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Podcast with Steve talking about things that are going on in the world and the United States as well as having interviews with people from time to time that are exports on the subjects discussed
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The Survival Nation with Steve and Company


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Aug 31, 2017

Brexit negotiations are going nowhere and both sides cannot agree. The central bankers will do everything to stop the UK from exiting the EU. Spending has declined. Amazon is not as strong in the retail market as everyone believes. Rents are falling and pending homes sales decline. We are now seeing a triple whammy in housing. Banks are preparing to use the blockchain technology to move currency around, this is the first step to convince the world that the banks need to be in control of this. DHS warned Charlottesville ahead of time and the mayor did not heed this warnings. US release 500,000 gallons of oil from its reserves because of the hurricane. The Pentagon is changing the troop count in and now we are going to find out there are a lot more troops overseas. US bombed on the border of NK to provoke them further. Iraq restores flights with Russia. The Syrian now has control over the routes to Deir-Ezor and Assad says the funding to the paid mercenaries is drying up. Martin Armstrong is predicting a major event this fall.

Aug 30, 2017

ADP stats came out today and jobs surged by the most in 5 months. There are many cities that have surpassed the housing bubble in 2008 and we are approaching housing bubble 2 and when it pops it will be a disaster. The GDP numbers have been revised even higher now, showing the economy is recovering when it really isn’t. Bank executives are selling their stocks, are they signalling that something is about to happen. The Rothschild firm has sold US assets, another strange indicator. The FBI will not release Hillary Clinton email’s because they report that the public does not care. Many journalist are now starting to point out that Antifa is pushing the agenda of hate and using tactics to push a civil war in the US. Russian journalist has been kidnapped in Ukraine. North Korea for the first time admits they launched a missile. US warships shoot down a missile after NK launched their missile. Iraq and Jordan take control of their border and reopen it.

Aug 30, 2017

Eurozone consumer spending is expected to decline in the next year. Best Buy sales improves because their competitors went out of business. US wages cannot keep up with the cost of purchasing a home. The average American savings is now less that 1997. BofA is now reporting that the market is propped up by the central bank and when the central bank stimulus ends this is going to get ugly. Last time this few Americans thought the market would crash it did. The Podesta group is now being subpoenaed by Mueller. Obama quietly closed 100,000 immigration cases. North Korea fires missile towards Japan, blows up during flight. US, South Korea and Japan pushing for a tough response in the UN.Trump says all options are on the table. Nikki Haley wants action, time for talk is over. US tests new nuclear bomb devices. Iraqi forces close to liberating al-Tanf. Israel says that wanted to bomb Assad.

Aug 29, 2017

The dealers are overweight on SUVs as the market turns. The growth of the auto industry has stalled. People spend most of their money on  autos, and auto parts, these are included in retail. Russia declares independence from the Rothschild banking system.  Ron Paul has been censored by social media. News reporters have now reported that Antifa is responsible for the violence. Trump will allow the police to have military weaponry. Congress signed a bill that violates the 4th Amendment. China invites more nations to join the BRICS system. Russia and China denounce the sanctions on Venezuela. North Korea fire missiles and the explode during take off. Ukraine release video showing North Koreans missile spies. Afghanistan ambassador to Russia says that Afghanistan would like to work with Russia and not the US. Syrian army pushes towards the Syrian border. The IS retreats from the Syrian Border. The US council warns that there is a 911 Cyber Attack headed our way and it is imminent.

Aug 27, 2017

Aug 27, 2017


How to survive with everything that is going on.

Aug 26, 2017

The UK housing bubble is bursting. The younger generation is starting to realize that college doesn’t pay off. Sears is imploding at a very fast pace. Durable goods decline. Are the central banks nationalizing the economy?  The system is falling apart and looking back at history it always turns out the same way, the economy crashing. Trump signs Venezuelan sanctions.US taxpayers spent $50 million for luxury items in Afghanistan. Russia is ready and prepared to discuss business opportunities in Lebanon. Russia and Syria create a joint air defense system. Russia is not about to leave Syria, they will be there until all the terrorists are eliminated. The IS border offensive ends in a disaster. Syria is slipping through the cabal’s fingers and the middle east is moving away from the US, this means the petrodollar is in trouble.

Aug 25, 2017

UK retail sales decline at the fastest pace since 2016.  Sears is in trouble they are closing more stores as sales decline. First it was new home sales, now its existing home sales, the real estate market is imploding. Germany has been repatriating their gold and the US visited Fort Knox to assure the American people that the gold is there. Why now, are countries preparing the collapse of the system .Looking at the gold Germany has received something does not look right.  A judge approves a warrant to investigate Antifa. The Guardian is pushing censorship. Lavrov says the Afghanistan strategy that Trump proposed is a dead end. Afghanistan has many players in the country and huge amount of natural resources. Russian Ambassador to Sudan died of a heart attack. Russia flies bombers near North Korea. Russia pushing peace in Libya, trying to get both sides to cooperate. US flies a B-52 bomber of Raaqa but did not bomb the area. The cabal pushing the idea that Syria is responsible for the chemical attacks and Russia is still waiting for the proof.

Aug 24, 2017

Trump continually says he is going to kill the NAFTA agreement. It is time he does so. New home sales implode and the corporate media is now warning that the real estate market might not be as strong as originally thought. Service industry surges upward but manufacturing declines. The corporate media is now reporting that the economy is showing signs that it might enter a recession in the next 12 months. The old economy is dying and the new economy is gaining speed and the BRICS nations are behind it. The indictment for the Awans is missing something very important according to the former State Attorney. The corporate media is trying to push the idea that the incident with the USS McCain might have been caused by hacking. US has alot more troops in Afghanistan than is being reported. China and Russia denounce the sanctions. Poroshenko is preparing and is ready to take back Crimea and Donbass. Video surfaces showing US helping the IS escape from Syria. UN issues a warning to the US.

Aug 24, 2017

Steve's opinion and plans for the coming months

Aug 23, 2017

US workers wages collapse, people will now accept less for work.  The NY Times is reporting that there is a housing crisis in Silicon Valley. Chicago’s national activity index went to zero unexpectedly. Mnuchin visited Fort Knox and lets the people know that the gold is safe without showing any proof. Norway government is purchasing more global stocks with the idea that the returns will help the government. China is now pulling investment dollars from the West and redirecting to the east. This is going to be a disaster for the West. Russia pays off the debt of the USSR. Trump changes the strategy in Afghanistan and will not allow empire building, is this a message to the cabal. Philippines is prepared to purchase weapons from the Russia instead of the US. South Korea tells the US they will not review the trade agreement. Russia warns that the US & the coalition forces have been supporting the drug trade in Afghanistan. The Lebanese army found a huge cache of surface to air missile that the IS has been using. Russia continues to bomb the IS and keeps the paid mercenaries from pushing another offensive.  The cabal push their agenda with the UN report that NK supplies Syria with chemical weapons, where is the proof, there is none.