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Podcast with Steve talking about things that are going on in the world and the United States as well as having interviews with people from time to time that are exports on the subjects discussed
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Oct 28, 2017

Venezuela might default within 48 hours. UK retail sales plummet as inflation rises. There is a new auto loan program that was created, subprime for refugees. Something strange is happening in San Francisco corporations are buying office space but they are not filling them with employees.  Pending homes sales decline as the housing market implodes on itself. Renters are missing rent payments, the situation is getting worse. The ECB just bailed out banks again, they decided not split them up. Clapper says who cares who paid for the Trump Dossier. The FEC is looking into election misconduct during the Trump and Clinton election. DOJ clears FBI informant to testify about the Uranium 1 deal. Tillerson scraps the sanction department. Catalonia votes for independence. NATO keeps silent about unmarked helicopters flying in and supporting the terrorist organizations. Snowden reveals documents that the US knew about Saudi Arabia planning an attack on Damascus. The FBI is having a drill at an amusement park, is the setup for the next event.

Oct 26, 2017

Home ownership has declined in Canada and in many parts of the world. Someone purchased a huge amount gold future contracts which pushed the gold price up. The economy will be coming down city by city, we are already seeing this in San Francisco and in many other cities. There is nothing the central banks can do at this point the interest rates are already very low and the people just don’t have the funds to keep up with rising home prices. The dominoes are falling and the cabal is in trouble. The Trump dossier is now linked to the Clinton’s and this is not a good sign. The people of Catalonia are reporting that they are now pushing for independence despite Spain saying no. The UN backed government in Libya is in trouble and might be pushed out of the country. The Iraqi forces are pushing a offensive to remove the IS. The cabal is finished by they still might try an event.

Oct 25, 2017

Caterpillar some how was able to turn the entire company around. UBS slams fake data saying the survey data is fake we need to look at the hard data. The FANG stocks have fallen for 5 days in a row. Economist Kotlikoff says the economy is in worse shape than Russia and China. The accounting methods used create the illusion that the economy is doing well but in reality the economy is collapsing. The House Judiciary is going to open an investigation into Comey and the Uranium 1 deal. The Fusion GPS owners will not reveal their clients or the financial information because it will expose who actually hired them. Catalonia is preparing for a civil war. The cabal uses the propaganda that NK is developing biological weapons. Leaked report shows that NATO cannot defend against Russia. Iraqi’s say the US is the invading force not Iran. Iran responds and says the battle with IS is almost over and the US will need to leave Iraq and Syria. Russia is getting hit with a cyber attack which is hitting their news agencies.

Oct 25, 2017

Scams and how they are growing and will happen more for alert

Oct 24, 2017

The stock market has gone the longest streak ever without crashing by 3% . Goldman Sachs worried that the market is going to crash because of a simple indicator they follow. The next stock market crash is going to happen fast and hard, its going to come down as hard as a rock. The stocks have been manipulated and pushed up, central banks have been purchasing the stocks, but eventually the retail investor will start to catch on and this is when everything come to and end. Mueller is checking into the Podesta group but is this a cover so the FBI and other agencies can destroy documents to cover their tracks. Catalan disagrees with Madrid about the independence referendum and the people will not stop until they have independence. Duterte has defeated the IS in his country.   Tillerson secretly goes to Afghanistan and says the Taliban might have a position in the government. The Iraqi government respond to Tillerson, the US has no authority on who the Iraqi government allows into their country. Nuclear bombers are now on 24 hour alert. The government agencies are worried about an infrastructure hit from a cyber attack.

Oct 23, 2017

China’s government is going to start purchasing residential real estate to manage the housing bubble. Hidden in the IMF report is the passage that explains how the IMF is going to handle the global financial crisis. Italy is looking to hold a referendum. Spain fight back and invokes article 155.NK nuclear site might not be able to handle another test. Russia says that the IAEA does not have the authority to visit military site in Iran. Tillerson says that Iranian militias must leave Iraq because the US has designated them as terrorists groups. US backed militias capture another IS oil field.

Oct 22, 2017

Reflections of Week Ending 10-21-2017

Oct 21, 2017

Retailers are going to have a stressful 2018. The corporate media is now reporting that retail is not going to improve, its going to get worse next year. Institutional investors are getting out of the market and they are selling to retail investors. Another indicator showing that the market is on the verge of coming down. Catalonians are withdrawing money from the banks, it looks like Catalonia and Spain are heading towards a civil war. Afghan soldiers trained in the US have gone missing. Russia ships doc in the Philippines to drop off weapons. USS Ronald Reagan reaches NK for the drills that are taking place. US will not interfere with Iran and Europe. Eastern Libya starts minting Russian coins. US SDF forces hand over gas fields back to Syria. The US just admitted that the paid mercenary groups used chemical weapons and that they have chemical weapons. The Kurds admit that they don’t want to breakup Syria.

