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Jan 27, 2018

The crypto exchange has been hacked, this is not the blockchain but where people store their wallets and exchange crypto, millions have been stolen. Core durable goods fall. GDP comes in at 2.6% much lower than expected, the numbers show that the economy is a lot worse off than the numbers actually show. Swiss central bank has been propping the stock market up, this is not an open free market. BofA warns a market crash is headed our way. The FBI lied to the American people that they could not retrieve the emails, this is normal practice for the FBI when investigating crimes. The cabal (deep state) is throwing everything they have at what is coming down the pike, they are using propaganda to dirty the water. The DOJ is going after free speech, the cabal was and still is in the process of trying to convince the people they do not have rights, now the DOJ is pushing back. FBI was afraid of Clinton and that why nothing happened with the Clinton email case.NYT and other corporate media publications have put out another propaganda piece about Trump firing  Mueller, the problem is that corporate media has no proof. Qatar is ready to purchase the S400 missile system from Russia. Something is about to happen in Ukraine. The Doomsday clock moved 30 seconds closer to annihilation. Is the cabal planning a false flag event during the Superbowl.

Jan 27, 2018

The retail crisis continues, more stores are declaring bankruptcy and closing down thousands of stores. Existing home sales and new home sales reverse course and decline rapidly. Steve Mnuchin made a move to collapse the economy, Trump blocked his attempt. A perfect storm is headed our way and there is now way out of it. The government know this the central banks know this and when it hits its going to be horrific. Countries are preparing to detach themselves from the dollar and move into other types of currencies, the yuan and controlled cryptocurrencies.The entire economic system is ripping itself apart, we are at the end game. The missing text messages have been found. The cabal pushes their agenda to take control of the narrative of the story regarding the memo, calling it a conspiracy theory, the Russian’s did it etc, this will fail.Mueller will speak with Trump under oath to try to catch him in a lie, this is all they have left because there is no Russian collusion.North Korea and South Korea speak of coming together and having peace. The Kurdish people call on Assad to send the Syrian Army to protect Syrian Sovereignty from Turkey. Turkey makes it clear that they won’t attack the Syrian Army. Soros pushes the agenda for the cabal (deep state). Saying the world is not headed in the right direction.

Jan 27, 2018

Toys R Us closing 182 stores. Existing home sales decline, service sector declines at the same time. One trader reports that the market is not ready for a trade war and the market might break and decline. Peter Schiff explains how we have reached the end game, the economy is ready to collapse, the system cannot be sustained.  The race is real, the central bank does not want to be blamed for a collapsing economy, Trump is using everything the central banks have used to prop up the economy, basically using their manipulation against them. The investigations are real, the information is real, the FBI, Senators and Congress are in trouble, more and more information is coming out each day that show corruption. DOJ is now going after sanctuary cities to hand over their records on the illegals. NSA changes its website and removes honest, integrity and transparency from its website. There is a lot of propaganda being pushed out that the US is getting ready to strike North Korea, why? The cabal is pushing their agenda in Syria trying to get a war started. It looks like a major false flag is in the works, either in Syria, North Korea or in the US. The cabal is running out of time and the truth is making its way in to the public.

Jan 24, 2018

US housing, jobs and the economy are going to decline rapidly. The entire economic system is based on an illusion, the housing market has been pumped up, the unemployment number are manipulated and the economy is in the worst shape we have ever seen. Richmond fed declines rapidly.Trump starts trade wars with China and South Korea, this is start of breaking off from the old trade system. South Korea is a test case for bitcoin regulation and now you can only purchase and sell bitcoin in the banks. The text messages between Strzok and page have been released and they are very damaging. The memo for the FISA warrants shows most of them have been issued illegally. US and Turkey are going to talk about Syria. Russia deploys the S400 missile system to Tartus and other bases in Syria. The UK believes a major cyber attack will happen very soon. The Hawaiian missile warning might not have been an accident, instead it was the event that was foiled.

