"Surviving The Day After" With Steve Anderson

Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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"Surviving The Day After" With Steve Anderson


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Apr 18, 2018

Commercial real estate prices fall, loans reach record highs, retail store vacant premises, disaster in the making. GM cuts more employees at their factory, Cruze sales are imploding. Trump reports that China and Russia are manipulating the dollar, most likely this is the beginning stages of trying to destroy the dollar and push the central bank into raising the rates even further. The entire plan is to bring the economic system down to wipe out the central bank and the cabal. IG Horowitz released a new report that show McCabe has lied to the FBI. UK produces another dossier to prove Russia was behind the poisoning for the Skripals, but there is a problem and Sweden lab says it was not novichok poison that was used on the Skripals. Wikileaks releases a report that shows Saudi Arabia was suppose to play nice with Russia while removing Assad at all costs. China and Russia blast the US and the Coalition forces for firing missiles into Syria. Russia stopped many of the missiles and allowed some to pass through to hit certain targets. The Pentagon said all missiles hit, but reports are coming out showing they were intercepted by Russian air defense systems. The deep state sends a message to Trump, the troops are not leaving Syria, Macron says he convinced Trump to keep the troops in Syria, Trump denies this. The battle is raging on and the targets in Syria that were hit were most likely deep state targets.

Apr 17, 2018

UMich consumer confidence tumbles as people are starting to wake and are now realizing the economy is in bad shape. Job openings tumble, we have seen this indicator before, the job hires are rolling over and each time we have seen this we head right into a recession. JPMorgan charge offs are rising quickly. Subprime mortgages are back, they renamed them so you don’t realize that its the same. Trump mentioned the TPP, he is looking into creating something like the TPP but it will be written, it will be used to join the OBOR.  Trump send Mueller a message and pardons Scooter Libby . Intelligence community is now trying to convince the public that NK is developing a new kind of malware.  Russia says that it has evidence that it was the UK that staged the false flag in Syria. The paid mercenary army was instructed to attack once the US bombed Syria. European countries are backing out of the fight with Syria, they want evidence. The OPCW inspectors have been issued visas to Syria. Mattis says there is not real evidence that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. Trump has an exit strategy in Syria, the plan is in motion, strike force on its way.

Apr 12, 2018

The millennial generation is debt ridden. They have no savings, many have poor jobs and high credit card bills, they have placed life events on pause. Chapter 11 bankruptcies have increased by 63% during this incredible recovery. Manhattan home sales plunge, retail implodes, commercial real estate and residential real estate all implode. The Chinese government has halted the purchase of Treasuries. Russia, Turkey and Iran move to use their currencies instead of the dollar. Trump lashes out a the FBI for raiding his lawyer. The deep state is getting very nervous because the investigation is coming to a close and many will be implicated in the FISA, Clinton email, Uranium one deal and more. Mueller is looking into a donation that was given to Trump by a Ukranian businessman who also gave millions to Clinton. Facebook has a long history of violating users privacy. The nerve agent that was used on the Skripals can easily be traced. Warships are headed to Syria, does this mean war. Russia vetos the US at the UN and invites the chemical inspectors into Syria to investigate the chemical weapons false flag. UN says unable to determine who used chemical weapons.

Apr 12, 2018

Soros, Rockefellers and Rothschilds join in and begin purchasing cryptocurrency. These central bankers realize that cryptocurrency is going to change the world and they are beginning to purchase them to maintain control.Subprime auto has imploded, we are back to 2008 levels. The richest 1% own over 50% of the wealth. Market message indicates that a recession is headed our way. There are many of these indicators pointing to the same thing a recession. A picture of Mueller and the former Ukrainian president, maybe he should be questioned. The deep state is coming for our guns, and this is their plan. FB still in the spotlight and now YouTube has arrived. The story with the Skripals is getting stranger and stranger, the pets were incinerated, wouldn’t this be crucial to the investigation. Deep state poppy fields are now being destroyed in Afghanistan. NK wants denuclearization. The false flag in Syria is now being exposed. The plan is to push the corporate media into thinking that Trump is going after Assad. The push is to prove what just happened.Q singles out McCain and explains why there was an airstrike in Syria. The troops are still coming home. Everything is being pushed.

