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Sep 29, 2017

New report out, there is 50/50 chances that the people of the UK will receive their full pension. Durable goods are pumped up by airline sales. New home, existing home and pending home sales all decline. Sam Zell says this is not the time to buy retail real estate. Trump waives the Jones act and supplies and relief will be headed to Puerto Rico to help the people. Wall Street and the banking system are worried about the Catalonia Referendum.  US sanction on Russia hurt Europe, was this planned this way. NATO is starting to split, Germany transfers for all military assets to Jordan. The IS is now being transferred to Libya. The eastern government of Libya banned US citizens from entering. The rival factions are talking peace in Tunisia. Russia officially rejects the Kurdish breakaway. Syria says they will discuss the Kurdish situation after the paid mercenaries are removed from their country.

Sep 28, 2017

California, Corker, NFL, NOKO   09-27-2017

Sep 27, 2017

The Swedish Government is going to begin testing cryptocurrency, this is the start of moving the system onto an electronic currency platform. Consumer confidence declines. S&P closed 37 times at all time highs.Housing prices continue to increase as sales decrease. Loans come to a screeching halt so banks start to loosen the requirements. The Fed comes out and says they are not worried about inflation, but in their documents it shows they don’t really understand inflation. New study shows the US is not the land of opportunity. The Facebook Russian ads that were handed over the congress show that many of them supported Clinton. North Korea places more military assets along the coast. China holds first military drill in the middle east. US wants to restrict Russian flight over the US, which means the US will violate the open skies treaty. Kurds referendum is complete and the Kurds say they voted for independence, proof ?? Russia builds bridge over the Euphrates, this will Syrian troops to move military assets further east.

Sep 26, 2017

Are you prepared with the threat of NOKO

Sep 26, 2017

The inflation rate calculation is different among the Fed houses. Inflation has been pushed into certain economic sectors and the true measure inflation is still much higher than is being reported. The economic mirage is falling apart and the corporate debt level give some insight on how the economy is doing. The debt level is high and the revenue/sales are low, company’s have engaged in buying back their stocks to boost earnings to give the illusion that the economy is strong.  Trump and the NFL duke it out over the National Anthem. North Korea reports that the US has declared war. The White House responds, that is ridiculous. Iran signs an oil deal with Iraq, at the same time closes its border near the Kurd referendum location. US says the IS leader Baghdadi is fictional. US and the coalition forces destroy their own base in Syria. Russia is now asking the US to leave Syria.

Sep 26, 2017

BIS warns that the world is headed into a debt trap that will paralyze the world. Obamacare repeal is now out of the question, Obamacare will implode on its own. Catalonia pushes for independence as the referendum date approaches. US flies bombers very close to NK, the closest since the DMZ has been setup in 1953. Russia has proof that the US is working with the IS and the SDF. The truth is slowing coming out. The plan is create chaos with the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. Russia has been hit with fake bomb scares in the last week. Russia fears that this is the begging of a cyber event.

Sep 23, 2017

Theresa May calls for a 2 year exit strategy from the EU.  Household wealth hit an all time new high, but there is one catch, the majority of it is in the stock market and the top 10% earned the wealth. Ohio’s pension system is in trouble and people are getting nervous. US manufacturing is a drag on the economy. The Fed is distracting the world with their unwinding the balance sheet propaganda. The petrodollar is under attack and as the system breaks down gold will shoot higher. The cabal is now using Facebook to show how Russia influenced the election. The White House places more sanctions on NK. South Korea just did the opposite, they gave aid to NK. The US might not be able to shoot down a missile launched from NK. The cabal pushes their agenda, the Kurds hold an election.GCHQ puts out a warning that they expect a category 1 cyber attack to hit in the near future, this will  cause a national emergency.

Sep 22, 2017

Existing homes sales decline, this is the third month in a row. German gold expert reports that gold has been manipulated since 1993 by the central banks and the banking system.The West begins to panic over the One Belt One Road trade system. This new trading system is will be a vast network throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. Obamacare is in a death spiral and it now costs more than a new car. Spanish police start to arrest those who want the referendum to move ahead in Catalonia. Mnuchin says they will impose sanctions on China if NK does act accordingly. SDR forces in Syria try to take back the border, but there is a problem, the US will be abandoning the Al-Tanf base on the border and the Syrian forces are capturing more of the border. At this point it looks like the US will be leaving Syria in the near future and Russia is now ruling out the possibility of an independent Kurdish territory.

Sep 20, 2017

Toys R Us files chapter 11, it looks like Best Buy might be next. The entire economy is a myth, the stats, the stock market are all manipulated. The Fed has been manipulating the economy since they came into power. The global economy is out of control and the debt gdp ratio is hitting an all time new high. Russia decides to end the dollar at it’s ports.  The US Government is suing people for order public information. Wikileaks release files that Russia has a huge spy apparatus. Trump warns that the US might need to destroy North Korea. Behind the scenes, the US, China and NK are engaged in talks. The cabal is pushing the idea that NK is ready to make a nuclear submarine and a South Korean news source is reporting that the US is sending another aircraft carrier to the area. China and Russia hold naval drills in the South China Sea.