Oct 20, 2017

UK retail sales decline. The initial jobless claims are back to 1973 level. Every time this happens where the initial jobless claims drop low we end up in a recession.  Illinois pension system is in trouble and there is nothing that can be done about. It has been proven that GDP is completely manipulated, just like unemployment, stock market, corporate sales etc.  The wealthy are storing their cryptocurrency in  Swiss underground vaults.The FBI informant that wants to testify has been threatened. The former FEC chair wants the government to crack down on disinformation and have the those who spread it libel for it. North Korea is allegedly building a ballistic submarine. Iraq wants the Kurds to stop selling oil. The event meter is off the charts, it has hit code red.

Oct 19, 2017

Tens of millions of Americans have not recovered from the last crisis. IBM sales drop for 22 months in a row. Housing starts plummet as the housing market implodes on itself.  Mnuchin pushes agenda and says if you do not do what we want we will crash the economy. Warning inflation and a market correction might be headed our way very soon. The corporate media and government are pushing this idea. Russia just introduced a new currency, this new currency will most likely be used for the Eurasian countries. Senate deal to stabilize Obamacare is dead in the water. Senate Judiciary opens an investigation into Clinton and Russian Uranium deal. Trump Dossier Creators ‘Plead Da Fif’. CIA urging Trump not to publish photos of the Kennedy assassination. CIA trying to hide the torture documents. New German government will remove the sanctions on Russia. Qatar says that Saudi Arabia is pushing regime change. Germany is discontinuing funding to the Kurds.

Oct 18, 2017

Kobe Steel scandal goes nuclear, company faked data for a long time, this is not the only company, there will be others. Industrial production revised and manipulated, manufacturing has not gone anywhere. Deutsche Bank warns that if the Fed does 2 more rate hikes the economy will be in crisis mode. The economy is teetering on a disaster and if the rates are raised anymore it hit the auto, housing, student loan and everything else and bring the economy to screeching halt. New info has surfaced about the Clinton’s making a deal with Russia regarding Uranium and Obama knew about it. McCain and Trump face off, it looks like the neocons and the pilgrims are battling it out. North Korea says that the Cabal is pushing for a nuclear war. NK is ready to talk if the US stops with the military drills. The US says it will be willing to have direct talks with NK. Russia and Syria have pushed the majority of the paid mercenaries out of their country. Russia says it has almost completed their mission in Syria.

Oct 18, 2017

The retail apocalypse continues Sears, Nordstroms and many big department stores are in trouble. Empire Fed survey surges as the real data declines. Recession warning, last two times this happened we entered into a recession. Probably nothing. Many analysts that study patterns are now predicting a market correction, a recession/depression, there is a  70%-80% chance of another global economic crisis.  Drills have begun in NK. The US with South Korea are pushing NK into doing something. Putin signs a decree against NK. The Young party in Britain want to withdraw from NATO.  Stockman says the Iran threat is completely made up, just like the Russian threat. The IS retreats and it’s almost game over for the cabal. The cabal pushing the propaganda that NK has  a doomsday weapons that could hit the US and knock out the power. The Pentagon is now reporting that they are nervous about a cyber attack that could potentially bring down the stock market.

Oct 18, 2017

The corporate media and government have manipulated the latest retaiThe corporate media and government have manipulated the latest retail numbers. A new study has discovered that millennials do not make enough money to get married and purchase a home. Scientist are questioning the sonic boom in Cuba. They are not sure that it was actually a sonic boom. A reaper drone was shot down in Afghanistan. Tillerson and other countries are still negotiating with NK behind the scenes. US  pushing a bill so the US will not support Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war.  Syria wants Turkey out of their country. The story is changing, Iran and NK are being blamed for Wannacry and other cyber attacks.l numbers. A new study has discovered that millennials do not make enough money to get married and purchase a home. Scientist are questioning the sonic boom in Cuba. They are not sure that it was actually a sonic boom. A reaper drone was shot down in Afghanistan. Tillerson and other countries are still negotiating with NK behind the scenes. US  pushing a bill so the US will not support Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war.  Syria wants Turkey out of their country. The story is changing, Iran and NK are being blamed for Wannacry and other cyber attacks.

Oct 14, 2017

The Fed has done it, it has made the people of the US believe the economy has recovered and everything is going to be just fine, this is when the crash the economy. Wells Fargo mortgage and auto loan origination declines rapidly. British bank forecasts a credit collapse coming very soon. China and Russia just setup a Yuan-Ruble payment system which is a blow to the dollar.  US sends an aircraft carrier towards NK. Trump decided that he will not recertify the Iran deal, the question is why? This might provoke Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. Syria and Russia have taken 92% of the country back from the IS. The corporate media is playing up the idea that NK is continually cyber attacking different countries.