Apr 9, 2018

The retail real estate market is getting hit hard in NYC. The entire system is starting to implode. There is a bad Oman that has just been signaled, the entire market is about to come down. The Fed is in overdrive now to bring down the market. The Corporate media is now blaming the market crash on Trump. The investigation into FISA, the pedophile ring and everything is moving very quickly now. The US and NK are having talks behind the scenes. NK has not fired a missile or detonated a nuclear weapon. A false flag has been staged in Syria, right after Trump announced Troops are coming out of Syria. The war is being pushed by the deep state. Q drops additional intel, war is being pushed, the deep state sends a message, countermoves are being planned and implemented.

Apr 7, 2018

Soros allegedly is going to get into the cryptocurrency market. All jobs were revised from last month and the jobs stats do not look that good. The entire economic system is falling apart. Trump is now taking the economic collapse fight to the next level. The White House has warned that the market might start to come down and their might be some pain. Facebook had plans to take people’s private medical records and correlate with their information on Facebook. Zuckerberg’s messages have been deleted which include messages from the executive staff. Russia demolishes the poising hoax. The UK might not get out of this one.Nikki Haley threatens Russia. Erdogan tells France to choose sides, deep state or not. Q drops some major intel, there is a silent war happening right now, the internet might be paused or shutdown temporarily. The war between the deep state and Trump is now heating up.

Apr 6, 2018

India bans bitcoin wallets and trading cryptocurrencies. Venezuela is doing the opposite, they want to pay for goods using their cryptocurrency. The US has the largest trade deficit since the financial crisis. Trump pushes trade wars with China, tries to get other countries involved. China says they might use the nuclear option, sell treasury bonds. This is what Trump is pushing for, the dumping of Treasuries to put the central bank in a bind to show they are purchasing them all. Zuckerberg testifies in front of congress, says its all because of a bug in their software. Russia denied request to join the OPCW. Yulia is now awake and allegedly spoke on the phone. Russia is hoping that they can shed some light on what happened. The US has over 400,000 troops through out Asia. Trump maneuvering to get other countries to take their spot in Syria. The US troops will come home and the other countries will fail without the US/deep state support. Q dropped more intel leads. Explains the wall is not just a wall to keep the refugees out.

Apr 6, 2018

US Service sector declines, the housing market begins to rip itself apart. Toronto housing market is plunging. NYC is now following Toronto, this will spread to the rest of the country. The economic system is accelerating to the downside, the push to bring the economy down is now heating up and the central bankers realize what is happening. Trump makes it perfectly clear that the trade war has already been lost, this is not what is destroying economy the economy was already destroyed a long time ago. Facebook says the 87 million peoples data was “shared” improperly. Mark Zuckerberg will most likely step down and leave the country. DHS has found a rogue network all throughout DC. The caravan marching through Mexico is in limbo or are they. Mueller send encoded message to the deep state. The poising hoax in the UK is not falling apart. There are now reports of French troops marching into Syria. The deep state and corporate media pushed their agenda, they will not allow the troops out of Syria, phase 1 complete, get the message out, phase 2 happening behind the scenes. The deep state is becoming desperate, they are now using everything they have for the next event. The YouTube shooter was most likely controlled, they brought everything in including the kitchen sink, Iranian, You-tuber, demonetized, upset, cancelled channel, this is a setup for the next big event and a channel take-down when it hits.

Apr 4, 2018

Trump threatens to dump NAFTA again, the deal has gone no where and it is time to get rid of the globalist trade rules. NY Fed introduces a LIBOR replacement SOFR, basically exchanging one manipulated system for another.Iran is finalizing the paper work to enter the Eurasian Economic Union. Almost all fiat systems end up in failure. There has been a long history of the central bank fiat system and each one has failed with hyperinflation as the last signal.NYC pension fund President wants Zuckerberg out of Facebook. Trump is determined to redo the immigration laws and he might send the military to the border. Mexico gets Trump’s message and deports hundreds back to their countries.UK authorities have no proof on what type of poison or where it came from. Turkey, Iran And Russia discuss Syria. Russia will help Syria rebuild their energy market. Q has dropped some more intel, April is going to be a big month.

