"Surviving The Day After"

Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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"Surviving The Day After"

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Oct 27, 2016

Less spending, less people going to resturants and consumer confidence is down, but initial jobless claims are still at historic lows. Pending homes sales did not hit expectations. US mortgage activity falls to the lowest since May.Core durable goods declining for 21st straight month. Bonds are signalling that something is lurking right around the corner and the economy is about to implode. Depositors are fleeing Deutsche bank. The corporate media is reporting that CETA has been approved but it seems that Belgium has not fully agreed on all terms. The US Government and the corporate media have been using propaganda to make people believe the Zika virus cause birth defects, the propaganda is falling apart and it does not cause birth defects. AT&T has developed a program which will spy on the people without a warrant. Venezuela is approaching hyper inflation. US, Japan and South Korea will put more pressure on North Korea. 80 nations in the UN want Russia off the Human Rights council. Russia is being accused of bombing a school, it turns out their planes were not in the area at the time. The US is now getting ready to go into Raqqa and transition the IS into the moderate rebels. Putin warns that the US is pushing the world into war.

Oct 26, 2016

New home sales were revised downward for June, July and August to show an increase in September. Services PMI surged due to government spending. Wholesale inventories unchanged year over year. Richmond Fed confirms that we are in a recession head towards a major collapse. UK tells its banks to prepare for the collapse of Deutsche Bank. CETA misses 3 deadlines. Obamacare architect says that people needed a larger penalty to force them into Obamacare. Pentagon wanted National Guard soldiers to repay their bonuses for enlisted, they have since backtracked because of public pressure. Clapper says the US can’t force NK to stop producing nuclear weapons. Russian ship wanted to refuel in Spain but NATO instructed them to do otherwise. Russia unveils its newest nuclear missile that can reach the US. France keeping their aircraft carrier in the middle east. UK to deploy tanks and trucks to the eastern Europe. Turkey will continue to fight in Syria no matter what the Syrian Government says. Corporations are taking out more terrorism insurance and at the same time AIG is raising the limits.

Oct 26, 2016

Something is going on and the economist know something.

Oct 26, 2016

Consumer confidence continues to decline. Twitter will be laying off 8% of its workforce. Credit card deliquencies are on the rise. According to Case Shiller, home prices have it the highs of 2006. Shadow banking is back and this time it is not going to end well. People are now closing their accounts at Well Fargo because of their illegal activity. It is confirmed Obamacare premiums will rise over 25%. The entire government is run by the shadow government, a government inside a government. Venezulan President could be impeached. Duderte is looking to block access to US bases in the Phillipines. US in the planning stages of having a regime change in the Phillipines. Kiev continually bombing the Donbass area preparing for a major offensive. US flew a C-130 into a newly built US airfield in Iraq. Russia says US has not followed through on its promise to separate the moderate rebels from a year ago. Obama says he doesn’t know who did the DDOS cyber attack in the northeast. Clapper says it could be a non-state actor but not ruling out the possibility of a state actor.

Oct 25, 2016

Catepillar sales decline 46 consecutive months. US manufacturing PMI rises but the overall outlook is stagnant. Baltic Dry Index is now falling again it is at 831.  Central bank in Austria reports they audited the their gold in the UK but will not publish a report. 1.6 Billion people will be allowed to purchase gold, demand will be up, prices will eventually rise. A laywer in Canada is suing the government over CETA.  The US Government is taking away our freedoms one law at a time. Police drones will be attaching stun guns to go after individuals, next step armed drones. Ceasefire is over in Yemen, Saudi Arabia bombs the capital. Iraq says Turkey is not involved in the battle of Mosul. Turkey push in Syria has not gone well, the safezone has not grown. Syria drops leaflets to signal the terrorists to leave. US Government is preparing to send advanced weapons to shootdown Russian and Syrian jets. US Government says Assad is in the way of the peace talks.

