"Surviving The Day After"

Conversation with experts talking about preperation in the even of major disaster man made or natural. This will take in account the lost of power, food, water and how to survive day, weeks and possibly years.
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"Surviving The Day After"


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Feb 22, 2017

Shaeuble says the problem with Greece is not the debt its their reforms. Australia is going to try zero percent down for homes, we all know how that turned out. Macy’s, Walmart and Toy R Us show declining sales. Auto insurance rates have soared by 20% because of texting.  Hard data show economy is declining while the soft data shows everything is ok. There are multiple signs that the US economy is in a recession. HSBC missed earning big. S&P 500 is now overbought than in 2000 bubble.  Russia adds more gold to its reserve. DHS is now enforcing the Presidents immigration plan. DHS is suddenly locked out of their computers, this was due to a software glitch. Trump was right about migrants in Sweden, things did get out of hand. Assange says the corporate media is not publishing news they are putting out weaponized text. Fake news checkers have links to the Clintons and others.  Russia and Turkey negotiate for s400 missile system. Iraq wants to purchase more weapons from Russia. US troops on the front-lines in Iraq.  Rebels surrender in Damascus. Rebels say CIA funding drying up. Whyare Russian diplomats suddenly dying as the corporate media continually pushes Russian aggression .

Feb 21, 2017

Steve's thought on how to prepare


Feb 21, 2017

hhgregg looking to start closing stores. Demand for gasoline is declining which indicates that we are in a recession.  Trump comes out with his economic forecasts which are way above economists. Trumps strategy is to flush out the corporate media and have them report that the economy is worse than reported. The corporate media is very afraid that Trump will start using alternative economic facts. Greenspan admits gold is insurance for a failing economy and failing currency, everyone should own gold for the long-term. Trump is introducing a new travel ban. The deep state is now pushing to have Trump removed using the 25 Amendment. Leaks from the White House was done on purpose to flush out the leakers. Obama is behind the soft coup and he is now pushing the agenda with Soros.  German intelligent agencies investigated Russia interference with the elections and press and found nothing.  North Korea says the man killed not half brother. China separates itself from North Korea and bans coal imports. US sends aircraft carrier to the South China Sea to provoke China. Putin sign decree that those living in the DPR And LPR region can come into Russia. The US establishment wants Trump to continue the same foreign policy as Obama’s. Poland says that Russia hacked the banking system, but the evidence shows that this was a false flag.

Feb 19, 2017

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

Feb 19, 2017

Different way of survival and how to be prepared for it.

Feb 19, 2017

Steve's Thoughts about the world this weekend

Feb 18, 2017

UK retail declines as inflation starts to pick up. Inflation is now hitting many families as the dollar devalues. Under the central bank the value of the dollar has devalued 98%. The auto bubble is bursting, delinquencies are rising. The amount of personal debt is almost where we were during the 2008 crisis. Caterpillar has now had 50 months of declining sales almost 3 times as long as the great recession. Russia almost paid off all its debt. The Governor of Central Bank of Kyrgyzstan want the people to own gold. Trump hold press conference call corporate media fake news, enemy to the people. Corporate media puts out draft of EO calling in the National Guard, only one problem its a draft of many. Twitter will throttle certain accounts if they are not political correct. Facebook says its developing an algorithm to detect political dissent. Social media, corporate media are pushing to censor others from speaking out. McCain falls for a prank and reveals information to the pranksters. Kiev is preparing to make a move in the South East region. Russia is attack the IS in Raqqa. The US will not work with Russia in Syria.

Feb 17, 2017

The people of Greece are nervous and they are making a run on the banking system to get their currency out of the banks. The unemployment rate in France has gone nowhere since 2013. Initial jobless claims moved up modestly. Student loan petition has been put up on the White House site to allow students to declare bankruptcy. Housing starts disappoint. FHA mortgage delinquencies are on the rise, if this continues it will be 2008 all over again. Big money is about to purchase gold, they say it is undervalued. Aetna CEO says Obamacare is a death spiral and people are dropping out of it. Deutsche Bank probes Trumps accounts and fines no links with Russia. The conversation with Flynn and Russia show absolutely nothing, he did not break any laws.Larry Klayman wants an emergency hearing to have the NSA stop spying on Trump. Those who removed Flynn by citing the Logan Act should be careful because others have violated it. Wikileaks exposes the CIA cyber hacking of French elections back in 2012. The deep state and CIA have been messing with other countries via regime change and election manipulation. Merkel looks like she will not win the elections so they want to make it legal for migrants to vote. Ukraine blames Russia for cyber attacking infrastructure. USS Porter location unknown when Russian jets flew near it. Libya is now calling in NATO to help. US will not coordinate with Russia in Syria.