Apr 3, 2018

Subprime auto market has run its course, the traffic to the dealerships is now drying up. Homeowners are tapping their equity in their home refis, we are now seeing the same pattern as we saw back in 2008. The first quarter of this year was a disaster, the US had to borrow an extreme amount just to make the economy look half decent. Wyoming is in the process of passing a law that will allow gold to be counted as money, the same goes for cryptocurrency. There is now a bill in government that the dollar should be pegged to gold. Facebook and other social media giants out of control, regulation is needed and they might be broken up. London murder rate has now overtaken NYC. There is a huge number of illegals that are headed towards the US, Trump is trying to block their entry into the US. Trump wants to meet with Putin at the White House. US and South Korea start drills, NK has not responded and has not commented on the drills. The deep state has deployed more paid mercenaries to Syria, Trump calls for a complete withdrawal from Syria. The corporate media goes crazy over the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The deep state will now counter everything the alternative media reports, truth are lies, lies are truth. They are resorting to calling everything a conspiracy theory. In the past the corporate media never responded to the alternative media now they are countering with explanations.

Apr 2, 2018

There is a liquidity crisis looming in Europe and not there is one that has appeared in the mortgage arena. It looks like it is subprime armageddon all over again. China makes its next move will start to use the yuan to pay for all oil purchases, other countries will begin to ramp up on yuan and drop the dollar. Facebook employees are very angry with the company and they are speaking out. China sides with Russia on the Skripal false flag event.Turkey breaks with NATO and does not expel Russian diplomats. US admits it does the planning for Saudi Arabia in regards to the Yemen war. Turkey rejects France’s offer, France said it will bring in troops into the Kurd region to help out. Trump freezes fund to the Kurd area. The appointment of Bolton is a distraction from the real operation in Iran. This is not about going to war, this is about getting the deep state faction out of Iran that is causing problems. The faction inside of Iran is pushing for regime change, they already tried once and they will try again.

Mar 31, 2018

Real personal spending declines the most since the financial crisis. We have seen this pattern before, confidence rises as spending decreases, this eventually ends in a recession.Buying plans of America declined sharply. Something very interesting is happening with Libor, the rates have risen for 37 months in a row. Watch the 10y, we have seen this indicator before and it signals a recession. We are seeing indicator after indicator showing us that the economy is not about to crash it is crashing.Facebook, Google, Amazon and other social media platforms are in trouble, they will all be investigated.Clinton speaking engagements are drying up, her payment per speech is down 90%. Investigators are now linking Obama to the FISA spying. Investigations are now officially open looking into the Clinton email and Uranium deal.Yulia is now waking up, will the deep state silence her.Kim Jong Un had a successful trip to China, the dates are being set for peace talks.Trump has made the announcement that the troops are coming home from middle east.  Q’s boards has been attacked. Q it letting everyone know it is time to wake up, stories in the corporate media are now being pushed to begin the process. CEOs are resigning, other scandals are being brought into the light, the deep state is panicking, they are afraid.

Mar 31, 2018

March on life, Surviving and What has America  03/30/2018


Mar 29, 2018

Home sales are down 4.4% YoY, the economy is moving into a recession. Trump is positioning to take down the economy, the FANG stocks decline, this is all part of the plan to gain the narrative and to show the markets are manipulated. IMF prepares for an economic collapse, they want Germany to give 100 million to guard against and economic crisis. China and the US are working towards removing the central banking system, Trump might move to nationalize the fed with the help of Rand Paul. Facebook is in alot of trouble the FTC is investigating, they are losing the trust of the public, Twitter, Google and Amazon are next. Obama wants to control the alternative media. The Pentagon invested millions in the development of poisons in the the UK. If US troops were removed from Afghanistan the Taliban would consider peace. Trade deals were established with South Korea. Troops are getting ready to leave Iraq. Q provides more intel drops, the counterattack has begun the empire is getting ready to fall. Everything we are witnessing is not coincidence. This is part of the plan.

