"Surviving The Day After"

Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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"Surviving The Day After"


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Jun 25, 2017

Corporations are now looking at block-chain technology. Visa, Microsoft and many others are turning towards the crypto world while the corporate media and the banking community will begin to tell you how bad the block-chain is. The BIS is warning that a recession is headed our way, the corporate media is already putting out more articles of a recession. Goldman, Citi and BofA are now blaming the Fed for the past recessions. A Hedge fund manager has predicted a date of the collapse of the economy, now you know we are getting close. CNN puts out fake news then deletes it because they had nothing backing the story. Nicaragua, Cuba and other nations are backing Venezuela. Iraq troops free more civilians in Mosul. US is now being blamed for torturing civilians in Yemen. Qatar sends a message and moves closer to Russia.  US deep state is now in the process of breaking Syria apart, the Russian’s realize this is the plan. The Pentagon says it would work with Assad and Iran to fight terrorism in Syria. The deep state has one more trick up their sleeve, the big event. There are reports that Obama had cyber bombs inserted into Russian infrastructure.

Jun 23, 2017

McDonald’s and other food service businesses will be replacing workers with automated food ATM’s. New homes sales magically rebounded, but when you go deep into the numbers you can see that this is more fake news. Fed finishes stress tests on banks and they all passed according to the Fed, the biggest worry is all this credit card debt, if the system crashes the banks might be in trouble. Fed Bullard says that the Fed should hold off and wait for Trump’s policies before raising interest rates again. The Fed is pulling the plug on the markets, the great unwind is about to begin, the manipulation will now be greater than ever before as liquidity is pulled out of the market. Rand Paul says the new Senate health care bill is a bail-out for the insurance companies and that it doesn’t repeal anything it adds to Obamacare.Trump bluffed Comey into making him nervous enough that he need to tell somewhat of the truth and say Trump wasn’t being investigated and there was no obstruction of justice. Senate Judiciary starts investigating Clinton email scandal.Trump says Mueller might be problem. North Korea blames Obama for Otto Warmbier’s death.  South Korea says it does not need permission to talk to NK. Russia and Turkey start the Turkish pipeline. The Syrian Army is headed for Dier-Ezzor. The deep state is running out of time, each passing day they grow weaker, the end is approaching.g.

Jun 23, 2017

Sears Canada decided to announce that it will be declaring bankruptcy, approximately 3000 people will lose their jobs. Warren Buffett steps in and purchases Home Capital Group, big surprise since they were on the verge of collapsing. Junk bonds are signalling the great debt binge is now coming to an end. The Fed announced that will start to unwind its balance sheet, why now? The obvious reason is that the bubbles are at the top, its time to unload and prepare for the next economic crisis. The Senate releases their new health bill. Rand Paul says it still does not benefit the people, this is another rewrite of the original bill. Trump says he never made tapes of his conversation with Comey. Judicial watch president says that the President can just order the documents from the Obama library. Government officials want to carry weapons because they are important people. The US is now a second tier country. Pentagon wasted 93 million on camouflage uniforms in Afghanistan. Macron says it is time to fight terrorism with Russia, big words when France is still working with the US. By this one little action government officials have shown their true agenda, a bill was introduced where the US would not be allowed to fund terrorists, no one supported it.

Jun 22, 2017

India joins the Bitcoin revolution. Ford is not building a plant in the US and it is not building a plant in Mexico, they decided to go to China. Illinois comptroller says they are very close to a major crisis. Existing homes sales popup but first time buyers only accounted for  33% of all sales. Many of the other sales were investment firms. China tries to stop the yield curve from flattening or inverting but could not do it. The central bank is getting ready to blame the economy collapsing on Trump, already he is getting blamed for falling oil prices. As oil prices fall, and other economic indicators point to major problems int he economy it is only a matter of time before the entire system comes down. McCain institute is very similar to the Clinton institute. The US Treasury department places sanctions on Russia. The Senate pushes a bill for more sanctions, the House is trying to stop the bill from moving forward. South Korea wants to join up with North Korea for the next Olympics. North Korea says it will talk about stopping its nuclear program if the US and South Korea stop the military drills. NATO provokes Russia by intercepting a Russia plane and showing its weapons by turning away from the aircraft. Lavrov reports that the de-escalation zones are to separate the moderate rebels and the terrorists. The US has no authorization to shoot down a Russia, Syrian or Iranian plane. Pentagon wants to re-establish the deconfliction communications.