Oct 14, 2017

Jamie Dimon doesn’t want to talk about cryptocurrency anymore since he made his statement that bitcoin was a fraud.  Sears is closing 150 stores in Canada and laying off 12,000 people. GM is laying off 1,500 people because of declining sales. JPM charge off increased, this is the same thing that we saw during the run up to the 2008 crisis. The entire world is based on debt and the public continues to add debt on top of debt. Inflation is coming and the FED doesn’t want you to know that its on its way. Trump signed the unwinding of Obamacare executive order. The Russian ads on Facebook and Google were purchased by Americans. NK says nuclear program is for peace and security so the US does force regime change. NK recognizes Crimea. The War Powers act will be delayed to Nov 2. This will force the President to end the war in Yemen. Kaspersky says prove that they colluded with Russia.

Oct 12, 2017

US job openings pull back, we are seeing the same signs that we saw back in 2008, the market is starting to turn. The US pension system is in trouble, the Kentucky teacher pension system does not have enough money to payout to existing retirees, so they might need to take a pay cut. The FED is worried about inflation, we are already seeing inflation in food, this is one of the best indicators of inflation. Inflation is going to hit like a tidal wave. Veritas Project went undercover in the NYT and broke a major story. Spain has given Catalonia a 5 day ultimatum. The push for war with NK is building. The corporate media is using propaganda to show that NK is preparing to hit the power grid. The US sends a ship to the South China Sea. Russia is going to broker peace with Saudi Arabia and Iran and with Yemen. The Cabal is losing power in the middle east.

Oct 11, 2017

Russia’s central bank is trying to stop cryptocurrencies. London housing prices are falling, the bubble is popping. In NY the commercial real estate and residential real estate is falling apart, foreclosures are way up, back to 2009 levels. The IMF is trying to convince the world that the economy is fully recovered, but buried deep in the report it says the recovery cannot be sustained. More countries move away from the dollar, Turkey and Iran decide to trade in their local currencies. The Catalan President wants to speak to the Spanish government to avoid a civil war. Russia is looking to take legal action over the confiscation of their property in the US.  The US sends a nuclear submarine to South Korea for more drills. Russia destroys the IS economic structure. Russia accuses the US of simulating attacks on the IS.

Oct 10, 2017

 Massive jobs loss in Germany as the second largest airline goes bankrupt. The US has a pension problem but so does Europe and it is really bad. Bubble are everywhere, this time it will be the everything bubble. Something just happened in the stock market, an indicator is now showing that the economy will be entering a recession, each time we’ve seen this the market comes down, red alert. Obamacare is in a death spiral and Trump is pushing it along. Google all of a sudden discovers Russian ads that were used during the election. France says they will not recognize Catalonia’s independence. Mattis says ready for NK. NATO wants to make sure that Russia doesn’t push peace in Libya. ISIS regime is collapsing. The cabal has just hit a brick wall, the Kurdish troops will no longer be paid by the US. The US drone program is in trouble, there is a virus that they cannot remove.

Oct 10, 2017

The economy is slowing down, it is approaching stall speed. The unemployment came down to 4.2% on manipulated data.  Wolfgang Schäuble is worried about new bubbles forming. Catalonia is pushing to separate from Spain, civil war might breakout.  Corporate media is reporting that we are headed towards war with North Korea. US suspends on immigrant Visas. Syria and Iraq reject a Kurdish referendum. Kaspersky fires  back at the US saying their software detects the NSA malware. The Vegas event facts do not make sense and more and more people are questioning it.


Oct 7, 2017

UK productivity falls as the economy continues to lag. US consumer comfort declines. Employment drops to 4.2. The BLS might have manipulated the wages to make it look a lot better than it really is. September jobs were a disaster in the hospitality area. Pension problems are hitting many cities. The Toronto housing market is falling apart. Did the Fischer step down because he knew inflation was coming. Spanish courts are trying to block the Catalan independence vote. Russia and Saudi leaders meet and agree on a oil deal and a weapons deal. Saudi Arabia is pivoting away from the US and towards Russia. US troops can now fire in Afghanistan. North Korea keeps shouting about war, but they are not making any preparations. The IS and Site Intelligence are pushing the idea that Paddock was radicalized. Was Stephen Paddock working with the intelligence agencies. Julian Assange  says most terror plots are orchestrated by the FBI.

Oct 5, 2017

ADP employment grows at slowest pace as the service and small jobs disappear. The central banks around the world are continually printing money even though they say the economy has recovered. The economy is primed for inflation to hit our shores like a tidal wave. Senate committee has interviewed everyone and has found nothing in regards to Russian collusion. White House wants to get rid of the SS# as an identifier. Tillerson says he is not resigning. Catalonia is getting prepared to call for independence. European countries have been in direct talks with North Korea and NK wants the US to participate. A new bill has been introduced to stop the US supporting the war in Yemen. Russia just comes out with it, the US is supporting the IS. The Vegas shooter was on medication, it has been confirmed. There is a pattern with shooters being on drugs that make you do crazy, horrific crimes.

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