. A FISA Warrant was also issued for Page which shows they were spying on the administration team. The deep state is pushing their agenda in NK by making the lies bigger than life. The deep state might be trying to make a move into NK to remove Kim Jong Un or try to get NK to make a move.US drops the MOAB in Afghanistan to test it and show the world of what is capable of. Assad says the chemical attack is 100% fabricated. The deep state does not want an investigation, this is why they are continually report that the attack is confirmed. The deep state lies are getting larger and more outrageous to push their agenda to get the people on their side, don’t fall for the lie.

Apr 14, 2017

Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas warns Trump that the system cannot continue with this debt load. Trump promises to make the government more efficient. The Fed pats itself on the back for a great job well done. The Fed is now broadcasting to the world that they fixed the economy. The IMF released a paper letting everyone know that Russia might be to blame for what is happening to the economies of the world globally. Judicial Watch file suit and tells states to fix their voting system numbers. Former Hillary Clinton employee arrested for treason. Sweden’s largest newspapers thinks it might be a good time to ban vehicles. Trump calls Xi of China about North Korea. US deploys sniffer plane to North Korea, getting prepared to create an instance of why the US needs to go into North Korea. China says it fake news, they have not deployed troops to the border of NK. Pentagon release 4 page paper on the chemical attack, it shows no proof whatsoever. Tillerson meets with Putin. Seymour Hersh says Hillary sold sarin gas to the terrorists. Trump says we are not evading Syria. The entire bombing of the base in Syria was put on as a show to expose the deep state. The trap has been set and the deep state is about to get caught up in it.


Apr 12, 2017

UK retail sales decline as inflation hits and make it harder for people to afford items. Labor market has declined, hiring and payroll declining and the economy is rolling over. The pension funds are ready to implode. The stock market has been pushed up since the election and the Fed is now prepared to stock the stimulus and let the system implode on itself. Google is now going to use the corporate media to fact check the news. This is the deep states way of pushing their story out there to convince the people. The corporate media is pushing the idea that NK will attack the strike group, most likely they are preparing an event to get us into war with NK. The stories and lies are getting bigger and bigger to convince the American people it is time to go to war. Putin just shutdown another event in Syria, he just told the people that they had intel the deep state was ready to push another event. The battle continues between good and evil.

Apr 11, 2017

Morgan Stanley wage growth is leveling and might be slowing. Commercial and consumer bankruptcies have surged and it looks like pre 2008. Loan creation have declined further and it is following the same pattern as 2000 and 2008. The Fed minutes shows they have the ability to bring down the market and to push the market up. This time they are getting ready to bring the market down.  The deep state is preparing to push their agenda forward. Rand Paul would like to have an investigation, Tusli Gabbard would like to have an investigation into the Syrian chemical attack. Why are the neocons and the deep state worried about an investigation. The deep state will never allow an investigation instead they are ready to push another event. The  ‘joint operations centre’ document is a complete fake it never existed, this was to make it look like Russia, Syria and Iran are ready to attack. Be prepared the deep state is not finished.

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