Feb 16, 2017

Mortgage delinquencies are on the rise. Corporate media reporting that retail are incredible in January, gas prices increased and inflation moved higher. Consumer prices surge at the fastest pace in 5 years. Industrial production declines and is at 10 month lows. GDP has been recalculated and is now down to 2.2%. The US is not in the top 10 for economic freedom. The markets are whispering something very important about inflation. Janet Yellen comes out and admits the economy is weak and don’t blame the Fed. Nancy Pelosi was fooled by a Flynn’s fake twitter account. NY Times pushing the Russian angle on Trump. Did Michael Flynn leave a hidden message in his letter of resignation. The leakers of Flynn’s call should be arrested it is a breach of security. Trump is right the media did ignore the terror arrests when he produced the 72 terrorist that were arrested. North Korea says it has the right to test their defensive nuclear weapons. Trump never mentioned anything about Crimea when he was on the phone with Putin.  Russia will not discuss Crimea, they voted themselves away from Ukraine. Russian spy ship off the coast about 30-70 miles in international waters. The IS is receiving tanks now. The Pentagon wants to bring in ground troops into Syria, this is a push to get Trump to get troops into Syria to get the war started.

Feb 15, 2017

Euro zone has been revised and the economy is not doing as well as it has been reported. American CEO’s have never been more optimistic. Credit Suisse laying off 6500 employees. The US consumer spends $1 in every $3 dollars in the world. The Euro may already be lost. Trump has made many remarks about the FED but will he do anything. TPP has been rewritten and it is worse than ever.  Obamacare repeal should be on Trump’s desk with a couple of weeks. Moby make a prediction that Trump will go to war with Iran. General Flynn resigned for violating the Logan act. The soft coup is in progress to take control of the country. Paul Craig Roberts says the soft coup is under way and the elite are chipping away at Trump. US Intel agencies are not giving information to Trump, they fear the Russians might be listening. US places sanctions on the Vice President of Venezuela.  North Korea Kim, Jung Un half brother is assassinated. US moving assets into South Korea. Russian spy ship spotted off the coast of the US.  Trump expects Russia to return Crimea. Russia send additional military police to Syria. The US admits using depleted Uranium in Syria.

Feb 14, 2017

Consumer spending will dip in February because the delay in refunds from the IRS. Baltic Dry Index has now fallen back to 688 pts. Bloomberg comes out with article that fake news drives markets. China, Japan, Russia and many other countries are dumping Treasuries. The corporate media is blaming it on Trump. Germany received its full allotment of gold but they notice they labels were different on certain bars. Fed says they are lost at the moment. IMF says Trumps economic policies will help but there is a danger that the global economy might deteriorate. Illegal immigrant caught trying to purchase a grenade launcher. Mauro kicks out CNN for fake news. The elite are now teaching the young in schools to on how to spot fake news. Apple wants to throttle fake news. Obama is building an army of agitators in DC. Libyan people are creating their own National Guard and the Unity government is worried and says its illegal. US war enter the middle east. The Pentagon has been reporting airstrikes since 2011 and now we find out they they are incorrect which means that other data must be incorrect. The corporate media is pushing the chlorine gas propaganda when Syria as taking back Aleppo.

Feb 12, 2017

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.


Feb 11, 2017

Greece lashes out at the IMF. Midwest farm bubble is getting ready to pop, American farms are in decline. Student loan bubble is worse than ever and its getting ready to pop. World’s largest container carrier has huge losses. Fitch has now created a narrative that if the economy should collapse it will be because of Trump. Recession warning, Treasury receipts turn negative. PWC has issued a new report which states that the western countries will become the new ‘third world’.  This is in preparation for the collapse of the economy and how the monetary system will be moving from West To East. Record number of Americans have renounce their citizenship under Obama. 9th Circuit Court rejected Trump’s ban and disregarded the key fact, the law. Media Matters conspiring with Google and Facebook to shutdown alternative media.DHS reports the wall Trump wants to build will be 22 billion dollars. US fires a missile from LA towards China. Russia working with Haftar, the UN Backed government days are numbered. Elite trying to push Trump into a war with China, Iran and Russia. Power outage in Syria, reason unknown.