Oct 23, 2016

The whistleblowing organization also released Barack Obama's personal emails, showing that President Bush organized his transition to the highest office in the land before the 2008 election.


WikiLeaks couldn’t have made it clearer in a series of tweets on Thursday – the US election for the President of the United States is rigged.

The establishment have selected their President and by hook or crook she will be “elected.”


There is no US election. There is power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged 'pied piper' candidate drive consolidation.



On the day WikiLeaks publicized the release of emails from Barack Obama’s personal account, their Twitter account then stated that the outcome of the election was planned from the outset: “What election? It has been clear from the beginning who is going to win. This is, in effect, a power consolidation exercise.”

Considering what we now know about the behind-the-scenes rigging of the Democratic primary, the collusion between the DNC establishment and mainstream media, and the fact Hillary Clinton pushed for Donald Trump’s GOP nomination, can you possibly disagree?  Responding to allegations that WikiLeaks recent leaks have outed it as playing partisan politics, WikiLeaks fired back, “You are not a fan of publishing true information about corrupt ruling power factions who will take power on Jan 20?

Oct 21, 2016

More corporations are laying off employees. US auto sales for October are estimated to fall by 7%. Retail stores will be shutting down because there loans are coming do and will need to refinance from now until the end of 2017. Many are calling for helicopter money in the trillions to fix the economy. Countries and central banks are now quietly dumping treasuries and purchasing their own debt. Russia has added 15.5 tons of gold. The US sees Russia’s economic push into Europe as a national security threat. Obamacare premiums are increasing rapidly from 30%-90%. Canada walks out of the talks with Europe in-regards to CETA. New report shows that the FBI is capturing people faces using facial recognition software without getting permission from the people. US shadows a Chinese ship as the US sails through the South China Sea. US pushing UN to put pressure on South Sudan and wants a weapons embargo. The US Government is moving the IS to Raqqa and then on to Aleppo. Turkey flies their jets into Syria without permission, Syria warns it will shoot-down their planes if they do it again. Their is a cyber attack taking place in the US, the US will most likely use this and blame it on Russia.

Oct 21, 2016

The main ideas are to survive in the city and, then, get out as fast and as safely as one can. Many wilderness survival skills transfer to the city environment. It then becomes a matter of application, instinct and awareness. Be prepared so you can escape when the time comes.

The main ideas are to survive in the city and, then, get out as fast and as safely as one can. Many wilderness survival skills transfer to the city environment. It then becomes a matter of application, instinct and awareness. Be prepared so you can escape when the time comes.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

Oct 21, 2016

Duke Talks about the Nuclear chance and who might be the one to start it.  He also talk about preparing with food and water.

Oct 21, 2016

Tax burdened people in Greece are leaving for Bulgaria, taxes are lower and social security contributions are lower. Initial jobless claims surged unexpectedly. Consumer confidence tumbles to its lowest since 2015. Existing homes sales are stagnant and have not gone anywhere. Hanjin shipping is getting rid of 60% of its employees. The ECB sees no bubbles at all. Obama is explaining how is going to fix the failed health care system he put into place. US placing military assets in South Korea, building up for war. Russia extends the ceasefire for another 24 hours allowing humanitarian aid in. The terrorists groups attempted to bomb the humanitarian corridor. Reports are coming out that a US plane was brought down in Syria. Russia has radar images showing a Belgium F-16 planed bombed Aleppo. The IS is now moving into Syria, and the US and the coalition forces are going to make the case of why more military asset need to be brought into Syria to combat the IS.