Jun 21, 2017

Retail sales continue to decline, when compared to wages we can see as wages are dropping so are sales. GE is in trouble, they do not have enough to meet their pension obligation. Caterpillar posts a positive sales after 54 months of declining sales, this was accomplished by China ordering equipment most likely a one off order.  SocGen says interest rate to slow to contain the asset bubbles. Citi explains why the credit impulse going negative is very dangerous for the world economy. The last two times this happened the US entered a recession and it is happening now. The US is in a recession the Fed, corporate media and US Government just don’t want to admit it. The unmasking records have been moved to Obama’s library, hidden from the public.  The public has been brainwashed into thinking the government can protect them from terrorist attacks even though the attacks are from the government. McCain does not like the person Trump chose because he does not support lethal weapons into Ukraine. The US flew and turned into a Russia Su-27 and the US is using this to show how aggressive Russia is. The US shot down a Syrian drone. The US deep state is now setting up and getting ready to split up Syria, bases have been established the deep state is protecting their territory. The push to split Syria could spark a world wide disaster.

Jun 20, 2017

Brexit talks begin and they will continue until a deal is reached, that is the plan. Housing bubble 2.0 is getting ready to pop, the Fed is removing the helium tot his bubble. Central banks are ready to crash the system, and these three indicators point to the system imploding. We are now headed down the track to an economic disaster, this will no be like any other recession or depression we have experienced it will be much worse, the system as we know it is coming to an end and will be replaced by a new one. Trump’s lawyer says he was never under investigation and is not now. Saudi is moving closer to Russia making deals on natural gas, Qatar will be trading natural gas bypassing the dollar and the euro. NATO is holding drills in the Baltic states to defend against a Russian invasion.  McCain wants the strategy for Afghanistan, he is worried that everything the neocons have worked for will disappear. The deep state shoots down a Syrian aircraft in their own country. Russia says they will now track all US planes, Russia has cut off communications for now. The Syrian jet took off and 15 minutes later a US jet fired upon it and downed it. This was to provoke Syria and Russia into doing something. The Pentagon says that US pilots will defend themselves but will only attack the IS. The White House stated they will keep communications open with Russia. The WSJ admits that Israel and the other middle eastern countries have been supporting the terrorists in Syria.

Jun 20, 2017

See what it will take to prepare and get ready for what might happen soon.

Jun 18, 2017

Illinois is in trouble, this is not a false alarm, the state does not have the funds to pay out and road work is going to stop, once this happens other services will discontinue. The wealthiest in America will control 70% of the wealth, but its all on paper. Corporate media is now reporting that the economy might be headed for a recession, with article that state that the economy looks very similar to the tech bubble in 1999. Central banks are pushing investors and everyday people into crytocurrencies. The Feds move to raise interest rates are political and make no economic sense. The ECB is preparing bail-ins across Europe.  A new bill was introduced to setup a Russian response center to provoke the Russians. Congress is now looking into the failed coup attempt in Montenegro. Iraqi troops regain control of the border. Russian and Syrian forces liberating more towns and hitting the rest of the IS oil convoys. Europol warns that attacks could happen at anytime that the IS has the ability to carry out terror. The elite are running out of options and the only options left will not end well for the rest of us.

Jun 18, 2017

On the heels of my last video, warning about Yellowstone, We now have a decent 4.5M Earthquake striking the region. There have also been other shallow quakes...

Jun 17, 2017

Existing home sales, new home sales all decline, now housing starts decline, the worst since 2009. The NY Fed has lowered its estimate of the GDP and the Atlanta Fed is doing the same.  This economic indicator has been right 7 times in a row and now we are approaching another instance where this indicator is going to invert. If it does the US economy and the world economy will collapse on schedule.  The economy is breaking down at an extraordinary pace, and the Fed is pushing has hard as they possibly can to bring it down.  The elite are now pushing the agenda to get Trump anyway they can, it doesn’t matter if the stories are true or not, they want him out. US and China will be meeting to discuss the North Korean issue. The Philippines report that the terrorist groups are so degraded they do not believe they will mount another attack. The corporate media is reporting that Trump is pushing 4,000 troops into Afghanistan, the entire strategy is not what everyone thinks, its to hunt down the elite. Lavrov reports that the missile system the deep state moved into Syria makes no sense because the IS is not in the area.