Jan 24, 2018

The entire reworking for the economy is being used to slow the economic collapse to allow those in power to help the country transition to a new system. We are seeing huge amount of anomalies in the market, we only see these when the market it declining not surging. This has never happened before. The IMF says that the global economy just improved, it has not improved, the tax reform allow the system to move along a little longer, the bankers do not want to collapse an economy and be blamed for it. Russia accumulates even more gold. The corporate media has begun to push the idea that there might be a downturn in the economy. The lost text between Strzok and Page do not make sense because in the initial reports it says they had them. Do individuals were murdered and they are linked to the Clinton Haiti Relief Charity. New emails from Judicial Watch show Clinton knew all about securing her emails. First Facebook and now Google, they both remove the fact checking selection.Japan holds massive missile drills. South Korea would like the Olympic meeting to turn into denationalization talks. Turkey is moving in and destroying the terrorists hideout, the weapons depots, this was  a coordinated plan with Turkey, Russia and Syria. Mattis reports that Turkey gave notice. Tillerson is contact with Turkey. The cabal is pushing another false flag  in Syria, its the same old trick, Assad using chemical weapons. The IS pushes threats against the world.

Jan 22, 2018

The Government has been shutdown, not really, certain areas have been cut. The government is never had funds, this is about borrowing more funds to keep everything operational, eventually the world will lose faith the US and dump the dollar and treasuries. The House Intel committee has begun the process of releasing the memo. The FBI might have funded Christopher Steele in regards to Fusion GPS.FBI failed to preserve text message between Strzok and page. NSA has the ability to hear everything everyone is saying and identify who they are. North Korea delegation is now visiting South Korea to prepare for the Olympics. The Cabal sails another warship close to China’s islands to provoke them. Turkish tanks cross the border into Syria to destroy the weapons of the Kurdish forces. This operation is to stop the Cabal from pushing their agenda for war, to stop the buildup of troops on the border to separate Syria into two different countries.

Jan 22, 2018

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Jan 21, 2018

UK Sales decline sharply. Confidence in the economy is dropping. The corporate media will begin the propaganda that the economy is doing poorly and its because of Trump policies. They have been waiting for the right moment and it has arrived. China and the central banks are already to make the switch, people believe that the petro-yuan needs to gain traction and this will take years. The switch can happen after an event, that’s how quickly it could happen. The FISA memo is about to be released and its suppose to be a shocker and Obama and the rest might be in trouble with this. By publishing the memo this could put a halt to the Mueller investigation. Jack Burman who was trying to find out who murdered Seth Rich was attacked. Russia reports that funds are being transferred to start riots in Russia. North Korea and South Korea cancel meeting before Olympics. The cabal is pushing its agenda in Syria, trying to get Turkey to invade, to push the conflict in Syria, to get Russia and China involved. This is greatest push we have seen to get war off the ground.

Jan 21, 2018

STDA - The Survival Nation - 1-20-2018 Presidents 1st year

Jan 19, 2018

Housing starts crash in December and November was revised lower. The party is over the Philly Fed declines. Trumps says it would be best to cancel NAFTA. The dollar is free fall. Chinese Treasury holding decline and it could accelerate if a trade war is pushed on them. The central banks are preparing to take down the economy, they just wanted Trump to have enough time in the White House to take full responsibility of the economy. It has begun the corporate media and central bank is making their move. Trump put out the fake news awards today. Police raided Newsweek magazine, collecting evidence. Betsy Devos puts an end to common core. North and South Korea have a better chance of working out their differences without the US. Trump says Russia is helping North Korea. The Syrian army shows pics to prove that IS is not longer in Idlib. Putin show the drone and all indicators point to the CIA. The US is not building a Kurdish force to guard the border. It seems that the cabal is pushing their agenda in Syria. The people of the US need to decipher fiction from reality, once this is done the people can come together and fight the common enemy. Q reports that there is going to be misinformation campaign, this is exactly what we are seeing.

Jan 18, 2018

Huge sell off in Bitcoin, are the central bankers making their move to make bitcoin look volatile, at the same time gold sales skyrocket. Social security is in big trouble, worse than we thought. Fed says there is modest growth and no real wage growth happening.China downgrades the US. The people in Venezuela are hungry, they are rioting looking for food. Hamilton says the people could see a 30%-50% drop in their wealth when the entire system implodes. The President had his physical and he is in perfect health. Bannon is called in to testify in front of congress, but makes deal with Mueller to speak to him privately. Catalan government makes move for independence again. North Korea and South Korea will go to the Olympics together. The cabal (deep state) sends a warship to Japan. Another fake message about incoming missiles, this time in Japan. Syrian opposition putting out fake news that ISIS is recapturing areas. World Economic forum reports that cyber attacks is a big threat for 2018. The Pentagon says they will use Nuclear weapons if attacked by non-nuclear weapons or cyber attacks. Q Anon is warning that many false flag attempts might occur this week or very soon. But all will be safe.