Oct 19, 2016

The housing market is a complete disaster, the entire housing market is imploding. Cass Freight declines and it is worse than 2015,2014 and 2013.  ECB is creating legislation to stop digital currencies. The only digital currency the central banks want is their own. The central banks are creating a new plan, give everyone universal basic income. This will allow the central banks to pay people which will in-turn let the elite control the people.Protests are continuing around the world against TTIP and CETA. The Philippines just signed on with China, the pivot is complete. Paid mercenaries are entering Ukraine, the war is being prepped and readied. US pushing NK to react and the US says if NK decided to use their weapons the US will respond. US states that the IS will use chemical weapons in Iraq, this will be used to cover up the move from Iraq to Syria. Russia’s warships are on their way to Syria. Russia and Syria are now in a ceasefire but the UN will not deliver aid. The US blames Russia but it is the terrorists that are stopping deliveries. The West veto’s Russia’s UN draft to separate the moderate rebels from the terrorists. The next event is building and ready to go off.

Oct 19, 2016

The auto industry is no idle and manufacture is now declining rapidly. IBM revenue and sales continually drops. Industrial production is signalling a recession. Which means the country has been a recession and we are moving towards a collapse of the economy. Deutsche Bank pays a fine for manipulating the silver market. The creator of the EU is letting the world know that the EU is collapsing and will not survive. The US shutdown Wikileaks internet connection after Kerry visits Ecuador. Ukraine open fires on Donbass. Normandy four will meet to hold peace talks before a full blown war erupts. US Warships will dock in New Zealand after  30 years. Russia is holding anti-terrorists drills in Africa.  Pentagon is now saying the missiles headed towards the US ships might have been a radar malfunction. US troops are on the front line in Mosul helping the IS filter into Syria. Russia says they will stop the IS if they try to enter Syria. Russia and Syria declare a ceasefire for humanitarian aid. US,UK and the terrorists reject the ceasefire say its not long enough. US special forces commander was killed in Syria.The US is now at Defcon 3, when the US Government cyber attacks the US will be moved to Defcon 2, one click away from nuclear war.

Oct 18, 2016

Items to prepare for in case of Nuclear War.   

Oct 18, 2016

The Restaurant Performance index has declined, traffic and sales are now in decline. Industrial production contracts for the 13th month in a row. Empire Fed declines signalling the dead cat bounce is over and the economy is in free fall. Central banker insiders just reported that we can now expect inflation and maybe hyper inflation.  The petro-dollar days are numbered and all those dollars are ready to hit American shores. To reps are creating an amendment to stop the executive branch from issuing executive orders. Donbass commander assassinated by Kiev. Kerry wants unconditional surrender in Yemen. Pentagon reports that these missiles might not have been shot by the Houthis. Turkey is in the process of creating a larger safe-zone. The US is losing Aleppo and is running out of time.  US says they want peace but behind closed doors the US is working on another plan altogether.  The cyber war has begun, more attacks on the way.

Oct 17, 2016

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

Oct 16, 2016

Is Putin getting ready for Nuclear War - Are you Ready?

Oct 16, 2016

There was an Executive Order signed for Solar Flares to prevent EMP....why the hurry,why it to stop the election?


The Executive Order   <---- Click and read it here

Oct 15, 2016

Rob Kirby joins Silver Doctors to discuss

Rob Kirby joins Silver Doctors to discuss the deteriorating political system and the collapsing economy. Kirby says the presidential election is turning into a dark Pythonesque comedy show.

The Republican Party seems to be sabotaging their nominee’s campaign, Wikileaks releases suggests a complicit and bought and paid for media is aligning with the “Clintonista” globalist cause, while Hillary Clinton herself appears to be fighting severe health problems. This sad situation is a disgrace to the American people and extremely damaging to the American prestige, Kirby says. He thinks Donald Trump would win in a landslide if the voting system were honest…but the voting system is far from honest.