Jun 16, 2017

EU has decided to put Greece further into debt. It is becoming clear that Greece will never get out of this debt hole. 70% of the people support the BREXIT. Canada’s existing home sales has declined rapidly. Bitcoin dropped on worries about cyber attacks and regulations. Nike cutting 1500 people. The US manufacturing industry declines once again. Illinois is worse now than back in the great depression of the 30s. Bloomberg’s Mike Cudmore says the Fed has just pushed us into a recession, what he really means a collapse of the economy.Japan has decided that they will look into joining China’s belt and road trade system. The Fed is now pushing the collapse is not holding back, most of the people are going to be shocked when this hits. The deep state is reaching for anything now to get Trump, it is all failing. The White House is ready to reorganize departments and remove many of the people in government. The deep states plan is to merge Europe into one, this is part of the one world plan. Qatar signs deal to purchase f-15 fighters. US Senate places sanctions on Russia, the vote was cast and it does not allow Trump to veto the bill. Tillerson makes it clear that sanctions on Russia should not be tied to the Minsk deal. Syria continually pushes the IS out of their country. The deep state brings in the HIMAR to push their agenda. The deep state is making the case that NK will hit the power grid and financial institutions with a cyber attack.

Jun 16, 2017

America is on the brink of for really dividing.  Are you prepared if we go to war?

Jun 15, 2017

Time Inc is cutting 300 jobs, Toy R Us is in trouble as sales continue to decline. Retail sales numbers are out and sales in each sector has declined. The retail industry is imploding.  GM extends shutdown of more plants as inventories build up. 2nd Quarter GDP has taken another hit as the economy rips itself apart. Bundesbank’s warns that they are now looking at the biggest asset bubble they have ever seen and cryptos might cause everything to crash. The US Gov/Central Banks are going after cryptos now. The Fed makes their move and they raise interest rates. They have now just accelerated the collapse of the economy. As BoA reports when the Fed tightens we end up with an event. The democratic party is now taking it to the next level they are now suing the President. Germany wants complete control of communications and wants to finger print children. India and Pakistan join the Shanghai Cooperation. US soldiers are not fighting in Philippines. Trump give the Pentagon more power to deploy troops. The forces in Syria bring in a missile launcher across the border in Syria. There was an event near DC and a senator was shot. This false flag is now being used for many different agendas.

Jun 14, 2017

What a strange day - Police shot, politician shot and UPS Employees....where are we headed

Jun 13, 2017

Sears might be closing down their stores in Canada. Kellogg’s is laying off more employees than originally thought. Today in America there are only 35% businesses that are not profitable. 40% young adults are living with their parents. Retail store closures have skyrocketed to over 286%.Consumer price index has surged. Goldman has started covering bitcoin. Russia has met with the developer of Ethereum they are thinking about using block chain technology in their currency. Trump lays out plan to overhaul the banking regulation, this is to allow the banks bury themselves. Trump met with Yellen and he is using reverse psychology asking for rates to go lower. Obamacare is losing another 2 million people, they are not signing up because it is to expensive.  Sessions was being questioned about meeting with Russians, this is a dead end.   After 6 months there is no evidence of Russian collusion. North Korea released an American citizen and is transporting this individual back to the US. The President is meeting with the President of South Korea. USS Carl Vinson is headed back to Pearl Harbor. Syria has taken the border and is now controlling it. Tillerson says Trump has no authorization to strike Syrian, Russian or Iranian troops.