Sep 19, 2017

The entire inflation meme that the Government and Central Banks are pushing is a lie. There is a pension storm headed our way and it’s going to be horrific. Jim Rogers warns that sanctions against NK and China are going to hurt the US. The US pushes its agenda and pushes a trade war with China threatening the world’s trading system.  Larry Klayman pushing to have Mueller removed. 700 Catalan mayors push for independence. Lavrov will be meeting with Tillerson to discuss Ukraine and Syria. The cabal is getting desperate Nikki Haley has a meltdown with NK and Syria.  US conducts B-1B drills in South Korea to provoke NK. US paid mercenaries say they will fight to the death in Syria. Syria flies cargo plans into Dier Ezor liberated military airport for the first time. The cabal is scrambling because they see the end is near.

Sep 18, 2017

Jamie Dimon says Bitcoin is a fraud, then why is JPMorgan purchasing Bitcoin. Toys R Us is in a death spiral. The BIS is under-reporting the global debt, it is much larger than anyone expected. Afghanistan turns towards Russia to fight the terrorist groups and to supply military assets. North Korea will not back down and they will continue to create nuclear weapons. South Korea prepares for an EMP attack from NK. China and Iran bypass the US as China loans Iran 10 Billion credit line. Russia strikes the paid mercenaries in Syria and the US says Russia hit the SDR forces. Russia warned the US ahead of time about the mission.

Sep 16, 2017

UMich consumer confidence slides as people lose hope.  Retails sales decline, the biggest drop in the last 6 months. Almost 100 million people living paycheck to paycheck. Home flippers are back and 1 in 4 homes are flipped in the 16 different areas. Manhattan real estate is crashing. GDP estimates are revised much lower than expected. America is broke, public debt continues to rise. Industrial production declines. Susan Rice outed as the one who performed the unmasking. Catalonia move forward with referendum . Venezuela take is to the next level, instead of using the Euro they are selling oil using the Yuan. North Korea fires missile over Japan and now it being reported that they have the ability to hit Guam. Putin and Macron call for talks over NK. US, UAE are now implicated in selling illegal arms to Libya. Russia, Iran and Turkey setup de-escalation zone in Idlib. Terror strike London, the IS takes responsibility.

Sep 14, 2017

Retail sales report will be released soon and it does not look good. Most of the blame will be on the hurricanes to manipulate the real situation. Jim Rickards is forecasting that the next economic crisis will occur in the next 6-8 months. Other financial institutions are putting the odds at the next 3 months. Many cycle analyst say that there is a major event happening this fall. Corporate media put out a report that Trump agreed to help the dreamers, the problem is that he denies the report. US agrees with Russia on a peace keeping force in Ukraine. US sanctions on NK will not work because there is really no goal to the sanctions. Venezuela has just taken the next step and they will now sell their oil bypassing the dollar. The petrodollar doomsday clock just moved closer to midnight. Iraq parliament turns down the Kurd referendum and remove the Pro-Kurd governor. Russia deploys the Mig 29 in Syria. The IS says they will fight until the death, there will be no evacuation

Sep 13, 2017

It has been revealed that Germany will do what ever it takes to keep the UK in the EU. Jamie Dimon says that Bitcoin is a fraud and bitcoin declines in value. Producer prices pushed up because of fuel costs.  Housing bubble looks exactly like the 2007-08 bubble.  Julian Roberts says there is a bubble and its the Federal Reserve. The central banks of central banks has now warned that the situation looks worse than 2008.It seem the Government officials are pushing Universal Healthcare. US threatens to cut off the SWIFT payment system from China. South Korea says it detects xenon gas in NK. It is now being reported that NK might have hacked bitcoin to use it to get around the dollar sanctions. Another truth bomb, the Pentagon was running a black market weapons ring to supply the paid mercenaries in Iraq and Syria. Russia closes the backdoor on the CIA and ends the spying ring. This is why the FBI wants companies to drop Kaspersky and go with another vendor. Putin warns that he is closing all the software back doors.

Sep 13, 2017

The EU and UK cannot come to agreement on the BREXIT. The UK will not pay a punishment fee. The US Government and Fed are reporting that job openings are soaring. We seen this pattern before right before the recession of 2008. The US Government changes the methodology on how they calculate wages, just another manipulated statistic. SocGen warns of a recession headed our way. The debt level hit 20 trillion and the clock was removed. Italy wants a new currency, which indicates Italy would like to leave the EU. Comey is being recalled to testify because of false statements. There are reports that the Awans will get immunity. The fake news checker agenda is going down the tubes, the population does not believe the fact checkers. US takes part in military exercises in Ukraine. The UN places sanctions on NK. Turkey signs the S-400 contract and puts down a deposit. Russia reports that 85% of Syria has been liberated. Iraq and Syria sign with Iran for power and nuclear plants. The Globalist system is falling apart.