Oct 15, 2016

Consumer confidence crashes, hope is fading away. HP ready to cut 4000 jobs. Retails sales decline, the only reason the corporate media reports an increase is because of gas prices increased. Subprime auto market is imploding, more delinquencies and more defaults. US economy is only going to grow by 1.4% and this is the US government manipulated number. Today the Prime money market account will not be able to withdraw funds when there is an economic crisis. Deutsche bank will be laying off 10,000 employees. Obamacare might be losing 1.4 million people. Obama wants to control the wild west of news and information. Belgium rejects CESA. Japan moving forces into Djibouti to help allies when the war begins. US preparing a ground operation in Yemen & more bombing runs.   Obama signs executive order related to space weather which would knock out the power grid. In Europe they just completed an exercise where a cyber attack to down the entire power grid.

Oct 14, 2016

The Global economy is deteriorating and the central bankers are running out of time, a collapse is imminent. US import prices drop this is the 26 month in a row. Deutsche bank is ready to lay off employees and they are now in a hiring freeze. The central banks plan for NIRP has not worked, actually the opposite has happened people are not spending they are saving what ever they can. The US will allow weaponized drones by the year 2017. Russia signs agreement with India for the S400, Iran completes its delivery of the S-300. The US has F16 ready to strike in Djibouti. USS Mason fires tomahawk missiles at the Houthi radar stations. Iran deploys warships off the coast of Yemen. Iraq prepares for a major offensive in Mosul. The moderate rebels shelled a market place. Russia agrees to let the rebels and terrorists out of Aleppo. Kerry and Lavrov try for peace once again. Russian embassy continually hit in Syria. The royal airforce gives permission to pilots to fire on Russian jets if they think they might be fired upon.

Oct 13, 2016

Ericsson sales implode. Consumer spending deteriorates in September, the holiday season not looking good. Deutsche Bank sells more debt to keep the bank operational. HSBC says we are headed to a stock market collapse. The Fed is making plans to control more of the world economy. Will ask congress for more power. Fed reports cyber attacks are picking up especially on the SWIFT system and financial systems.  This will be used to explain why the economic system collapses. US and Chile sign defense agreement, meanwhile Armenia and Russia sign an agreement. US marines launch a new drone to scout the area in Iraq to look for those who are rising up against the puppet government.

US believes the Houthis fired a missile at US ships, now they report a second missile was shot, so the US fires missiles back at the Houthis in Yemen. Russia’s electronic systems in Syria keeps the US and other countries from spying on the movements of troops. al-Qaeda is now keeping the civilians hostage in Aleppo. Putin says they know who destroyed the convoy and so does the US, it was the terrorists. The US Government is preparing the people for the next event.

Oct 12, 2016

Euro zone approves bailout for Greece so the country just added debt onto debt. The younger generation are being blamed for the economy. They aren’t spending, they aren’t buying homes, this is why the economy is not doing well. Fed labor market condition crashes. US Government / Central Bankers take the first step and are preparing for block-chain technology to move the public to a cashless society. FBI release a report that people angry over U.S. military operations abroad lead to “homegrown” terrorism. China agrees with Russia the US missile shield is directed at Russia. As the US points the finger at Russia for war crimes the US might be held responsible for the war crimes in Yemen. Fragments of US bomb was found in the funeral area in Yemen. US is planning to retaliate against the Houthis for firing a missile at a US Destroyer, false flag worked. US accelerating their bombing campaign in Libya. US ready to retaliate against Russia for cyber attacking the US election system. US Government is now pushing for war.

Oct 11, 2016

Retailers now blame the elections for poor retail sales. US commercial bankruptcies have now surpassed the bankruptcies during the Great Recession of 2008. GDP continually declines as the Fed continues to propagandize us with predictions of a strong economy. Deutsche Bank cheated on the stress test.  The European banks are much worse than the central bankers are letting on.  200,000 US funded Afghan troops don’t exist. Norway is now letting US troops into their country. US claims that the Houthis fired a ballistic missile at a US warship, US makes its first move to get into the fight in the middle east. Russia and Turkey sign the Turkish stream pipeline deal.

China and Russia agree on Syria. US Government / Central Bankers are preparing the American public for a possible re-do of the elections or a postponement.

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