Mar 27, 2018

The EU is maneuvering to position themselves where the UK will never exit the system. The confidence in the the American economy is fading, the economy has never recovered, we have been living in a central banking illusion. Housing data declines as housing prices surpass the 2008 crisis levels. Mortgage rates are rising and the refis are getting hit hard. The Feds’ indicator show we are in a recession or we are headed for something much, much worse. Paul Manafort’s attorney just moved to have the charges dismissed because Mueller went outside his mandate which was Russian collusion. Boom, the FTC is now investigating Facebook and the investigation will be spreading to Twitter now. Zuckerberg will not hand over information to the UK but is open to testifying in front of congress. The Russian’s are looking to use the blockchain system to handle their elections. UK issues warrant collecting Russian Oligarchs assets.Greece, Austria and other countries will not expel Russian diplomats.Russia wants the US involved in the negotiations with the Taliban. Tunnels were found in Syria, the paid mercenaries used these to move and house the soldiers and equipment. The plan is moving forward, on piece at a time, the deep state believes it has the edge but they will soon see how everything is falling apart much quicker than they expected.


Mar 27, 2018

The omnibus bill has been signed by Trump, this bill is 2230 pages long and it is not a budget plan it is a spending bill, the same spending bill Obama used throughout his presidency. This bill allows the president to take control and he can do whatever he wants with the money, this is the final stage, congress will not be allowed to do this ever again. IMF chief Christine Lagarde wants a rainy-day-fund to protect the EU. China releases the Petro Yuan. This is the beginning of the end of the petrodollar. Facebook has been collecting contacts, phone number and everything else. The FTC has opened an official investigation into Facebook, this will spread to the other social media giants. Trump’s new pick John Bolton has everyone scratching their heads why, we must be going to war, this hypothesis is most likely wrong. Once North Korea’s peace talks are concluded, the next stop is Iran, Bolton will be crucial for this plan. Russia says something strange just happened with regards to the chemical database, an entry is missing.Iran want to mine oar in Afghanistan. Kim Jong Un is on his way to China.Q reports that the stage is set, its a go,the clock is activated, 5×5 release coming soon.

Mar 27, 2018

Putin, The March of Our Life   03-26-2018

Mar 24, 2018

The BREXIT is not going well, the banks are preparing for a no-deal exit. It is being reported that 1 in 5 retailers are in trouble, more than 12,000 stores are expected to close this year. Congress slipped an amendment into a bill to bail out pension plans. The pension funds are underfunded and the insurance that backs them does not have enough currency to protect them. The spending bill has been passed. Trump is making this move to collapse the central bank system. The house intel probe has come to an end, no collusion discovered. Facebook is trying to cover up what they really do, this is not the only company that sells private data. The push is on to have banks control who can purchase weapons. Turkey claims the captured weapons supplied to the Kurds by the US. Russia and US begin talks on Syria. Rand Paul says the deep state does exist. The push is on to take down the deep state, it is all being setup to bring down the central bank system that funds the deep state, bring those who committed crimes to justice and to reset the entire system. All exists have been blocked, nobody will escape, nobody.

Mar 24, 2018

Snowden reveals that the NSA has been targeting Bitcoin users and tracking their transactions. The Fed raises rates, they have just fired a shot across the bow to block the plan. The plan is in motion and Trump has started a trade war with the largest US trading partner. This has been done on purpose, China, Russia and the US are now in talks to take down the central bankers, reset the system and take the world off of the dollar and fiat currency. The take down of the global system is being pushed forward. Facebook is feeling the heat, more and more people are looking into Facebook’s practices, this will spread to other social and search media giants. The push for regulations is on. Zuckerberg and other executives are dumping their stocks at a record pace. US, North Korea and South Korea met in Finland to discuss peace. Putin and Trump that a arms race is not a good idea. Syrian Army captured the bases of the rebels and found 40 tons of chemical weapons. Q says the FBI is now investigating all the Q posts. Future proves past, this is what we see happening in Austin and with the social media giants, everything is changing and with the Fed raising the interest rates the take down of the economy has just been accelerated.