Feb 10, 2017

Will Toby Kieth be banned from a Music festival for being Red White and Blue?

Feb 10, 2017

Initial jobless claims plunge to 44 year lows as continuing claims surge. Americans haven’t been this positive since 2007 and we know what happened in 2008. Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s are seeing declining revenue and are ready to close manufacturing plants.Wages don’t drop like this unless we are headed into a recession.Deutsche banks says we are near the end. China, Russia and Iran are dumping the dollar and Treasuries and purchasing gold, bye, bye petro-dollar. FBI are investigating the black hooded individuals at Berkeley. It’s official common core has made Americans children stupid. Congressman looking to abolish the Department of Education. Senate letter from 2015 reveals the illegal immigrants were committing crimes. CNN reports Venezuela as selling passports to terrorist but none for the US. Italy turns to Russia to help with refugee problem in Libya. Amnesty’s case against Syria is falling apart because of the lack of evidence. The elite/central bankers are pushing war with Iran because Iran, China and Russia because these countries are dumping the dollar. Martin Armstrong sees WWIII headed our way.

Feb 9, 2017



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Feb 9, 2017

Greece is testing the waters and is now planning to move back to its local currency. Australia debt has risen and it looks like it is time to panic. The central bankers are now preparing the narrative that the economy was fine until Trump came along. BCBG is now closing 120 stores. Corporate debt will be approaching 2 trillion. DOJ will be going after individuals in the mortgage back security scam.  Larry Fink says the US has two major problems. Tulsi Gabbard wants to bring back Glass-Steagall. The economic crisis is alot worse than originally thought, prepare and get ready. Trump is fighting the Federal Judges on the temporary travel ban.Swedish cop tells it like it really is with regard to refugees and immigrants. Germany is proposing to fingerprint immigrants. China’s Foreign Minister tells the US to remember WWII, and how the US helped return the islands in the South China Sea back to China. Senators are creating a bill to block Trump on easing sanctions with Russia. Russia has snap drills with their S-500 missile system. US and NATO surrounds Iran and Russia with bases. The Elite are pushing the story about the secret hangings in Syria, they produce blurry satellite images and have no proof. This is another attempt to remove Assad.

Feb 8, 2017

Greece is getting to default on the debt, countries are setting up parallel system to protect themselves. German industrial production plunges most since 2009. The pace of hiring has slowed, those allegedly quitting has slowed. We are the downward slide into a depression. Atlanta Fed is already cutting GDP. Tax receipts on a federal and state level are continue to decline which shows the jobs numbers are fake. Trump is preparing the economy for a reset, the elite want to bring it down to blame it on him, the battle is on. Google decides to change the definition of fascism. Rep. Maxine Waters wants to impeach Trump, but she continually repeats Putin is invading Korea. Pelosi refers to Trump as Bush. California Senate leader admits his family is here illegally and has fake paperwork. Europe agrees with Trump about immigration. Austria wants to send troops to help other countries that are dealing with immigration. Twitter going after trolls, but who do they consider trolls. Ukraine war was pre-planned and the US sees no Russian buildup. Corporate media and elite pushing the idea that Assad  tortured people in a secret prison, proof is testimony from people, but who are these people.

Feb 7, 2017

Former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is urgning Tsprias to turn his back on lender and create their own currency. American biggest companies are slashing jobs. Bad news the economy is in a recession and it is slipping into a depression. The market could be in for a 50% correction. Gold bullion banks are allegedly going to open their vaults to become more transparent. Arizona along with Utah are pushing bills to make gold and silver legal tender bypassing the Fed dollar. Deutsche bank take full page ad out to apologize for cheating people out of their hard earned money. Draghi is already blaming Trump the collapse of the system. CNN puts out new polls and says America is against immigration of course the poll is manipulated. Global warming scientist blows the whistle to report that the global warming data was made up. France along with Germany are cracking down on fake news before the election.Kremlin wants an apology from O’Reilly for calling Putin a killer. Poroshenko says the war is on. Marine LePen says Crimea was always part of Russia and there was a coup in Ukraine.  Trump will not back Ukraine. New report shows the US did not record many of the airstrikes in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Assad set to give amnesty to rebels.