Jan 18, 2018

The empire fed survey declines for 3 straight months. Fed officials are worried about asset valuations, they see cracks in the economy. Trump warns China of trade deficits and this cannot be sustained. Russia and China are creating a new stable currency system which will allow countries to pivot away from the dollar. Germany’s Bundesbank is now including the petro-yuan in their reserves. The final nail in the coffin for the economic collapse has been nailed in, economist agree that Trump is responsible for the economy now. The cabal is pushing their agenda with distractions on the corporate media, by pushing agendas in Syria and NK. Afghanistan President says without the US the puppet government would fall. The US and 18 other countries held a meeting in Vancouver to discuss North Korea, Russia and China were not invited. The US sends a DOS plane to monitor NK or to jam their systems. The corporate media is pushing the story about NK being the hackers behind the crypto currency ransomware. The cabal is pushing Turkey into a war, which they hope will bring in NATO and then China and Russia.

Jan 18, 2018

Retailers are beginning to close stores and layoff employees, Walmart will be getting rid of 1,000 corporate employees and 11,000 employees from the Sam’s Clubs they shutdown. Credit cards were pushed up in December not because of retail sales but because people used it to purchase Bitcoin.  It is now being reported that 40% of students will default on their student loans. Rentals are taking a hit in NY and commercial real estate is declining quickly. The cabal is pushing their agenda, operation take back control is now in full force. The Uranium One deal is opening up a can of worms and it looks like, Clinton, Obama, Mueller and many others were also involved in a huge coverup. Trump says that they located Clinton’s lost emails. As it turns out there is no Free Syrian Army it is all the same paid mercenaries. The cabal makes their move in Syria, they are now using the Kurdish forces to create a border force to push their agenda to get Turkey, Russia and Iran to react. This is being driven by McMasters and it will fail. Antifa pushing a new agenda to cause chaos.

Jan 17, 2018

STDA - The Survival Nation 1-17-2018

Jan 15, 2018

The DOJ unseals indictments to one individual but more are on the way. The Syrian forces have reported that the rebels have used chlorine gas. Hawaii had a scare, there was an alert sent out to the people telling them that an incoming missile was headed there way. Parents placed their children in storm drains and people panicked.

Jan 13, 2018

Retail numbers miss in December. The retail market is imploding on itself and if we go back to last year retail has not improved. We will see more stores closing.  Savings are down and revolving credit is up, the American people are tapped out. Housing is declining quickly, Wells mortgage business is going down the drain. Neiman Marcus is on track towards bankruptcy. The central bank makes their move to take control the crypto market. The cabal is firing everything they have at Trump to turn the public and remove him from office.  They are now saying that he used language against those who are trying to enter the country via DACA. They are bringing up old stories to push their agenda. Russia wants the US out of Syria, they are now making the case the US is blocking humanitarian aid to the people in the al-tanf area.

Jan 13, 2018

STDA - The Survival Nation - Kicking of 2018    1-12-2018

Jan 12, 2018

Initial jobless claims surges, but we are experiencing they same thing we saw in 2008, low claims, next stop recession. Walmart is closing 260 Sam’s Clubs. IBM restructuring and will be laying off 10,000 people. Confidence hits a 17 year high. Bank Of America says the central banks bubble can be popped. Has the date for the economic collapse already been decided, will it start in Europe? Confirmed, there is no Russian collusion. The dossier was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on the incoming President. The corporate media puts out fake news about the crypto market, was this on purpose to make it more volatile. The US government passed the law that spies on the American public. Trump puts into place new conditions on unmasking. The US sends B-2 bombers to Guam. Trump is expected to ease sanctions on Iran. Russia knows who bombed their base and it’s not Turkey.

Jan 12, 2018

Sears warns that it my need to declare bankruptcy. Social security is in trouble and its not a problem for the future, it is a problem now. World Bank says the economy has hit its peak and the developed nations are in trouble. The transition has been broadcasted to the world, everything is about to change. Leaked documents show that Fusion GPS was working with the corporate media to put out the story. Techie who helped get Clinton’s emails is now dead, said to be a suicide but was it. Using Bloombergs method of buying weapons on the internet using the dark web Democrats tried to reproduce it but it was impossible. Trump says he is open to speak with NK. South Korea praises Trump saying he made the talks possible. China and Russia begin the negotiations on NK. No anti tank weapons will be sold to Ukraine. Russia reports that the drone attack on its base only could have happened with a developed nation satellite drone.