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Jun 13, 2017

Spain’s banking system continues to decline, the banking regulators are putting a freeze on short positions on banking stocks. Moody’s reports more retailers will be filing for bankruptcy, this is the retail apocalypse. Chain restaurants have been hit hard, people just don’t have the discretionary funds to go out to eat. The tech sector took a beating which is not a very good sign on how the market it doing. Federal and state tax receipts implode and we are reaching the crisis point back in 2008-2009. The government is now spending more than it is taking in. The global credit impulse is negative and slipped even further, the credit growth in the US is locking up, as the Fed raises rates into a weakened economy it will set off a chain reaction scenario where the entire economy will implode on itself.  Trump heads to the Supreme Court with his travel ban the 9th Circuit Court shoots it down once again. Comey has protected Hillary Clinton and during her brief investigation he did not record or take notes, but during Trump’s dinner with Comey he thought Trump would lie and took notes. Where are the notes? Comey told his story and now it’s AG Sessions turn. Gallup says people do not trust the government, they think most in government are corrupt. Philippine troops raise the countries flag to give the troops support as they battle the IS. Qatar is now accepting ships from Oman. Iran and Russia are now speaking out, reporting that the US (deep state) has been supporting the IS. The deep state is now being trapped by Trump and team, they are being exposed. The next event might be a grid down scenario orchestrated by the deep state.

Jun 11, 2017

Restaurant sales and traffic have declined, reports are coming in that the retail industry, food and service industries are declining at a rapid pace. Another Spanish bank might be on the verge of a bail-in, Liberbank is collapsing. Economic indicators are pointing towards a major crisis headed our way, loan creation has stalled and growth is declining. This is very concerning because this indicator has been right on the money since the 60’s and now we are seeing the same signs every-time we enter a recession or depression. Comey might have violated his FBI agreement by taking his memo and handing it off to a friend. He should be investigated in to the crimes he has committed while serving as an FBI director. US special forces are now in the Philippines to fight the IS, new reports are out there saying Duterte did not invite them in, but we will see how this plays out, this might have been a backroom deal between Trump and Duterte. Qatar is being used as a scapegoat, while the Syrian forces take control of the border, supplies have been cut off, and if funding is cutoff from Qatar the paid mercenaries which carryout the orders of the deep state will run from the area.


Jun 10, 2017

Look at things around us and look at what it will take to continue the process

Jun 9, 2017

Mexican industrial production crashed,  this is a somewhat unprecedented and sudden downshift. Retail, commercial real estate is in trouble. Retailers are asking for very short lease deals just in case they go bankrupt. Consumer push their credit to the limit and now we are seeing a surge in credit defaults. Boeing laying off thousands and moving some operations to China. Consumers are at their weakest point since the great recession. GDP will need to be revised for the 2nd quarter because wholesale inventories have plunged. The Fed will make their decision about an interest rate hike next week. Glass-Steagall needs to be reinstated and this is now on Trumps radar. Comey’s public hearing was a flop for the deep state, the deep state is in panic mode and now Trump and others will begin operation locate and expose. Jeff Sessions is pushing hard to find and to bring to justice the pedo ring. NSA leaker Winner wanted to burn down the White House. The push is on to remove the terrorists camps in Qatar and other deep state locations. The terrorists in Syria are on the verge of being driven out, as the Syrian and Russian forces capture the border and take control.

Jun 8, 2017

Greek government is getting ready to freeze pensions to 2022 as a requirement for more debt. Someone dumped 4 billion on notional gold contracts and silver contracts.Consumers are tapped out and the purchases of autos, student loans and using the credit cards is now slowing down. The next asset bubble cracks and it is spreading fast.The bail-in era has arrived, the tests are complete and now the central banks are ready when banks start to fail. The central banks have been purchasing the stocks of companies, they have been propping up the market, and now they can bring down the market very easily. Comey testifies in front of congress and it did not go as planned. The deep state is in trouble and it is falling apart. There was not Russian investigation, Trump did not obstruct justice, but Comey turns out to be a leaker. The timelines do not match up to Comey’s stories. Lavrov says CNN’s reports of Russian hacking and planting fake news stories is ridiculous. Qatar is the scapegoat, they have been training the terrorist in their country and they are taking the fall now, the deep state is embedded in Qatar and the mission is to remove them. This will push Qatar closer to Iran and Russia, this is part of the plan. Syria allegedly fired on US troops but completely missed and the US fired back. This is exactly what the deep state wants, the event to start.