Sep 11, 2017

Confusion in China, latest report is that China was ready to ban trading of cryptocurrencies but none of the trading housing received info about this.The Fed believes that the everyday person is doing well, but it turns out they are not and the wealth is being siphoned up to the wealthy.The next bank in Spain is in trouble, it seems like the domino’s are falling. Citi warns that revenue will be way down. Deutsche bank is reporting that a recession is headed our way. SRSRocco reports that we are at the point of the economy where its primed and ready to crash. Chinese banks are halting transactions with NK. Putin says yes to peace keepers in Donbass. Russia wants dialogue with Qatar and the other Arab states. Saudi King secretly visits Israel right before the visit to Russia. The terrorists and moderate rebels are surrendering and Syria and Jordan are taking over more of the borders. The war in Syria is coming to an end, the Cabal’s plan did not work, the dollar existence is in jeopardy

Sep 9, 2017

American’s had to borrow big in July.  Wholesale inventories jumped to the highest since the November slide. Atlanta Fed is now reporting a 3.0 GDP number, completely manipulated. War on cash in India completely backfires the economy is falling apart. Venezuela pushes the agenda of bypassing the dollar and using other currencies. Iran, South Korea sign banking cooperation to bypass the dollar. More countries are moving to other currencies to protect themselves from the collapsing dollar. Mueller moves to interview the inner circle of Trump. There was a huge data breach in Equifax. US pushing the UNSC to issue additional sanctions and an embargo on NK. New report shows that NK can withstand an embargo for a lengthy period of time. Syria pushes new operation to free Deir Ezor military airport. Syria and Russia make deal and take control of  hundreds of point along the Syrian Jordanian border. Red Cross report that the Russian safe-zones are working and violence is declining as more and more people return back to the country.

Sep 9, 2017

9-9-2017   Hurricane Irma and Pres. Trump two disasters

Sep 8, 2017

Jobless claims spike amid Harvey hangover. The retail sector is getting hammered, Toys R Us is headed for bankruptcy. Millions of people are in homes they really can’t afford. The ECB and the other central banks are continuing with stimulus and low interest rates, if they stop the economy collapses. James Rickards reports that the central banks are trying to take control of the crypto market, this shows they are worried about an open and free market. Showdown in Spain, Catalonia pushes to have referendum and Spain is trying to block it. The King Of Saudi Arabia is not visiting Russia for the very first time. Countries are now turning towards Russia and China and are joining the Belt and Road. Jimmy Carter says that NK wants peace not war. North Korea supports economic ties with Russia and China. South Korea is ready to sign trade agreements with Russia and China. US forces evacuate IS leaders in Deir Ezor.

Sep 6, 2017

Canadian’s are living paycheck to paycheck and if the paycheck was late most would not be able to pay their bills. Toronto real estate is beginning to pop and it looks like we are entering a bear market. The central banks balance sheet is growing even though they have said they are going to shrink it.  Stanley Fischer resigns it looks like central bankers are starting to jump ship. Deutsche bank says everywhere you look you see a bubble and it is the central banks free money policy.  The corporate media and the cabal must be worried because there is now an investigation into the Trump dossier. There is a proposal to use blockchain in voting, this would make a truth machine. Top EU court wants countries to accept refugees or be sued. South Korea might implement THAAD system. The new is reporting that China is closing the border with NK. Trump says that military actions is not his first choice. Iran closes its airspace and the UN reports that the coalition forces have not protected civilians. The IS though Site Intelligence is reporting that they will poison the west food supply.

Sep 5, 2017

Leaked BREXIT document shows the UK establishing new rules on immigration. We are now seeing signs that gold is getting ready to break out. Lego is now laying off 1500 people. Factory orders implode and the economy continues to deteriorate. Latest NAFTA negotiations are not going well, all sides have not come to any agreements. The BRICS are now allowing more countries to join and they are establishing a rail system for the belt & road .  Trump and Session discontinue the immigration dreamers program. Military equipment is being distributed to many different states and counties. Putin warns the US not to deliver lethal weapons to Ukraine, this will not help the situation. Putin and Xi Jin Ping oppose new sanctions on NK and will veto the US. South Korean President feels the pressure from the Cabal to add more military assets to protect against NK. NK alleged H Bomb seems a little far fetched when you really put it into context. The US is dependent on China and stopping trade will only hurt the US. The US has now added the banking system and Wall Street to their cyber war drill program.

Sep 5, 2017

Countries are now starting to make laws to control cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The everyday American cannot afford to live and cannot live the American dream.  China is now pushing the agenda to de-dollarize. China will be backing crude oil using the yuan that will also be backed by gold. The western financial system is now moving to the east. The central bankers have completed the setup and is now getting ready to switch over. Wasserman Shultz aid has pleaded not guilty as the investigators probe further. Mueller partners with the IRS and begins additional investigations. The cabal is now pushing the agenda with North Korea, is war coming?  We have seen this before,the cabal told us the Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and that turned out to be false, why should we believe now. The Syrian forces captured more of the Jordanian border. The IS is trapped in the middle of Syria.

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