Mar 24, 2018

When the recession hits nobody will see it coming. Indicators are pointing to a recession and many indicators are showing that we are already in a recession. Wall Street is preparing for a downturn in global growth. The world is prepared and ready for what is coming. Europe’s inter-banking system is running low on dollars, this will likely start a liquidity crisis. The threat is real the economy is at its end state, be prepared. Facebook is coming under fire, Q in one of the posts says the stage is set, regulation is on its way, push for IBOR. British government is now saying that Russia has no right to due process, Russia is guilty until they prove they are innocent. .Ukranian pilot that shot down MH17 is now dead, the mop up operation is underway. The meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un looks like it will take place in the DMZ. The Pentagon is reporting that they will resume drills on April 1,how will NK react. Russia has stopped false flag chemical attacks in Syria three times now, the deep state is blocked at every turn. Germany officials say Syria is safe and the refugees should return home. Chaos in Texas, multiple bombs found.

Mar 20, 2018

The race to the collapse is on, the Fed is pushing interest rate hikes and Trump is pushing tariffs, tax cuts to break the system. This battle will continue for the next couple of months as both sides try to control the narrative. This will effect the global economy in the end as the entire system will be transitioned into a new system. The wildcard is the deep state, what will their end game move be.McCabe will be brought up on criminal charges, many others will be headed in the same direction. Snowden criticizes Facebook. Putin will decrease military spending, the deep state wants to push sanctions which would be linked to the S-400 missile system.Russia sub is able to reach the shores of the US without being detected. The deep state is now evacuating their paid mercenary forces. The Syrian Army captures a truck with an arsenal of military assets headed to the paid mercenaries. The deep state is preparing a major event and most likely this is going to happen with the next couple of days or weeks, be prepared.

Mar 19, 2018

The central bankers have always been afraid of gold, if gold was allowed to move to its real value the people around the world would realize how bad the economy and the fiat system really is. Trump is pushing the tariffs and is going after Germany, most likely he will not back down. This push is to destroy the central bank, this is phase I. More indicators show that the economy is worse off than ever before.McCabe is fired he will not be receiving his pension. The unraveling of corruption has begun and will continue, these individuals will turn on each other as more and more facts come out. McCabe might have thrown Comey under the bus and he didn’t even realize it. Boom, we are going to see alot more of these. The move is on to to bring down the deep state. Trump instructs the CIA not to interfere in the Russian election and as we can see Putin has won. Trump makes plans to remove the troops form Syria. Trust the plan it is all coming together now.

Mar 17, 2018

03-17-2018    Pension, Empty Box God and Russia

Mar 17, 2018

65% of American save little or nothing, many American’s are struggling but to look at them you would never know, credit is what keeps most American’ afloat.The housing market declines by 7%, the bubble is popping.Moody’s warns that the retail apocalypse is not over yet. China and many other countries are dumping treasuries, they see the writing on the wall. Trump is dismantling the deep state economic structure to prepare the country for the transition. We have now learned the real reason the Judge recused himself because Strozk had a relationship with him. DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz will be releasing his report and it doesn’t look good for the deep state. Paul Ryan might not run next year. Russia turns the the table on the deep state and says it will start an investigation into the poising of Skripal.The deep state is worried about their puppet government in Iraq, elections are coming up and they are saying Iran is meddling in their elections. US military removed forces from Incirilik airbase in Turkey, the next move is Syria. Follow the plan, the deep state agenda is falling apart very quickly, the corporate media is trying to make sense of all this.

Mar 16, 2018

We are now seeing stores that have existed for 70 years completely disappear while thousands of people will be out of work. Congress is ready to roll back Dodd-Frank. Trump wants to replace NAFTA with Bi-lateral trade deals. Germany and the central banking community is very worried about what Trump is doing, he is pushing the global economy over the edge. It is being reported that if Trump brings the economy down he should be impeached. We can see the battle is on, who will control the narrative, the central bankers have held everything in place with their laws that did not benefit the people, now its being taken away, be prepared. Many more people are on the chopping block. Trump strategy is to let the truth come out about these people and to expose them. The Treasury department imposes sanctions on the Russian cyber attackers. The deep state is going all out to remove Russia from the UN Security Council, they will even push war if they cannot get their way.Nikki Haley has just hinted that there might a false flag in NY city, she has said that Russia might use chemical weapons in NY. The intelligence releases information that Russia has been hitting the power infrastructure the financial institutions, this is on the same day the sanctions were placed on the hackers.

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