Jun 8, 2017

Retail sales are down in the UK, inflation rising and spending is down. Sears is closing another 66 stores and the retail apocalypse take hold. Older Americans need to work because of zero interest rates, inflation and the devaluation of the dollar, by doing this the younger generation is finding it hard to find those part-time jobs.The stock market is repeating what we saw back in 2000 and 2006, and we know how that ended, in a crash of the market and a recession. Spain’s Banco Popular just did a bail-in and it was purchased by Santander. China signaled they were going to purchase Treasuries and this might have been agreement that Trump made during the meeting with Xi Jin Ping. Comey statement to the Senate reveals absolutely nothing, Comey skirt around the issue and reveals that Trump never told him to stop investigating. Trump is looking for options to pull out of Afghanistan while the deep state is forcing him to bring in more troops. South Korea will not accept anymore THAAD systems and might be returning the systems they have. Trumps plan is working perfectly with dismantling the middle east. The big rotation has begun. Syria and Russia have the upper hand and the deep state is pushing their agenda to keep or to get it all started.

Jun 7, 2017

Macy’s issues warning that profits are declining. Bankruptcies for consumers and businesses are on the rise, looks like 2008 all over again. Nancy Pelosi says she is going to put up a fight over the debt ceiling. Financial media now convincing millennials this is the time to invest. The market is rising and its time to put your money into the market. This is how bubbles pop. The central bankers don’t know what else to do but to hand out money to the people and hope they will spend it in the economy. When this happens, we will see inflation and the debt will grow astronomically and then collapse, it’s a no win situation. Comey is prepared to testify in front of congress and it will reveal absolutely nothing when it is all said and done. NSA leaker has been caught leaking information, this looks to be a complete setup where the deep state thought they had classified info on Russian hacking and it turned out to be nothing. Russia rejects the document that was leaked saying it show no proof. Tillerson is instructed by Trump to repair relations with Russia. Middle east countries block Qatar, Qatar is now the scapegoat and this is where terrorism originated. Trump had a meeting in the middle east and gave these countries an ultimatum as the entire system breaks down. Trump is now broadcasting what he is doing. US forces in Syria have begun attacking areas around Raqqa.

Jun 5, 2017

Toronto’s housing bubble has exploding, houses are up for sale and there is no traffic which means there are no buyers. US productivity has stalled. Banco Popular is in trouble and the contagion is going to spread if the bank is not bailed in or bailed out, the central bankers are looking for a buyer of last resort to step in and save the bank. The IMF says that the US economy is uncertain and China credit growth poses a major risk. This is a warning that the economy is about to collapse. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord was the right thing to do when you look at the actual data. CNN got caught filming fake protests, the staged the entire thing. Theresa May goes after the internet and want internet censorship after the London Bridge Attack. The war in Afghanistan has nothing to do with terrorists. NATO is splintering as countries battle with each other. After Trumps meeting in the middle east it looks like he pushed the deep state to the edge. They are now covering their tracks by using Qatar as a scapegoat. All other countries are pulling away and when it all comes down around them all Gulf states will point the finger at Qatar. The deep state is trying to guard what little they have in Syria. ISIS claims responsibility for the event in London.

Jun 4, 2017

The US unemployment is now below the average recession numbers. Virtually every time the unemployment numbers reach the lowest point the US went into a recession or depression. 93% of the jobs that were created since 2008 was done so through the birth/death rate model . More retailers are going bankrupt. Hiring is beginning to decline in San Francisco. Sales of luxury homes are declining. The central banks are now holding a 3rd of the global assets. When the central bankers say do not panic it is time to take action. The climate accord was about banks, corporations and bringing the 3rd world nations and the US to the same levels. The man who started the weather channel says climate change is a hoax. Bloomberg and other states are going to adhere to the climate accord. Haftar is now fighting the UN backed government. Russia and the US hold secret talks about the stopping the fighting in Syria. Assad says the war in Syria is coming to and end. The IS is on the run and in a short period of time he will have full control of the country. The London incident was about the BREXIT and the upcoming elections on June 8.

Jun 3, 2017

Taking a look at the world and Asking "Are You Ready?"  Plus an invite to Sen. Bob Corker.

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