Jan 12, 2018

We are now seeing the same pattern we saw prior to the recession of 2008, the number of job opening is shrinking and the hires are falling at the same time. Bankruptcies surge in the month of December, this never happened before. Bill Gross predicted a bear market and we might be headed that way. As more sanctions are placed on countries these countries are moving away from the dollar. The entire plan the cabal had is now turning on them, Russia gate has backfired, the credibility of the news networks has declined. The Mueller investigation has gone no where in a year. Investigation into underhanded dealing is in progress. Mysterious satellite is lost in space or something else happened to it. North and South begin talks. US sends ships to North Korea. US says that the Syrian people will decide the outcome of Syria and Syria will stay intact.

Jan 9, 2018

GoPro is cutting 250 employees. Regis closing 600 salons in Walmart. The American people believe the economy is improving and they are charging like crazy as their personal savings declines. Retail is a lot worse than we are being told, there are stores that are quietly closing down in malls.Pensions are in trouble, if rates go up or down, it doesn’t matter its all bad. Global debt has hit a new high. The economy is now being prepped for the transition. The Trump administration is using the old wag the dog trick to distract the corporate media and the cabal from what is really going on. The fake government case against the Bundy’s is now a mistrial. The cabal is in trouble, the Pakistan terror routes are being shutdown, the IS is trapped the poppy fields are being shutdown and the puppet government might not make it. The world has spoken and shot down the US push to interfere with Iran’s internal problems.

Jan 8, 2018

The central banks and banks are threaten by the cryptocurrency market, they are in the process of controlling the creation of currency. China is now pushing their RMB for cross boarder use. There is a new report that will be released and a special counsel might be created to go after those involved in the uranium one deal, fusion gps, Clinton foundation etc. A new video surfaced showing a US jet and a Russian jet very close together. Trump says he will speak to North Korea. Libya is inviting Russia in to help with peace negotiations. Iran says those involved with the riots are arrested and the protests are finished. Free Syrian Army spokesman are in Washington to speak to officials, the question is which officials. There is a new report that says the Cabal is getting ready to recognize the Kurdish territory in Syria without the permission of Syria. The CDC is pushing the idea that the US will be attacked by a nuclear weapon.

Jan 6, 2018

The job numbers are in and they are not good, jobs are down, remember these are the manipulated numbers. Retail the big loser this time around, not surprising because retailers have been closing stores. The labor participation rate is now down to 62.7%.Credit Suisse is reporting more retail stores closing down this year. Venezuela is now forced to using gold for medical supplies. The DOJ and congress are looking into the Russian collusion probe, the FBI investigation coverup, Clinton email server and the Comey memo problem. Will this year be the year of justice. A Judge has ordered Fusion GPS to hand over its financial records. The talks between North Korea and South Korea are happening on Jan 9 and the US is not invited. Russia says this would be a great time for the US to join the peace talks. Iranians stage protests against those who are rioting. The agenda to have regime change in Iran is backfiring and losing momentum, this is why Nikki Haley wants the UN to take action quickly before its all over.

Jan 5, 2018

Macy’s and other retailers are beginning to make announcements about store closures. Thousands of people will lose their jobs. The auto manufactures have been hit hard, sales are down in 2017. Brick and mortar has now hit the movie theater industry. The economic deterioration is spreading. China pushes forward with the petro-yuan to challenge the petro-dollar. The DOJ is looking into the Clinton email case, the investigation is about to begin. Comey’s memos that was passed to the NYT might have been classified.  The US says their will not be a drill during the olympics in South Korea. NK and SK will be talking to each other. The cabal’s push to have regime change in Iran seems to be failing and the protests seem to be ending. The border between Iraq and Iran has been reopened. Now the cabal is desperate they have no choice either they create the event of events for go down with the ship.

Jan 4, 2018

The retail crisis continues, it seems we are seeing a repeat of last year, Macy’s is now closing 30 more stores after this holiday season, more stores on the way. Rents seem to be plunging in those cities where the real estate was artificially pumped up. The central bank is trapped, they cannot recover and economy that is completely fake. The entire system is ripping itself apart and the economy is about to come down. More information is exposed which shows the FBI was hiding evidence of Clinton’s email server. There was a fire at Clinton’s residents house. Macron is now putting into place laws to censor certain pieces of news. North Korea calls South Korea on the hotline. US pushes to stop funding the Palestinians. Trump tweets support for the Iranian people. The entire protest is falling apart it is not growing in size it is actually shrinking. The cabal didn’t understand how the Iranians were going to react and they miscalculated. This will push the cabal into pushing the next event.

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