Feb 5, 2017

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

Feb 4, 2017

Job numbers are out and they are just as manipulated as before, not much has changed. Unemployment rises to 4.8%.”Not In The Labor Force” Plunge By A Record 736,000.  Employment stalls. Deutsche Bank is getting to layoff thousands of workers. Factory orders are at the same levels as 2006 which puts the trend in recession levels. Trump signs executive order rolling back Dodd-Frank legislation. Is Trump working for the banks?  Utah pushes bill that will allow gold and silver to become legal tender bypassing the Fed Dollar. New poll out saying people want Trump impeached, the only problem is has been manipulated. Allegedly 100,000 visas were revoked from 7 countries in 1 week, when looking at the numbers is doesn’t add up. Corporate media continually pushed fake news. UN Official the real agenda behind global warming, its not what you think. Destroyer enters the Black Sea. McCain and Graham tell the Ukrainian soldiers it is the year of the was tipped off before the Navy Seals go their location. Tensions are now building across the world, the elite are pushing conflicts across the globe to push the world into war.

Feb 3, 2017

Just some passing thoughts of the day and are you prepared?

Feb 3, 2017

Brazil’s unemployment creeps up. US continuing initial claims continually rises. Student loan debt problem is a lot worse than original thought. US productivity has never been so low for so long. Iran ditched the dollar and actually set a date when it will happen. Is Trump getting ready to go after the Federal Reserve, he is now questioning why the Federal Reserve is helping foreign banks and not the US. A study was conducted and it shows that fake news did not alter the elections. Berkeley students smashed windows destroyed property because they didn’t like who was going to speak at an event. Iraqi man who claimed his mother died because of Trump’s temporary immigration banned lied. Trump doesn’t like the deal that Obama made with Australia regarding immigrants.US allegedly eased sanctions against Russia, White House comes out says it is completely untrue. Poroshenko needs money, understands he won’t get it from Trump. McCain and Graham visited Ukraine right before the war began, now McCain is asking Trump to support lethal weapons sales to Ukraine.US wants to impose sanctions on Iran. Trump pushes forward with putting pressure on Iran. The Elite, Central Bankers and The Neocons are setting up Trump to get him into war. We can now see how this is going to play out and we now understand why the doomsday clock was moved closer to midnight.

Feb 2, 2017

UK Parliment authorizes Theresa May to proceed with Article 50. Italian youth unemployment surges to 40%. US adds unexpected 246k jobs in January. Manufacturing CEO says Obamacare hurt business and cost increased dramatically. US construction declines as housing declines. Mortgage application decline after a small bump up. Another economic indicator is flashing a depression is coming.  IMF reports that Europe is in trouble to much debt, high unemployment. The FED does not increase interest rates. Trumps regulatory freeze halts 180 billion dollars that would have been spent. The White House will not send surrogates to CNN. California wants to be come the first sanctuary state by taxes the people. Kiev has restarted the war, they say Russia fired upon the cargo plane. Iran admits it fired a missile and says it did not violate the P5+1 deal. The White House says they are going to put a stop to this. The elite are now causing chaos throughout the world and pushing the US into war.

Feb 1, 2017

The next few weeks we will see if the central bankers care about the people in Greece or not.Million retail jobs in the UK are on the chopping block. German retail sales declined this past holiday season. Consumer confidence drops.Dow companies are reporting the worst earning since 2010. Case-Shiller reports that housing prices are at their highest level, but the report is from Nov 2016. Condo sales in Miami is imploding right in front of our eyes. Chicago PMI crashes to recession levels. EU is doomed and Iran is dumping the dollar because of Trump? Democrats are blocking Trump nominees. Trump fires Yates for not following the executive order. Trump getting ready to pull out of the Paris global warming agreement.Google and other tech companies filed an amicus suit against the temporary immigration ban. Hungary is going after Soros. Syria rebels (terrorists) are claiming that Trump sent them weapons. Lebanon says Assad will stay and the refugees will return home to Syria.Video surfaced showing Assad is fine, the fake story he was ill is debunked. Something was buried in the NDAA 2017, which will allow the US to look into a nuclear strike with China and Russia and to see if their governments would survive.

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